Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I can't stop smiling...(click here)

You have to see what my beloved K9 did with this one!!! :)

Mayden.Warhol :)



X. Dell said...

There is a certain element of humor in aping another artist's style. But what K9 did was really fun.

And now, since you've gotten the Warhol treatment, you and MM have something else in common.

/t. said...

15 minutes
all around then!

have never seen you looking more, er, colorful, Mayden


schaumi said...

that was fun on a early hump day morning..:)

Lady Wordsmith said...

Mayden Monroe ...

Marilyn Mayden ...

I totally get it. You are The perfect contemporary beauty to inspire this comparison. And what a fine comparison the darkly coloured pooch gives you!

'Tho ... I must say, just as it is with fine literary works of art translated into film - I personally find the original more beautiful. More inspirational.

This is no disrespect to K9's awesome talent - just honest acknowledgement that even true talent pales beside your true loverlyness.


Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ I suppose it is all MM and I will ever have in common :) But you are right about this being fun...and very flattering. I'm just a mom with 2 kids and 3 cats- if I'm ever famous for anything (other than a book perhaps?)- it will be for doing something stupid :) (Like letting the Presidents car battery die :)

Thanks /t :) 15 minutes goes by quick!

Thanks Schaumi- this is mine and K9's last week as a "pair"...sniff- sniff ;)

Lady W~ My dear- Thank you :) ...I'm as ordinary and goofy as anyone you know- probably more so :)

However- I do have one thing going for me...and that would be my friends :) In meatspace, and cyber space- I am blessed way beyond what I deserve- I really am. :)

puerileuwaite said...

Good job, k9! You have a neat blog. Who knew a Rotty could have so much talent? Thanks for pointing it out, FM!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

peruileuwaite: is that a dig, pug? jus kiddin....as far as talent goes, get out to hollywood immediately...they need ya science fiction in a desperate kinda way!!!!

mornin' mayden: jus over here avoiding my work, thinkin up the next oh-mohggggeeeee (homage)

can you go wrong with a root image like mayden? c'mon! no disrespect taken lady w.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Dear K9- good to see you!
Thank you again...my sisters are heading over to your page to have a look! :) I don't know if they will comment- but I know they loved it!
-But not more than me! :)

Did you get the 3 stories/ pieces I sent? Hope so. Varied stuff, huh? :)

PW...science fiction writer! :) I love it! :) I can't believe, with the duel and all, you hadn't been over to K9's before now :)

Aunty Belle said...

That pup is talented--whoo whee! Youse a lucky Mayden Fair. Iffin' ya can hep me wif some suggestions for important event, please stop by the FRONT porch...thanky.

boneman said...

So very colorful...uh.
Is this the image y'all exhibited when y'found yer battery dead?


(dang! I din't just do it again with what I said?

no. there it is)

/t. said...


you're becoming a tad post-modern with the self-references in these latter days, eh? Methinks our buddy Percy will not be amused...


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

dear mayden fair: dont be alarmed at the new homage...its a valentine all the same


Mayden's Voyage said...

No alarm...but I did do some reading! :) You'll see~

The Grunt said...

Neat! It turns out I'm not on acid or crazy.

Malinda777 said...

Mayden Warhol... I like it... K9 is definately talented. You have been honored in art :)