Friday, August 18, 2006

Ode to K9


Friends...on July 21st a duel was settled, and my heart was claimed by K9, at least in part.
Now, as I face the end of our 30 days (Monday) - I will tell you he has indeed claimed it fully~

Dearest Pup, my Beloved, Smoochable One-

This is by my hand- and from my heart.
Painted upon the soul- in pigment that will not fade.

For you....

"Ode to K9"

Faithfulness personified…
Is all she ever wanted~
Lovers had claimed her treasured heart,
But left her soul quite haunted…

Promises made but never kept~
Mayden’s beating heart discarded…
Left alone in the bitter night…
Only wanting to be guarded.

A Wooing Poet, a Romantic Dandy,
Or a Rottie for her to choose…
Words alone, Wine, Gun, or Bone-
It seemed that Mayden couldn’t loose.

But the pooch prevailed…He wagged his tail,
Mayden loved him with all her heart-
Their 30 days have come and gone…
The Voyage ends, and they must part-

Though we laugh, and kiss goodbye,
And reflect on memories we shall keep-
Such love and joy will show itself,
In the tears that Mayden weeps~

Good bye sweet one…I love you so
And you know I always do-
In my home, my arms, and in my heart,
There is ever a place for you…


Farewell K9…thank you for everything- but mostly for your friendship, wisdom, and all the ways you made me feel special! Love you pooch! :)
I will EVER be YOUR Mayden In Waiting~



ThursdayNext said...

Not only does the pooch produce a poem for you, dear Cora, but paintings! I am green with envy! :) Love and deserve every accolade you get. This ode is a wonderful tribute to the pup!

SJ said...

Nice ode. I wouldn't mind a dog's life.

boneman said...

Oh, lordy...
I can hear a howling from afar!
Bet ol' pooch will be headin' fer the bar...
if not, at least a good cigar.

But, oh that howling, sad and mournful!
But, wait, his paws not gone, he can still communicate!
But, sad as it is, give way without being scornful....
which I'm sure his good grace will at this sad date.

And anyway, my guess is, though it is that only...
ol' k9 could still get a smooch from her when lonely,
and further guessin' she'll brobably still toss him bones, eh?

Mayden's Voyage said...

Miss E- Well, by looking at mayden.basquiat you can see that I was actually GREEN! lol! I'm not sure I deserve anything- but no doubt the pooch has ever won my heart- and yours too I know :)
Thank you. I actually cried when I finished the poem- and felt so silly! I'm mushy on the inside! :)

SJ- perhaps you are in need of an ode? I'll see what I can do :)

Boneman- as the Ode said...he has the key to my heart- he may come and go as he pleases- but I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time sitting on the porch waiting for him to come back-
Actually- I'd rather be with him at the bar!!! Think we could work that out??? LOL :)
(Thanks for the info on your show...I can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

X. Dell said...

Is that you hugging the dog in the upper picture?

I hope the word "farewell" was used literally, and that neither you nor K9 are going anywhere soon.

I hate missing stuff in blogland.

schaumi said...

Lovely sentiments for the pooch, cora.
yeah, I was wondering the same thing. it that you with that beautiful dog, or perhaps one of your children?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

if ever a sparkling burst of bright
could illuminate my heart with light
it would come as a lady, the mayden fair
she of goodness and golden hair

angels above could never choose
for me a more delightful muse

(soft) grrrrrrrrrrrrr

for her i'll play when i should work
for she embraced my every quirk

a writer yes of high esteem
im thankful for the ping she bring
and though we finish on this ode
she knows to call me with the code:

-.- .---- -.- .---- -.- .----

(dash dot dash, dot dash dash dash.
dash dot dash, dot dash dash dash.
dash dot dash, dot dash dash dash.)

mayden, we're fadin'
but true to you i'll be

my ladys face
full of grace
forever fidelity


Mayden's Voyage said...

X and Schaumi ~ :) The pic is of my daughter when she was 3 or 4...loving on a dear friend of the family :) My sister Robin took the photo about 8 years ago.
Seemed fitting to me~ and the look on J's face- could there be truer love? I don't think so :)

I'm not going anywhere- unless I get an offer to move to some exotic locale with no DSL...and I'm harvesting coconuts and writing all day...any offers??? :) I didn't think so :(

K9- Thank you! You are so adored!!!
You have the Key...and I have a Code-
Sounds like a match made in heaven!
:) I am so happy you came by this morning...
I'll be in touch soon :)

Coiff said...
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X. Dell said...

I see your daughter has inherited your love of K9's.

schaumi said...

I thought it might be your daughter. It's a really cute photo.

/t. said...


you are a lucky dog


The Grunt said...

K9 is a good boy. You are fortunate to have him, Cora.

Aunty Belle said...

Mayden Fair...oh sugar pie...I'se sorta' sorry yore month is up--shur has been a ride!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ J is an anmimal lover...100% :)
I think she would even love an alien :)

Schaumi- thank you :) She is even sweeter than she looks :)

/t- No-- I am the lucky one! :)

Grunt- thanks for coming by :)

Aunty Belle- I hate to see it end too...but I think I'd have to marry K9 if he did any more pictures! Not sure how that would go over at his house or here at mine :)

Malinda777 said...

What a nice tribute. I LOVED THE PAINTING... I gave him a big WOOF :)