Saturday, January 31, 2009

I promise- you can not believe how funny this is!

I went to bed having seen a beautiful sunset last night, and my good friend was close by, but there's an element of sadness I feel which I've been having trouble getting away from. It's been a hard year full of tough things- some very private, and some I've been public about. This morning as I watched the tide roll out with the sunrise I was determined to focus on the positive things in my life and not let the ache take hold of my heart today.
4 things happened-

First, a beloved friend sent me the funniest off the wall text I've gotten in ages. There was no way at all my friend could have known how much I needed to laugh at that EXACT moment- and kept me laughing most of the morning.

Second, my girlfriend kept up the hilarity at breakfast as we created our "Anti-Cross Pollination Manifesto". Don't ask what it means- only we understand it and will probably go to our graves with it's secrets firmly tucked in our bra's, or something ;)

Third, I actually had time to visit with some of you- which was wonderful- and I'm not done making my rounds.

Fourth, this video. It is honestly one of the funniest things I've seen in ages. I cried (from laughing) when I watched it. LOL-
Probably because it reminds me of my own life.

So far, what could have been a difficult day, has turned out rather well. Not perfect, but good, and the day is not over yet...I'm going to mix up a Martini VERY soon ;) Too bad you won't get to see any of that on video- but I do have an appearance to keep up! lol

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunsets should be shared~ Crystal Coast NC

It was a warm day on the coast for this time of year- almost 60 today.
I'm at the beach happy place. I worked hard all week (painting and hanging wall paper in a house close to the beach), and I intend to take this weekend one minute at a time and enjoy all of them-

This was the view which awaited me when I went for a walk this afternoon on the shore.

I never fail to be stunned by the sunsets here in the winter. It's crazy beautiful, and so few people see them. Lately I'm of the mindset that Glory often shows itself when almost no one is looking. The few of us who do catch a glimpse of it are scrambling for their cameras- or simply soaking it in.

I consider myself lucky to have been here, with my camera, to share these with you.
(and why not a shot of the photographer too? hmmm? :)

I will be coming round shortly for visits and to catch up with you all. I have missed you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A reflection-

How well I remember the RUSH...
Reading you made me blush- and
Made me laugh, made me cry-
Made me wonder Where and Why?

How else would our paths have crossed?
I'm Startled by how much I would have lost-
If I had never risked the words-
NOT writing- now- seems absurd

Little pearls are what you are-
You burn in me like glowing stars.
You made your marks, took your place-
None will ever be replaced.

Three years ago I took a dare-
And look at all who've responded with care.
I took a journey, only to find a haven...
In friends who paused to read the Voyage of Mayden.

Those who have touched me:
A wise and brave man who became a cherished friend-
A Ph D who always makes me think
A Dog, who I thought was a dude, who is as a beloved sister as any I have- and her art is everywhere in my home
Another sister- across the sea in the South Pacific- whose name means Light.
A fellow Conservative who got one of my first scarves
A wonderful artist who I love to send fudge too- and couldn't last year...but who knows what 09 will bring ? :) (I so adore you Ted!)
A friend whose soul was broken by death and grief- who opened her heart and home to are a sister too.
A Foming Moan- who is strong and gives courage through her understanding
An artist whose lake/mountain scene hangs in my home
A fuzzy Lamb and a puggy dog
A poet who stole my heart-
An Aussie I admire
A sweet lovely woman who sent me books in the mail- and I needed them!
A former solider who likes to cook, and likes things HOT, and loves his wife, dogs, and family :)
A solider I met, but can't find anymore.
A woman of many names- Pink and Red were some
A Monster who came for a visit from the land of the Rising Sun, and his image still hangs on my wall over my desk. I miss you Scary Monster :)
A former New Yorker also in the Land of the Rising Sun...who left a message on my cell phone once and I kicked myself for a week for missing that call!
Another New Yorker who is in love with a Prince
Oh- Lance...still- I think of you- I miss you as well.
And you too friend- but there is nothing Cruel about you
Sridhar- yeah...I'll name you. I like the way you think :)
A lover of 24 who I am pretty sure I'm related to- distantly :) (I suppose all true Southerners might be distantly related?)
New friends who con the con-artists
Old friends who've shut their blog... I AM NOT (and a few others)
Wild friends who take daring photos and post them (wow!)
A gardener I had the pleasure of meeting once in South Carolina
A pilot who really loves to fly- :)
And a dozen others who've stopped long enough to say hello- I hope I did as well by you.


I think I'm past the dark passage which had to be endured. Sunshine awaits me. Words fill every corner of my mind. I am breathing again. There will be other difficult things to face down the road and such is life, but today is a day to rejoice.

I am so happy to just BE; and so happy to know each of you- in whatever ways were deemed right- for however long or short.

Thank you always for the time you've spent with me.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Walking"- by Thoreau

We have been packing and cleaning all week to move my Mother this weekend. In my spare moments I have begun to re-read "Lillith" by George MacDonald
and found the following in the Preface- it is as lovely a thing as I have read in to your blog posts and comments of course :) Enjoy! (and Phos- this is especially for you- seeing how I put my glass down long enough to grant your request- lol :)

"I took a walk on Spaulding's Farm the other afternoon. I saw the
setting sun lighting up the opposite side of a stately pine wood. Its
golden rays straggled into the aisles of the wood as into some noble
I was impressed as if some ancient and altogether admirable
and shining family
had settled there in that part of the land called
Concord, unknown to me -- to whom the sun was servant -- who
had not gone into society in the village -- who had not been called
on. I saw their park, their pleasure-ground, beyond through the
wood, in Spaulding's cranberry-meadow. The pines furnished them
with gables as they grew. Their house was not obvious to vision;
the trees grew through it. I do not know whether I heard the sounds
of a suppressed hilarity or not. They seemed to recline on the
They have sons and daughters. They are quite well. The
farmer's cart-path, which leads directly through their hall, does not
in the least put them out, as the muddy bottom of a pool is
sometimes seen through the reflected skies. They never heard of
Spaulding, and do not know that he is their
neighbor -- notwithstanding I heard him whistle as he drove his
team through the house. Nothing can equal the serenity of their
Their coat-of-arms is simply a lichen. I saw it painted on the
pines and oaks. Their attics were in the tops of the trees. They are
of no politics. There was no noise of labor. I did not perceive that
they were weaving or spinning. Yet I did detect, when the wind
lulled and hearing was done away, the finest imaginable sweet
musical hum -- as of a distant hive in May -- which perchance was
the sound of their thinking.
They had no idle thoughts, and no one
without could see their work, for their industry was not as in knots
and excrescences embayed.

But I find it difficult to remember them. They fade irrevocably out
of my mind even now while I speak, and endeavor to recall them
and recollect myself. It is only after a long and serious effort to
recollect my best thoughts that I become again aware of their
cohabitancy. If it were not for such families as this, I think I should
move out of Concord."


Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I wanted a special glass- something that spoke to me ...

I looked and looked and looked-

---This is what I found---

I could only afford one- (not that it was terribly expensive, but I am on a budget!)---
And of course, I wanted to buy wine too :)

It's colorful and feels wonderful in the hand- and the "blue" in the middle has a special meaning for me.

When I brought it home, everyone said, "It's YOU!"

I thought so too :) (The label said "Cassablanca", which made it all the more perfect :)

I know it's such a fancy glass and should probbaly only be used on special occasions, but I intend to use it every day...even if I'm only drinking water out of it.

What "special" thing do you have stored away for a certain occasion? Is there anything you use on a daily basis to remind you that YOU are special?

I hope so, because you are worth it.

A special toast here to Roxanne, who made me feel treasured this week, and for Cosmo- because I read something at his blog which reminded me of a beautiful moment, and to the Skunk- he knows why :), and to a loved "annon" blogger who I won't name. Also, one day, I do hope Lady Lux, Helene, Foamy and I will all tilt our glasses in a toast together...NYD- you are invited too! Hugs :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Wow MN...

First Jesse for Gov, and now this?

The country seems to have a strong affinity of the separation of church and state...
How about the separation comedians and state?