Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Boneman, On Display...

Crawfordsville Indiana is where the Boneman (www.walkingonalligators.blogspot.com ) has put his art work up for display, and a bit of competition.

He has some beautiful paintings there!

But based on the Muppet Profile below- Boneman (Fozzie) discovered 2 bloggers up in his neck of the woods...Myself, and my wise friend X.Dell :)

X~(Rowlf) getting ready to play a tune on that lovely little piano :)

And me (Kermit)- Just hanging out with a bounty of gourds...

At least this is how Boneman saw it :)

I haven't been to Indiana in a while- but I plan to make the trip in the next 6 months to see my Grandmother who lives there.

As it is -- it just made me smile all day to think that someone took the time to think of us bloggers and include us in the fun :)

Hope you win first place Boneman- and sell lots of paintings!


boneman said...

Dang! I got a big smile from the Mayden, she's a sweetie, doncha know?
But, the show at Thorntown is now, and the three at the Crawfordsville thing a different show.
I don't care!
Lookit that smile! That's a big one fer sure, wat a minit....
is that a k9 growl I hear behind yon door over there?
(bark!) well, maybe a fast retreat, while I can. before I'm a manbone instead of a just boneman.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Did I get the location wrong?
I'm sorry! :)

Anyway- I would hate to think of you as a manbone in the grasp of a Rotty! Yikes :)
Thanks again for the pic of Rowlf and Kermit- I love them :)
And the paintings are lovely- really :)

kate said...

great photo and WONDERFUL ART Steve!!!

luxlucisvita said...

Maaaaydeeen!...Yuuuuhuuuuu!!!!....hu!hu!hu!...I am sooo swamped with papers to check and exams to type up!...Plus...housework!...Drats!

How are you anyway?...Hope you feelin' better...ey' waiiit...yap'...you are!...love that lovely smile...

and...yes...I do adore his paintings!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Kate- thanks...hope your son is feeling better- and that you are doing well- but I know it's crazy with the move! I'm thinking about you :)

LUX! Yeahhhh! I've missed you :)
So happy to see you here :)
I will try to send you a note today~ hope you are having a great week :)

Aunty Belle said...

Mayden, dear, Aunty cain't see yore photos--ah...but enjoyed the crep myrtle post jes' the same.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Aunty- I emailed them to you- hope you got them :) You, of all people, would enjoy the pics :)
(or so I thought :)

schaumi said...

can i just say ditto to lux's post...except mine is the starting the new school year hecticness

X. Dell said...

Have fun on your trip to Indiana. Hope you don't feel the need to burn your shoes when you get home because they touched Yankee soil.

I think that dog looks more like K9 than me. Nevertheless, as I said before, Bonesman is quite talented.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi- I've started writing and sending gifts to my kids teachers on the first day of shcool-(it's taking longer in middle school- I have 7 teachers!)...
The Art teachers are almost always the best- my kids love them! :)
I know it keeps you busy though~

X~ Shhhhh! You know I am half Yankee...my dad's from Indiana! Northern Indiana no less!!! :) I've got nothing against Yankees...they can't help where they come from! lol :) Bless 'em...all of them! :)

I'd even go so far as to say...I love Yankees! (well, some of them! :) lol ;)

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