Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Chick in the City

Where do I begin?

On the way to Charlotte we stopped at Smithfields BBQ near Greensboro...mmm :)
We placed our order and I excused myself to step into the ladies room-
As I rounded the corner- there on the wall- was a giant photo of the last 3 people
I ever expected to see...I almost felt like I knew them!

You can see how big the print is with me in front of it...this is for X.
T was more than happy to help out with this one :)
Yet another Blonde poses with the Rat Pack :)

We drove straight to the hotel- it was very nice and remarkably easy to find.

Schaumi- it did indeed have a Sauna! Which I heated up to "heaven only knows" how hot, and I sat inside thinking of you- day dreaming a little about the country of my ancestors...and realizing that if it weren't 95 degrees outside I'd have enjoyed it a little more! I got right into the pool afterwards :)

The Comedy Club was 1 mile from our hotel, and feeling somewhat adventurous we decided to walk through downtown/uptown Charlotte.

The Club would not be open for another hour- so we crossed the street and went to the only place on the block that was open... it was a bar called "Cyote Ugly".

I didn't watch the movie. Neither T nor I really knew what kind of place this was, except that it was loud and served drinks. There was a HUGE BOUNCER at the door. He carded me, so I figured this place was OK ;) LOL!

I have never seen or heard of a "Body Shot" before last night.

When the chick behind the bar (who was stunning in every sense of the word) climbed up on the bar with a lime in one hand and a shot of Tequila in the other and got on her knees in front of the woman sitting next to my husband, I nearly fell off of my barstool!!!

I must have stared like a little kid seeing their first parade!

"Whew!" I said, once I was able to put my eyes back in my head, I laughed- my husband laughed too...and I asked him, "So, you want to be next?"

He grinned and with a wink said, "Not with her!!!" ;)
That was sweet :)

Clearly it was time to leave Cyote Ugly and head over to the Club. We waited in line, and talked to people standing around- we laughed and did our own imitations of Jeff Dunham's characters.

The show was AWESOME. If this guy comes close to where you live, make the effort to see him- he is wonderful!

"Jeff Dunham and Peanut"

The walk back to the hotel at 10pm was more lovely, and more fun than I could have ever thought possible.

There was a breeze, and hundreds of other people out walking...or sitting in restaurants with wide open windows, eating, drinkning, talking- I've never had an experience quite like it. The landscaping was gorgeous, the huge pieces of art were so much fun to look at up close, and I just felt safe and happy to have this time alone with T.

I took these pic's for K9...I thought he'd enjoy the "public art" :)

The rest of the evening, after a swim and a shower, I will have to leave to your imaginations :)

Needless to say, we are already planning our next get-away! :)

Robin--thanks for your help with the kids~ Chris- I'll call you soon so we can catch up :)


iamnot said...

Sounds like a great sucess.
Nice to read all the happiness.

puerileuwaite said...

Sounds like you had a blast. But that traffic light sure looks confusing.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Sounds like a nice trip. Where else have you traveled in N.C.?

ThursdayNext said...

~ Yes, dahling, but you need to tell us what you ate at Smithfield's for us food porn addicts.

~ You look amazing with the Rat Pack.

~ Believe it or not, I saw Jeff Dunham at a comedy club in Quincy Market in Boston when I was there for a weekend. He. is. so. funny. :)

~ I am so glad you had a lovely weekend and I wish you tons more like this one! xoxoxoxo

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

coyote ugly? you mean you didnt get on the bar????
tell those whipper snappers to stand down!
you thought of me and took a photo? (soft) grrrrrrr.
you are the greatest muse ever.

freya took your advice and moved to her own site!

you look happy in the final frame! im glad you had fun


X. Dell said...

Sounds like a rollicking good time--not only at the performance, but at the hotel and Coyote Ugly as well.

So how many body shots did it take for you to become anonymous?

How many more did it take to pose with the Rat Pack?

And, what about Naomi?

schaumi said...

hey, you sweated for me....
methinks I'm tickled.

you're making me miss those kind of times in a city.

Nothing more lovely than walking through a city on a balmy summer night.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time...and that smile at the end was all telling....:)

Mayden's Voyage said...
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Mayden's Voyage said...

iamnot- was a very happy moment, one of very few this year- the rest have been so..."blah!"

PW- LOL :)

EOR...I have been over most of NC, from Asheville in the mountains, to the coast, I'm an hour from Va, but this was my first real trip inside the city of Charlotte- which is 2 hours south of me. I live in a wonderful state...Durham has potential- but we need to pull together...oh, don't get me started! :)

Miss E- my lovely friend :) Southern pulled pork BBQ- to die for, and crunchy juicy fried chicken. I skipped the fries and hush puppies- not on the South Beach thing I've been doing for a year now! :)

K9...can you see Mayden on a bar?
Don't answer! lol :) I was so stunned that it had to sink in!

X~ Yes..."rollicking" puts it mildly~ I have to plead the fifth on how many shots :) (not very much actually :)
But in the morning I had to re-read my- I mean that Anon reply with the very sick dread that I-ummm- she- had said something out of line.
"Whew!" :) Character stood the test!

I actually asked Naomi to join us, but it was not a good weekend for her. :(
I was completely in my right mind when we took the Rat Pack photo...
I'm only sorry that I couldn't capture the expression on my face when I first saw it!
Made me think of Marilyn right away- and I got up close and really looked at those faces- it was kind of a poignant moment.

Frustrated the heck out of me that I coulndn't post it or email it to you last night! :) I really wanted to share it with you.

Schaumi :) The smile speaks volumns :) And yes dear, I did SWEAT! :)

Libby said...

i'm SO glad you had fun, may! i've only been to one bar in NC, and that was in, like, '85, and it was some kinda 'biker bar', in or around winston-salem??

Bone said...

I love a night out enjoying a good comedian.

There's a Coyote Ugly in Nashville. Now I wonder why I've never gone in there.

rachel said...

Sauna, drinks, laughing, a late evening stroll and then 'you know' - sounds like a perfect evening to me. Glad you had a great time, where will you go next?

Malinda777 said...

Body shots are too much fun (with your hubby of course)... You'll have to check out the movie Coyote Ugly... Lee Ann Rhymes famous movie, it's funny too.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Libby :) Was it fun? I've never been in a biker bar~ To tell the truth, I have never been in a bar ALONE. :) And probably at best I've been in 4 or 5 total~
I have to admit though- it was fun :)

Bone :) Becareful in Cyote Ugly. Those girls will adore you I think- and the body shots were $20! :)

Rachel- I need to come over and see you! :) I hope the next trip will be to NYC!!! :) I want to take our son, who turns 13 at the end of the month- for his b-day. It should be the trip of a lifetime for both of us. I have never been either :)

Malinda :) I think I'll have to rent it! Thanks for the tip :)

doc-t said...

hey!!! Why wasn't I invited???

Sounds like I missed a good time... sigh.

Sean said...