Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Mom, I've been bitten by a snake!"


We thought it would be nice to go to the Eno State park for the afternoon and evening.
Or we could go bowling...

Being outside, next to the river, with a picnick sounded lovely.

With towels, books, things to write and read, snacks, and even a few chairs- we all hopped into the car to spend an evening together as a family.

It doesn't happen much these days.

Between T's job, and the kids schedule- family time gets lost. I'm with the kids mostly...and they are pulling away- in the normal ways that kids do.
It was nice to just be together :)

It was hot. Our son could not get to the water fast enough.
We made our way to a shallow part of the stream- wide and rocky, and rippling with cool water with mossy patches of green, where reeds and grasses were thriving well...

With rubber sandals on (cause heaven forbid Mom let the kids get into a stream with bare feet!)- they jump in for a splash.

I'm right behind them... walking, looking...being "Mom"- I call out, "Watch out for snakes!"

Our daughter- growing so tall- looking like a young woman and no longer a child- turns to look at me, with big eyes..."Mom, are there really snakes out here?"

I laughed, "Yes honey...we are in THEIR home, and some are poisonous- stay away from the tall grasses, they hide out there."

Dad (T) is skipping rocks.
I find a spot for my blanket- I want to read as the sun starts to sink.
She casts long golden beams my way- still giving off heat- not yet ready to ease behind a line of glorious green trees that will block her rays and cool the evening.

The kids want to wander, "Mom, can we go over towards the waterfall?"
I feel a sigh well up in me. I think to myself...they will be within sight, and they are not babies..."YES" I say. "But watch out for snakes!"

T has his back to them, still skipping rocks. I'm under a shade tree- reading...I look around- I notice how lovely it all is. Yet, within a moment or 2,
I feel a pit in my stomach. I ignore it...go back to reading...

Within another 2 or 3 comes my daughter...running towards me---
"Mom, I've been bitten by a snake!!!"

The pit in my stomach returns...

"Where?" on the ankle... two puncture wounds could be seen...bleeding

"What did it look like?" It was colorful...with red, black, and yellow- or white stripes.

A Coral snake- Poisonous....or it's a look alike...the Scarlett Kingsnake....NOT poisonous! Both native to this area-
And no one saw it but her...

The guys go to see if they can find it- but it's no use, and my concern is that time is of the essence...if it is poisonous, we need to find help.

Oh- a nice family night indeed!

I'm happy to tell you that a call to Poison Conrol, and a 3 hour visit in the Emergency Room have led us to belive that it was either the kingsnake who bit Miss J, or it was a Coral snake, but it was an "empty" bite.

I think next time we want to have a family night- we'll go bowling!

And, if any of you decide to go outside to a nearby stream, or lovely walk out doors- do me a favor and...

Watch out for snakes!!!

***J will be fine...and this story is what happened to us this evening...but it ends well, and I am thankful :)
Now if I can just get the child to go to sleep~ she's a bundle of nerves...

And to be truthful,
I guess I am too~


Malinda777 said...

Oh My GOSH! I'm so glad she's OK. I come from rattler country, I know just how you feel.

Girl...once when I lived in Mississippi... after a big rain, a little girl died that got bit several times by baby water moccasions that had collected in the bottom of the ball cage. All adults involved thought she'd been bitten by fire ants...

SJ said...

Glad she is doing fine. Relax and rest those nerves:)

puerileuwaite said...

Seems like they're everywhere these days. Even on planes!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Malinda- thank you...I'm glad too.
What an awful story about that little girl! So sad! It's a drag to go to the ER- but best to be safe. J was bitten by a brown reculse spider about 5 years ago- that was nearly fatal...none of knew she had been bitten until it was almost too late :(

SJ- thanks :)

PW- yep...EVERYWHERE! I just saw a review for that movie yesterday- ickkkk!!!

iamnot said...

Coral snakes are bad juju. That would have scared the crap out of me.
I feel for you all.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is sick, but my son loves snakes. He would consider it an honor to be bitten by one, and he is so good at identifying them, he would know if it were venonmous before me. What a frightful scare for you. And I'm sure you had to hear some cracks about that movie--it shall not be named--opening last weekend.

ThursdayNext said...

I got woozy just reading this! I am glad she is ok and I hope she is resting and relaxing today! Oh, and the same goes for her mommy!

schaumi said...

Yikes, cora....
that's scary!!!
i'm glad your daughter is okay.

I luuuuv the Eno River State park area. ....and we play in mountain creeks all the time.....
and i've seen snakes out and about in those grasses..
I worry about it.

Oh, and my youngest almost got bitten by a snake last year when we were hiking in one of our southwestern state parks. we rested for a bit. he decided to play by the creek. His rump descended to the ground and at the same time a saw a snake head rise up to meet his rump. boy, did I yell for him to move quickly...

Mayden's Voyage said...

imanot...It was frightening at first- not being sure which snake had bitten her. I hope we all sleep better tonight than we did last night :)

EOR- I don't think it's sick :) We, as a family, have a fascination with animals- and we like learning about them. Snakes and spiders have their place- and the more your son (and my kids) know about them, the better they will handle an encounter with one :)

Thursday- I know it could have been much worse :) Thank you :)

Schaumi- It is such a lovely area- we will go back, of course :) It's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember...but there are critters out there- and we do get reminded from time to time- don't we? :)

X. Dell said...

In frist aid class, I remember the instructor tld us never to run around if we got bitten by a snake (makes the poison circulate faster).

I'm not sure how long snake bites take to kill someone, but three hours without symptoms were probably agonizing, but ultimately a relief.

I do believe that bowling would probably be a better choice, unless your daughter has an inclination to walk down the lane and see how the pinsetter works.

Happy to know it turned out okay, though.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thanks X :)
I do think we'll give bowling a shot on the next family outing :) lol!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some sort of poem that helps you distinguish between the two? Something like:

Black Yellow Black,
you'll be back.
Red Yellow Red,
you'll soon be dead.

I can't ever remember.

Green Blue Green,
that snake looks mean.
Purple Mauve Tan,
run you're ass off man.

Something like that!!!! I guess I'm destined to die if one of them bites me.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Red on Black- Good for Jack.

Red on Yellow- Kill a fellow.

And I couldn't remember it to save my life! :P