Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Laughter, Thought, and Passion~

This took thought~ (I made it :)

Roxanne posted a video (or 2 :) at her place that made me laugh out loud this morning...

for that other thing...
what was it?
Oh- yes- I remember.


I exhaled as I wrote the word.

Did you know the word "passion" comes from the Latin word passiō - which means suffering, submission, deriv. of L passus, ptp. of patī to suffer, submit.

But now it is full of other meanings...about love, lust, and desire, feeling intensely about something or someone.

I take some comfort in the old meaning. If you've ever been "passionate" about anything- and it ended poorly (either a person or a project)- you understand where the suffering part makes perfect sense.
I suppose passion and determination are sisters?
As much as "regeret and loss" are brothers~

Here's to Passion without Regret, and to Determination without Loss- and to Thought and Laughter, which help us choose wisely, and ease the ache of our mistakes-
respectively- of course :)