Friday, August 11, 2006



She moves-
Living, beautiful, salty.
Her perfume is heavy in the air.

She is powerful-
But swayed by Moonlight,
His golden love stimulates her ebb and flow.

She is warm-
The Gulf stream makes her such,
Infusing her with energy.

She is "Home"-
I run to her for rest and inspiration,
She welcomes me.

She is dangerous-
If churned by winds and currents,
But not today.

Today she is lovely
Her sand is warm--her foamy water becons,
And I will be at peace.


-Cora/Maydens Voyage


Gnomeself Be True said...

I do miss her....

Mr Q said...

Because of your poem, now I don't want to work. It is Friday after all.Would it be bad to leave work behind for a few minutes while I lay on the warm sand and fall sleep? Too late. I did.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Iamnot...honestly- in the sweetest and purest way possible- I wish you could be here :)

Mr Q~
I spent close to an hour reading your blog yesterday :) I tried to leave a reply- my words seemed so empty- I deleted them...
I am glad to find you here :)
I hope your nap was a sweet one :)
I will try again at your place~

Anonymous said...

Hey Mayden,

am a dry kinda guy out here on the dusty ol' prairie -- don't much care a whole big bunch about those big wet waves on the ocean, but am feeling like it might be nice to hang out at the shore for a while... such is your persuasive writing!


..................... said... you did it....i want to curl my toes into those cyrstal coast sands right now...

boneman said...

She laid quietly watching the sky as it changed
from blue t'an amber-like hue.
Feeling the waves splash about her ankles and feet
A great way t'make the hot day cool!

As she laid there daydreamin'
the water came higher
till she could feel it up on her thighs slash.
Her thoughts drifted to her sweet lover, and all of a sudden she blushed.

She sat upright quickly and grinned at her wet demise.
and as she stood back up to her feet
A fella came up from behind and covered her eyes.
"guess who, honey? " he said'n "I brought ya a treat"

She laughed and turned around slowly ("why'd he even ask it?")
and held him so close. As if t'hold him ferever, y'know.
He slipt a pearl necklace round her neck and claspt it.
She pulled him down to the sand and...uh-oh....

This part ain't none of our business, so, we leave the happy pair there alone.
What is done in the ocean foam belongs t'only them, but we can guess from listenning to them moan.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

/t- Thank you. You are kind :)
It actually rained most of the day- but tomorrow is looking better :)

Schaumi- Come join me!!:) I so needed to get away~ I am fortunate to have a place to go :)

Oh Boneman! If only I could be so lucky! :)
Trust me...nothing in my life is as romantic as all that!
But I like you all the more for thinking so~ :)

Bone said...

Very beautiful, Mayden.

" and inspiration..."

Me, too. Wish I was closer to her.

ThursdayNext said...

I read this poem on a morning I am packing my bags to head to the south shore of Long Island; what lovely personification, Cora. I do not take for granted that the ocean is only a few minutes away...

X. Dell said...

You hear sailors talking about "the romance of the sea." Perhaps you've captured a piece of that here.

I cannot help but be impressed with the oceans for the massive, life-giving, life-threatening power they have.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Rarely do poems make me feel at peace, but the combination of the image and the word is very soothing. You really tapped into something special here.

Lee said...


sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

float dear mayden on a bed of sea green
or be merrily lost in blues of stormy embrace
and let my wag and grrrrr for you be seen
as a kiss of sea upon your face

(soft) /grrrrrrrrrr

Carol (a.k.a. Lady Wordsmith) said...

Your churning mermaid dreams in me now, Mayden....

Darius said...

There really is something about the ocean that can inundate me with a sense of immense peace like practically nothing else. (But these days, off season! Otherwise I feel inundated by people...)

Lady Prism said...

wait....let me pack a thing or two...okay...lez' gooo!!!

ey' there...hope you're feelin' really better...

Lady Prism said...

psst...check ur' mail!

puerileuwaite said...

This is a beautiful poem, FM. Probably my favorite post of yours so far.

And I love the words "swayed by moonlight". Can I borrow them for a piece I'm doing about my sanity?

Unknown said...

What a great blog, this is what blogs were meant for. Well written, funny, and the Mayden is a doll too.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Bone- thank good to see you :) I will be over to your place soon :)

Miss E- I know you don't take it for is one of things that makes you dear to me :) many things to say to you. 3 hours never goes by so fast as it does with you! :P

EOR- Wow...thank you. Those words mean a lot to me- coming from you~

Lee- Glad to see you're back. I thought of the Tasmanian Devil quite a few times this week- hoping you wouldn't run into one! :)

K9- if the waves were kisses- you will be happy to know that at least one knocked me over! :)
/Grrrrrrrrr!!!!! :)
**big smooch**

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Lady W- Oh let those dreams churn :) I had a few really good ones while napping on the beach- but I suppose I'll have to keep them to myself! :)

Darius- The crowds can be a bit much- but I am spoiled at Emerald Isle- more than I even realize. There are crowds- but even so- I had a lovely view of the water, and plenty of space to stretch out.

Lux- I got your note- I will reply soon :) Thank you friend. One day we will have some time together- and I soooo look forward to it! :)

PW- thank you so much- of course you can use it :) See you at your place tomorrow~

Dean...I am thrilled to see you! Did you know that I rented "End of the Spear" in part because of you? :) It was an awesome movie.
Thank you for coming by- I didn't expect to see you here :) Nice surprise~
-Cora :)

X. Dell said...

Careful how you say that. Folks might get the wrong idea:-)

Carol (a.k.a. Lady Wordsmith) said...

Gentle and kind greetings to you, fine and good Mayden. (And hopes you won’t mind my not so shy requests.)

I make presence known to you here, and now, with a humble plea for your help.

Please look here and see that I have called you out. ‘Tis for the favour of your talent and skill I call on to help make a wish -- wish #35 -- come true. And if there be others, you wish to make so … to be sure, I shan’t say “No.”

With blessings and thanks, ever yours

Mayden' s Voyage said...

X- indeed ;-)

Lady W- I have done what you asked- I hope :)

Anonymous said...

good points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman