Saturday, July 29, 2006

With Regard for a Katydid...

In this oppressive July heat I discovered a Katydid.
He was moving- almost as if in pain- across the hood of my car.

If it was hot enough to fry eggs there, which it was, then it was hot enough to bake a bug as well.

I exteneded a cool, pale, peachy colored finger as an escape.
He quickly accepted.

His legs were no bigger than toothpicks-
and with Green, Grabb-ity, Scratchy Feet he reached out and perched
on my digit, like a tiny queer bird.

I looked at him closely-
He was beautiful. He seemed quite content to stand on all 4's on the hand of
the mayden who rescued him.
However, I could not hold the creature indefinitely...

I looked around for a place that he could thrive and be safe.
An equally green patch of grass in the backyard seemed to match him perfectly.

I lowered him to the earth (the earth was never far away due to my lack of height:)
And as my hands touched the grass I noticed how much cooler it was- down there- away from the pavement and the hot hoods of automobiles.

While the Katydid had been stunning on the hood of my car the fact remains that he was out of place. It's true...If he had been in my Crepe Myrtle I might not have seen him, but being out of place for too long could have killed him.

I will not forget those Green, Grabb-ity, Scratchy Feet clinging to my finger.
Or how perfect it seemed to place him in the grass. I am glad I was in the right place at the right time to assist.

Though, he did make me wonder later...

Where in my life am I like the Katydid?

In what areas am I hot-footing it on the hood of a car- when I belong in the grass?

How about you?


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Have I missed something? Has someone wallpapered your blog?

X. Dell said...

I'm like that too. I'm always rescuing bugs. My friends think I'm nuts. I'm sure some of them would have just as soon squashed the katydid as place it out of harm's way.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Cosmo! Wow...good to see you :)
I hang all my own wallpaper- I am surprisingly good at it- however, the blog has gremlins I think- and they like to fool with me. Just when I think I have resolved on issue, another develops.

X~ Birds, chipmunks, bugs (but not spiders I guess) and stray animals get my attention...I am glad to have this in common with you.

And thank you for clearing up the Latin definitions from the last post. I have linked to a Latin dictionary (not on my blog, but on my laptop) to try to at least have a reference when go into "ancient-speak ":) I so enjoy it...the link, and the fact that I use it because of you. (apparently it's not a terribly good translator...but it will do for now I suppose :)

puerileuwaite said...

Please forgive my mild disappointment, FM. Based upon the title, I expected you to be dishing the dirt on Katy, whomever she may be. BTW, did you change your formatting? I'm seeing blue text on a brownish background, which makes it a challenge to read.

Mayden's Voyage said...

PW- very stange...I am not seeing it any differently than before. I'll check the blog from another machine in the house~

boneman said...

Oh, look! There's the J Cosmo!

Still, the grabity Katy did grabitied m'mind, gal.
Nicely put, to be sure.

firebird said...

How fine for the mayden to be the one rescuing! So appropriate for you, the "encourager". I loved the "green, grabb-ity, scratchy feet"!
It reminds me of a praying mantis that was hunting and eating the beautiful Monarch butterflies that came to my butterfly bush.
So I grabbed him (her?)put him in a box and drove him far away to a weedy lot. This guy was the ultimate in green, grabbity, and scratchy! (But beautiful in a fierce and scary way-- wonder how he would describe ME if he told the story?)
Thanks for your encouragement on my blog, too!

/t. said...

That's a great
grabb-ity, scratchy story,
Mayden -- good stuff


Mayden's Voyage said...

Boneman- I was just thinking about you yesterday- glad to see you :) I was also impressed with your last post...and if I suggest that a "boob" pic is offered- I wonder how many people will rush over and read it? I hope everyone's an important issue for men and women to be aware of :P

Firebird- it is lovely to see you here again...and thank you for your kind words about my loss- all seems to be better on my end.
I think the Praying Mantis is one of my favorites- and they can be very brave for their size. I've been pinched by more than one when I tried to move them. Hope your fingers were spared! :)

/t...Out of the looking glass? :)
I love your site, but I am often at a loss for words when I am there. I get so quiet- and the site where the singing begins- always makes me feel like chanting.
It is both mystical and analytical at the same time- like a monastary of code? UNIX paradise? lol ?
Glad you liked "Grabb-ity scratchy"...I wanted everyone to feel what I felt when the Katydid climbed on my finger :) I think it worked! :)

schaumi said...

so that is what that it. the other day i drove down the a 65 mph highway at 35 mph because what did i discover on the side of my windshield...that bug in your photograph. even at those speeds it clung like crazy to my windshield. i was glad to pull over someplace safe and set in the grass. i also rescue earthworms from the pavement after a rainstorm and put them where they can dig back into the ground.

yeah your bloggie is all dark mayden. if it weren't for the 'show original post' in the comment section i wouldn't have been able to read your comment.

i'm kind of afraid to post. i added a profile. it seems kind of large....
well here goes.

schaumi said...

lol, what did i tell you?
que pasa aqui?

schaumi said...

sorry for using you as my profile guinea pig, Cora..

ThursdayNext said...

The other day one of my kindergartners wanted to step on an ant, so I used the moment as a teaching tool and had them follow me outside as I carried the ant out on a piece of paper. :)

Oddly, I am not craving grasshopper pie. They are in the same family, right? Sorry, Cora, I dont know why it always comes back to food!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi~ LOL! :) I don't know whats up with blogger...on both machines everything looks fine, but obviously something is going on...I like the gets peoples attention! :)

Miss E~ I'm not craving grasshopper pie either :) And if an ant must be destroyed- lets cover it in chocolate...ummm, I've never tried that either actually :)

luxlucisvita said...


I think I need to ask myself the same question you asked yourself...

ps: sent you the letter

Mayden's Voyage said...

Lux- dear friend...I can't wait to read it. Can you see the blog ok?
Yours went white, mine went dark...
I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something???

Hugs to you friend :)

X. Dell said...

That's neat, Schaumi. I don't know how you did your picture like that, but could you put one of those on my board?

X. Dell said...

Cora, I haven't had any problems reading your blog over the past week. Maybe it has something to do with the browser or browser settings?

SJ said...

Yeah I can see you and me likey :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

SJ- Thank you ;)

SJ said...

oops I posted it on the wrong post however you seem to have got my point :)

Anonymous said...

Well put. A prosey approach at a God lesson right in front of us all the time. What are the birds of the air and the bugs of the field telling us?

New here, but thought I'd comment.