Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nervous in my own backyard???

I've been to South East Asia...

I studied the language and customs with friends before we left.
However, having been very close to an Asian family for many years here at home-
I knew I was not going to have a problem "fitting-in"-

Even if I did stick out like a sore thumb :)

(There is a glare on this photo- It's not an alien!)


I've been to South Africa...

Before leaving I did some research on the CIA world facts website.
I read about the crime rates, the exchange rates, and all the different languages I would be
introduced to. My husband had already been, and several of our close friends were living there. Going to South Africa was going to be easy....

(This dude is KING...no doubt about it!)

And I fell in-love with the children...


But...you want to know what makes me nervous?

Want to know what I bought 2 books on today???
Can you guess how many maps I've downloaded and started to study?
Or how many friends and strangers I am pestering with questions about where to stay and if it's safe???

New York City!!!

Yes...for a surprise trip I am taking our son, for his 13th b-day to the Big Apple.
And I am making all of the arrangements now...

I just need to finish reading "New York for Dummies"- so I won't look like one!
This trip is different- I will be the only adult going and I am a little nervous.

But I'm an international traveler for heavens sake! :)

LOL :)

(On a personal note...I'd like to thank X for his advice, suggestions, and scouting out hotel info. Also- a thanks to Dela (who may or may not see this) for all of your help too... :)

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
I plan to make plane and hotel reservations this week :)

This will be yet another "Trip of a Lifetime"! And I suppose that if I could make it through a crazy airport in China where NO ONE spoke english, and survive a close-up photo-op with wild lions in South Africa, then I'll be able to enjoy NYC too! :)

Just thought I'd let you know what was going on with me these days... :)


X. Dell said...

Well, there are plenty of places in NY where the people don't speak English, and we have lions at the Bronx Zoo. So you should be in your element.

FAO Scwartz is a must see for a kid, and it's right next to Central Park.

X. Dell said...

Of course there are a lot of Yankees in the Bronx too. So be careful.

X. Dell said...

Also, the CIA World Facts page is sometimes helpful, but a good old-fashioned Almanac is better.

Mayden's Voyage said...
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ThursdayNext said...

This apple is as sweet as pie and it is going to be an amazing trip. I promise to email you lots of recommendations and tips! Ooooo New York is going to be the best city now that you are visiting it, Cora. xoxo

schaumi said...

I think you'll have a great time cora.
And what a wonderful surprise for your son.

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ :) Yes, I think I'll be in my element- and I agree that an Almanac is better.
I suppose I know how to handle a Yankee ;) But I will be careful all the same :)

Amy- I am so glad you are excited for me and not nervous! :) Believe it or not...the ladies reactions around here have been quite mixed. Of course some of these women were concerned about me driving to Georgia by myself- (silly :)
My sisters reacted the same way you did- and they know what I am capable of.
I think I'm nervous because I don't have the whole trip planned out yet- but it's coming along- and I have gotten wonderful advice- even from strangers I've met while shopping. (But, have I ever really met a stranger??? No :)

I spoke with a guy (at a hotel) last night in New York...and I said...tell me, seriously- how hard is it to get into the city from your location? He lauged and said, "It's easy! 20 minutes on the train!" And I said, "Really???)
He said..."REALLY!!!"

"Sigh" :) lol :)

Schaumi- Yes...I think so too. And the boy and I always seem to be working on school stuff, or I'm nagging about him brushing around those braces, or about eating his veggies...blah.

I am his mom first- and I know that- but it just doesn't seem like we have fun like we used to. On this trip- I just want us to have a blast :)
His favorite place in all the world is a book store...mine too :)
And he has been asking to go to NY for about 5 years now- been fascinated with it (and Rome) since 2nd grade. NY was closer! :)

puerileuwaite said...

Tip: when playing 3-Card Monte, the Queen always winds up on the right.

Mayden's Voyage said...

PW- Thank you so much for that little bit of advice! :)
Now I will be able to rest easy and gamble smart!

This is how you made your millions, isn't it? :)
LoL :)

Little Lamb said...

When you go to NYC, don't look up and gawk at the buildings. That is a sure sign of a toruist.

Malinda777 said...

WOW, I'm so impressed that you are able to take Mr. 13 to NYC for his B-Day! How amazing. I was so proud of my son that he got to go to China as an ambassador student at 17.

You're an amazing Mom... I would love to see NYC someday. Make a pass-by and bow a head at ground zero. That would be something to remember...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

dammit mayden Im goin too, but im two months behind ya! grrrrrrrrrr. love new york. love it! if i could i would craft masterpieces in my street cred big loft painting all day and party like a rock star every night as i eat and drink my way through opening after opening.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Little lamb- thanks! :) But even in my own downtown area I get a neck ache from looking up at the buildings! LOL:) I appreciate the carvings and reliefs on the corners! :)

Malinda- I'd love to hear more about your son and his trip. Sounds like a wonderful experience for him- I hope to get both of my kids out of this country (for a few weeks) to do some mission/humanitarian work during or before their 17th year~

K9- Wish we could be there at the same time...but I suppose we'd be going in opposite directions mostly- and I will be sticking to a rather strick bedtime with the 13 yr old in tow! :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Philly is two hours away from NYC. Possibly I could come up to meet you.

I would love to travel to those other places you described.

dazedgonebye said...

You're a good mom. I love the idea behind this trip.

kate said...

I spend a lot of time in NYC if you want any suggestions or to bounce ideas off another Mom of a 13 year old!

Sounds like fun!! Baseball is great... Madison Sq garden may have some sort of gig and that is geat... the silly wax museum was AWDSOME! lol. My #1 suggestion is to get a ticket for the double decker red bus tour that lets you get on and off at all stops... its about 35$ or so and worth twice that much!! Also the ferry to and from the Statue of Liberty is free... so even if you dont go onto Ellis Island it is worth going there. (Although I would make the trip if I were you)

There is a quick 10 cent tour!

cheers! K

puerileuwaite said...

No, wait. The Queen is always on YOUR left. Let me remember ... oh, that's right ... it's on the DEALER'S left which WOULD be your right.

firebird said...

Hey--welcome to NYC from a native--
It's a fine place to visit!
I'm not in Manhattan much anymore so I look up at the buildings every time--some great sights overhead!
Here's a tip--public transportation is a good deal and they have cleaned up and renovated the stations--art work and musicians to be found throughout the subway--
Try this Metrocard link for info:


I think you and your son will have a blast!!
Must see: Bronx Zoo, Museum of Natural History. But I bet you'll find some things I never heard of, too. Enjoy!

boneman said...

Dang! I only know three places in the city, and none of the three of them are in the city.
OK, THAT sounded just way odd....
I went to Old Bridge, New Jersey once to attend classes on polyurthane.
So, I know the school.
We stayed at a Holday Inn there in Old Bridge, so, I know of that also.
And then there's the Robert E. Lee Restarant, also in New Jersey, but, further north, eh?
But, last I heard, it burned to the ground, and someone told me it stayed that way.
Too bad, because they served up a humongous lobster.....mouth watering, dripping hot butter all over the place.....

The thing is, why am I telling you this when yer in the city?

Well, as we drove up the coast, we could look out the window and see the World Trade Towers. It seemed like they were just across the bay, and we thought as we drove more that they would seem bigger.
Well, after driving fer some ten or fifteen miles more, they looked the same.
That's when we realized just how big they were.
I think it was about five miles further and we figured we were in the Poltergiest movie (y'know...when the Mom goes upstairs and starts running down the hall only the hallway gets longer?)
and, anyway, then there was the Robert E. Lee.

So, a lot of words, sites that can't be seen anymore, and stories of New Jersey....
could I be any more boring this morning?

Bird said...

have a grand time - and we all await the pictures and tales that will follow!

b said...

how exciting!! and for a birthday treat? You are a super cool mom! i've been to NYC a few times and the energy is amazing! I loved it but was happy to return home. i loved the pizza and the food and the pizza and the hot dogs and the falafel carts and the food - sheesh! i need to eat something now! thanks for reminding me of good times ;)