Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's almost over...

I went to AC Moore tonight- shopping for pens and albums and a bag to carry my books in. As I was preparing to leave the store- I discoverd these figurines.

In a sudden flash of inspiration- I gathered up a few and began to pose them!
Took the pictures with my camera phone :)

From left to right...
Mayden, Percy, J Cosmo Newbery (on his horse!) and the K9- with a few extra heads...

Cosmo has posted his poem at his blog...When all 3 are finished, I will post them here as well.

This last knight is a man of mystery. His face is mostly covered, but he is so handsome.

Do you know who it is??? X!!!

I had to take his picture...after I removed my lipstick smudge from his helmet! lol!


X. Dell said...

OMG! It looks like the X-knight is standing idly by while the dueler pierces fair Mayden with a lance!

Well, that's one way to be an ex-knight, but not one I'd like to emulate.

I figure that Sir Percival would carry a service revolver, not a sword.

Lee said...

I'm hoping better from Percy that I got from J Cosmo. 'Harmless drudge' indeed. Although Percy did say he was irate when he wrote his, as yet unpublished, poem about me. That does not bode well, Mayden, not well at all.

Paul said...

Lol! You would have had a lot of explaining to do if any store personnel had wondered just what you were doing! WHAT would you have said?

Lee- Fear not. It involves only chemistry, psychology, Deakin University, and your wife.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

X-I goofed,
I was safe from the lance, it just looks bad from the angle of the shot.

And the helmeted knight is indeed you. I took a shot of another knight to be Percy- but forgot to re-take the group shot...

The manager of the store was perplexed to see a grown woman arranging dolls and taking pics with her cell phone.

Percy- I smiled sweetly and disarmed the store the manager...then returned the objects to their rightful place. I didn't actually have to say anything. Whatelse would you expect from me? :)

However, if pressed to explain- I would have told the truth...

*Me- pointing to each doll-
"Sir, this is Mayden, and this is Percy- he's a detective, and this is Cosmo (not Kramer!)who will give his horse to Sancho, and this is K9- only in real life he only has one head,...and this knight is X- and he has taught me all about mind control and UFO's. Don't you think they all look nice together?"

LOL! I think I am going to write a story about that! :)

Infinitesimal said...

It's gonna be a SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!

the puppy is MINE!

I challenge you.

~Contessa V. Infinitessima of the Ottoman Empire~

Bird said...

oh my! mayden dear, be careful - the contessa is not one to trifle with.

contessa darling, how come it took you so long?

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I have written to JCN and K9 that I learned the sad news that my Grandfather in Georgia passed away this morning. I will be leaving, with my mom, in the morning to be with family.

He was 82 and had led a good life- and I want to celebrate that...

I'll be gone for the next few days, but I hope all will continue with your posts as planned.

I will need something to look forward to upon my return home.
It will not be disrespectful to me in anyway...

While this is a time of reflection- it is not a time of deep grief...greif yes, but mostly gratitude for a life well lived by a wonderful man who loved many-

I wanted you to know what was happeing with me-

And honestly- to ALL involved, what joy and laughter you have brought into my life over the last few weeks :) Thank you :)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Infinitesimal~ (please note the smiling tone of my voice)

I will address you directly when I return...
As I see it- the pup chose ME :)

But thank you for being here :)

It's an awkward moment right now- but I assure you- I am NOT just another pretty face...and I do not walk away from a challenge lightly! :)

ThursdayNext said...

I am so sorry about your grandfather. When my father's father died when I was in high school, my English teacher told me that I need not miss him so much (I was in a deep grief), because he lived inside of me and was with me each day. I know your grandfather lives inside of you, too.
~ Amy

Paul said...

Sorry to hear that. OK, will post as planned then wait to hear from you -

..................... said...

You be safe on your southbound voyage, Cora. And I'm sorry about your grandfather.
Thanks for emailing me.

X. Dell said...

Let us know how we can best support you.

Infinitesimal said...


My GranDad passed a year ago this month. I spoke at the service, it was very intense.

Yep. It's a drag alright
I wish you the strength to keep a stiff upper lip during trying times.


I must now add that the SMACKDOWN will be waiting for you.

I challenge you sister,
to a duel.

your weapons of choice?

Lime Jell-O

Vanilla Pudding, of course.

You heard?



String Bikinis

in a large kiddie pool of confections.

I shall put you into Submission Hold.


sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

howling a sorrowful wail of a salute to your grandfather's departing. if i can be of service, mayden, i will.

vanille! (soft) grrr. i wouldnt have been in this if i didnt feel she needed some rotty intervention. it in no way reflects upon my feelings for THE contessa. but, i am invigorated by this pudding smeared smackdown.


Lee said...


I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

All our thoughts for you and you family,

Lee (and Margaret).

Paul said...

Cora - seems to me this would all make more sense to put on hold until you get back and say you're ready. I'm going to put a note to that effect on my blog -

cc Cosmo, K9

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"SIgh" It's been a long day...thank you for your kind words and thoughts-

Miss E.- Well said and true :)

Percy- Perhaps holding off until the weekend would be for the best- you are gracious for making the suggestion.

Schaumi and X- I so appreciate you both :)

Bird and Infitesimal- LOL! I think chocolate pudding would look best on this creamy complexion!
I needed the laugh, thank you!
A string bikini??? Ouch!

Lee- thanks :) Glad you liked your poem. I'll post it here when I'm back home again.

Percy- again- thank you, and try to stay away from the skirts while I'm gone! :)

Helene said...

omg I can only imagine the fun the ACMoore crew had talking about you later that night! lmao!!!

You are too creative! Were your kids there? OMG I really am loling!

As for the duel...

the issue is that there will be a winner and a LOSER!!! that is the problem. I like the WIN WIN situation...

perhaps you should offer up a runner up prize girl for the loser. heheheh

Ok ladies raise your hands if you want to be considered as the #2 gal in the kingdom! I already have a prince I am out of the running! =]

Anyway... lol

cheers Cora!

Bird said...

i am so sorry to hear about your grandpa, cora/mayden.

i'll sing one of my best birdsongs for you and he, in the morning...thinking of you...

be well.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Cora, my deepest and sincerest sympathies to you and your family.

I'm not so sure I like the way the contest is going, though. Percy claimed to have his poem ready but was withholding posting until Monday sunset. So what's stopping him posting anyway? Surely it is the judging that has been delayed? The varlet is angling for more time, that's what.

..................... said...


Barry said...

Yep - definitely about blog readership :P

I could not resist saying it again!

It's already Tuesday here and I havent seen a Monday post - what gives?

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

i've posted as per the requirement of the game.


boneman said...

How bittersweet the moment now....

you may want t'celebrate his life, but, I fear if he loved as many as you say, they will all have loved him, also, and their grief will be overwhelming at times.
It's good that you have such a great attitude for the event and all, but, don't ferget that, it's just as good t'cry it out, sometimes.

So very sorry.

Lady Prism said...

I miss you.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I miss you too Lux! :)

Boneman- 'Sigh" I wept at the strangest I was taking a picture of a beloved Great Uncle and Aunt- I snapped the photo, saw how lovely they were together- and burst into tears! They looked at me- it was just so unexpected at that moment- for me to just lose it. Thank you for your kind words and insight- we did all weep, and laugh, and mostly we loved each other. I am glad I was there- to love and to be loved!

Barry- I will catch up with you soon :)

Schaumi ;) to you as well! I am ready for a girls weekend at the beach... :)

Percy- you have more chicks chasing you than a farmer with hen-feed! Still- I think you are quite a poet...and you are distracting! ;)

Kate- I will catch up with you soon :) Thank you :)

Lee- I appreciate your kindness and warm thoughts :)

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