Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I was flashed TWICE today.
Not just once...but TWICE!!!

Oh...the kindness of strangers :)

The road leading to my neighborhood is a long winding one...

It's 45 mph down this street- but it BEGS you to go much faster-(OK, it BEGS ME to go much faster!!!). It is gorgeous once you get past the busy lush trees and grass, large pastures and homes sitting in the middle of beautiful acreage.

I'm almost out in the country- and I had INXS playing "Deliver Me"...I'm easily pushing 80- wanting to go faster- wanting to fly with the sun roof open...wishing I had a V8 engine (I could get killed speeding too- which is why I probably don't have one~)-
breathing in the morning air, loving the view and the feel of the engine, I feel SOOOO alive.

Around the next curve comes the flasher.

I don't know him- he is in an SUV...blinking his headlights...(what were YOU thinking???)

It can only mean 1 thing- a cop is hiding out nearby.

I wave as the guy passes me and I slow down...I don't spot a patrol car before I get to the street that turns into my subdivision, so I keep I'm curious as to where the Officer is waiting.

Sure enough- another mile down the road, in the wide driveway of a country church- there he is. I grin at him as I drive by- just a tad under the speed limit.

The same thing happened this afternoon as I went out to pick up my daughter from school.

Only this time I was keeping the speed limit- going in the other direction...and I was flashed again by another guy (not the same one). Again I smiled and waved. Drove a half a mile- and there was the officer in the driveway of a gas station...just waiting. I grinned at him too.

Speeding on this stretch of road is a guilty pleasure of mine.
I love how it stretches it curves, how easily it gives way to wheels that move faster and faster...I have gone out of my way to drive it's full length- just because I can-- or because the moon was full, or I needed 10 extra minutes to clear my head.

As a rule I keep the speed limit, and I use my cruise control quite a bit to make sure I do.

Guess I'll be crawling along from now on- banishing my guilty pleasure. I've not gotten a ticket since I was 18...and I'd like to keep that record.

The old Orange County speedway is about 30 miles up the road from here...think they'd let me take a spin out there? :)

I'm not sure what would be more expensive- a speeding ticket, or the gas it would take to get to the Speedway!

I guess I should start knitting again! lol! :)


puerileuwaite said...

Darn. I thought you meant the other type of flashing. Why, I'm sitting here buck naked as I write this comment.

I better go warn the others that may be Googling "flashed".

Mayden's Voyage said...

LOL! :) PW! Really!
I'm on the "white sheep" blogroll- remember? :)
I thought Hemmingway was wrong about you- but now I'm having to reconsider! :)

iamnot said...

Under no circumstances are you to play "Radar Love" at any time on your car stereo.
You wouldn't last a day!

/t. said...

Gone Wild


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

god bless the flashers! head's up speed demons! here is an area where we have unity /howl
mayden likes to go fast. why am i not surprised?
maybe you should take a turn on the local track!
i will provide the sponsorship $...if you can stand to have rottie heads plastered all over your leathers.

puerileuwaite: stop! youre scarin the children
naked pugs! howl


doc-t said...

Ur a baaaaadddd kid! LOL.

btw, i've started writing an answer to your question. It's a great question!

puerileuwaite said...

You cracked me up and shamed me back into clothing. All in one comment, k9! /awoooooo!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Radar love??? are GIVING me IDEAS!!!! :)

/t- Wild? I can't touch this one. I've written like 5 replies and keep having to delete them! ;)
Let's just say...nope, I can't even say that! :) How about "Yes"? lol~

K9...I85 between here(me) and there(you) has nice long stretches that are 70-75 mph. I can almost do 90 without getting into trouble...that was a pretty good ride this summer :)

Doc-t, done resting? I've enjoyed reading about your blogger meet- been a little jealous actually :)
Thanks for coming by- and for working on a reply- it was a hot topic in the car!

PW- glad you are dressed :) The SB might not mind if you blog nekkid...but it gives me the willies! lol :)

Lady Wordsmith said...

Oh darling Mayden luv! You do tickle me!! I've been away - doing my own bit of playing speed demon-ette on the long winding roads that beg to be sped upon - and come back here to this bit of teasing flirty good luck! Thanks luvie. This was grand! ~Lady

SJ said...

Oh you are fast ;)

X. Dell said...

I'm actually one of those annoying people who drives close to the speed limit. So, I would have preferred the other type of flasher, especially if the flasher were female.

Maybe you were destined to be a drag or stock car racer. Maybe you should give that track a try.

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ There is nothing annoying about you... I need to slow down :)
Never been "flashed" any other way-lol! Not sure if I'd like it :P

SJ- thanks for your note- I'm writing back to you

Lady W- I'm glad to see you again. I've checked your blog over the past week- I'll head over again this weekend :)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

dear mayden...enjoy the beach this weekend and dont flash the marines...that'd be more than even a rottie can handle should they get all whipped up / have fun, wear sunscreen, and soak it up baby! and take lots of pictures.

dont get a ticket!


Mayden's Voyage said...

***smooch K9***
I promise, NO flashing! :)
And no speeding either...

I'm probably the only chick (under 40) on the beach who sits under an umbrella most of the time- I don't really tan well- but I roast beautifully- ick!

Hope you have a good weekend too :) said...

I'm glad you decided to slow down. Was about to tell you that..haha! In fact, I have a problem with slowing down my speed too! I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.. :D

iamnot said...

Ok, see my post today for a link Mayden.
Handle with care....

Gary said...

I think knitting is pretty safe, unless you prick yourself and get an infection. :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Yeah are right :) So glad you came by!

Iamnot: Oh-- I am finally breathing again--from laughing so hard!!! :)
My "inner eye" got flashed! Ewwww!
I'll stop speeding...I'll stop! I promise! :P- I left you a note :)

Gary- I can fly with those needles too :) No punctures yet though! :)

schaumi said...

Actually I have been flashed before.
This was in Germany....and what a weeny wiener that was...;>
I do have to admit I was rather unpleasantly surprised..:/

However, I do provide the courtesy of 'flashing' drivers when I come across a patrol car checking for speed.

My hubbie would love your driving. he drives these curvy mountain roads here as if he were on a Nascar speedway. I 'sleep' a lot in the car at times when I'm riding with him.

luxlucisvita said...

flashed....hmmmmmm kinda' like a new term for me...

ey' Mayden...hope you're a' smiling me that sweet smile of yours...i wish i were anywhere near I wish i could just sit down beside you...or ride with you and have a feel of that flash there....

I'm workin' till late tonight...probably alone....your bloggy' here will keep me company!...

I miss ya!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Around here getting flashed usually means deer in the road...not enough cops to speak of.

Being a (mostly, except on freeways) reformed speeder I have to stick my sad nickle in here.

My Dad lived on a lovely, curve filled road that was marked with a 35 mph limit. The young girl that broadsided him as he backed out of his driveway couldn't see around the curve, neither could he.

I loved my Dad. Please slow down. Someone loves you.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I got flashed in Boston recently. It was not a kind experience. I don't know what possesses these people, but my urban indifference was the reward granted for such a lack of inhibition. There is something almost hysterical in it, but I kept my cool.

I think the insight on Radar Love is an apt one. Hope you had a good week.

kate said...

great photos! I am finally in FL but am flying by the seat of my pants! lol... I bet you got some really interesting people searching 'flashing' that happened by! hehehehehehe hope all is well there! Coming to Fl anytime soon?

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I got flashed again to day and wanted to share it with you, it meant a farmer up the road was having trouble with his trailer and couldn't stay in his own lane...LOL!