Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Magic of Love Letters

(edited for length on 11-1-07)

I got one in my mailbox today...a love letter ♥ :)
When was the last time someone took a few minutes to find a pen and paper to tell you they loved you?

And Vice/Versa?

I love "love letters/notes"-

oth to write them and to get them :)

I have dozens (hundreds?) of letters and cards stowed away in my office and I can not bring myself to throw them out. Each are like a little treasure. Each are a gift in themselves. Each note/card marks a distinct moment or season in my life that was made richer by a person who was walking a similar path. Or felt a common bond. Or took the time to listen (which is the first step in the process of love) and found a sister, or a friend, or kindred spirit in me.

My beloved friend wrote, "You will always have a room in my heart- just for you, that no one else can fill." Those words brought tears to my eyes because I know how deeply her words are felt, and how similar things have been said by others- but simply weren't true. Or were only true for a season. I am gulity of the same.

Love letters remind us of the sand castles we built in the past, as well as show us the foundation of the fortress we reside in presently. Love letters are history in the making. Our history. Shared words reveal the complex threads of the heart and soul entwined around the mind and spirit.

Pen, paper, and love are the ingredients of magic.

A few times in my life I have been swayed by the power of words and words alone. I didn't need to meet the writer to love him or her any more deeply than I already did. Their words were enough. In my heart I feel sure that Emily Dickinson and I would be the best of friends :)

Anyway- the letter I got today in the mail came exactly when I needed it. This is of course what makes love letters magical...they know when to arrive :) Have you ever gotten a love letter at a bad time???

My goal in the coming 2 weeks is to WRITE several love letters- to people who've been on my heart- to friends I've not made time for- and to (elderly) family who check their mail everyday with a tiny hope that they will be remembered by their relations.

Love letters are about love- not about sex or steamy passion (though they can be ;). They are mostly about stolen moments, honesty, and fleeting memories of beautiful encounters...either in the past , or moments you hope for in the future.

Love letters are for kids you adore, family you don't see very often, lovers you miss, and for friends wherever they are. Love notes are about appreciation.
It's that simple...anyone you love and appreicate deserves to be told so. Spouses are included :)
"For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it."
- Ivan Panin
Here's to love- and love letters :)