Saturday, July 01, 2006

Vote For Pedro!

2 posts in one day-
For dinner I had Sushi-and beer (what an awesome combination!) and a mixer...I shouldn't even be on line! LOL!
I'm a single parent again tonight- trying to make the best of things :)

The kids and I watched "Napolean Dynamite" for the 2nd time...I swear it gets funnier everytime I watch it :) I agree that it's kind of a stupid movie-

The movie covers a wide range of characters- some of which you have to flesh out for the Grandma- Or Pedro's cousins...the girls are easy to identify with- or hate.

Which kind of girl do you suppse I was? Would it surprise you?

I most identify with the Grandmother- 60 something- out on a wild date with her boyfriend in the dunes- riding her motor bike! :)

I looked more like the blonde chick- felt like the mousey pony-tailed girl...but was never a follower. Even now it's hard for me to be a follower.

Uncle Ricko worries me- I think he's harmless, but still- when he gets beaten up by Rex- Yeahhh! I loved that :)

I dated a guy named Rex one time...and he was a body builder- it didn't work out. Can you imagine a big hulky guy taking directions from me??? See- thats why it didn't work! LOL

Friends- I'm just sharing a tiny bit of my life with you tonight. Not glamorous- not terribly exciting...pretty lonely actually now that the kids have gone to bed. I deleted my photos from the earlier post- they are me- but just don't send the kind of signal I'd like.

I am blonde- my eyes are saphire blue, I can be lovely in the right light, and I can be as ordinary as a weed in other light. My maiden name, Runkle, means "Weed"...

for stuborn-ness I think! (Definitely not the mellow-making kind!)

I wish just one of you were here this evening.

"End of the Spear" is the next movie I'll watch- and you know it will make me cry. I'll let you know how it goes...

1st, I have to go get my PJ's on :)


Libby said...

cora-i'm so sorry, i think i'm the only person that didn't like that had it and let me borrow it one day, and i called her and said "you should probably come over and get your movie before i accidentally throw it out in the middle of the street..."

Mayden' s Voyage said...

LOL! Sorry you didn't like it! :P
Oh- I laugh myself silly when I've seen it (could it be the beer?)

My BEST friend hated it...she looked sick when I mentioned it the other night! But my kids are almost 11 and 13 and they laugh right along with me. When I sang along with most of the 80's songs in the daughter said- "These songs must be really old!"

Time for another drink! :) LOL
We had fun...which is what Friday night is supposed to be about- right? :) Thanks for stopping by!

Death Warmed Over said...

ND is high humor, that is appreciated only by the most sophisticated and of course adolescents. The opening scene where he's calling for his chapstick is brilliant.

X. Dell said...

I didn't see the movie, but I remember that the ad campaign for it was pretty funny.

Lemme tell you: you'd have to put an awful lot of beer into me if you want me to eat sushi ever again. I can't stand the stuff, really. But, as they say, different folks for different strokes.

Then again, an awful lot of beer might just get me to thinking that "Napoleon Dynamite" is so gol durn funny:-)

Sleep tight.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Well, having set us up to imagine you in your PJs how about telling us what they are like? That will tell us a lot about what kind of girl you are!

Gary said...

I hope you enjoyed the beach. You look lovely in your sunglasses. Like a movie star trying to hide. :)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I re-read my post this morning- time to post something perky!

However- life is bumpy at the moment...

DWO- I put on cherry chapstick every night before I go to sleep- I need it! Glad I don't need the school nurses! ND is very different from most movies out there- I would have been mad if I had paid to see it at the theater- but I will probably end up owning the DVD at some point.

X~ I would never ask you to eat Sushi on my account- love it or hate opinion of you is not swayed :) What is your favorite kind of food? Being in NY- I guess you have access to everything- to all kinds of cultures and their cookery. That would be a thrill for me. I wouln't eat one ordinary thing- for any meal- if I was in NYC for a week! I'd have to try everything! :)

JCN- PJ's...hmmm, dare I really tell?
I have Everything- from a yellow cotton gown with kitties on it, to a black cat-suit, and all else in between. I don't, however, have anything in leather! LOL :)

And with all that- I still went to bed in a just plain old t-shirt.
Are you sorry you asked? lol :)

Gary- A movie star :) lol :)

X. Dell said...

So true. If you can't find it in New York, you can't find it anywhere.

puerileuwaite said...

Drinking? Oh, that explains a lot. Just kidding.

I loved Napolean Dynamite. Not literally, of course, as that would be way too creepy and wrong even by ND standards. But it IS a polarizing movie. Seems that people either love it or hate it. I think the ones who try to make sense of it instead of just enjoying the absurdity have the toughest time. It is meant to be offbeat and nerdy, people!

And yes, it does get funnier as time passes. One of my favorite aspects? His brother and his girlfriend.

This film is good to own, and here's another reason. It helps you to quickly sort out people and your chances of relating to them comfortably. If they liked ND, well then they're probably kooky enough to be fun company.

BTW, with the TV show "Friends", it's the opposite. I suspect in the southeastern U.S., this is not a problem (lucky you). But out here in the west, you want to spot "closet yuppies" as quickly as possible. Fortunately it's simple. Just ask them if they like "Friends". If they say "yes, I never miss it", you know to flee the scene. Quickly.

Unknown said...

So ALL the photos of you are taken in the right light? Coz you look great in them all:)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

How kind of you...and there's no way you could know- when, or how, or in what state of mind I would be when I got your reply- but let me just say that I needed to hear that...
Thank you :)

Paul said...

No one has told me that I look lovely in the right light for some time, and yet I do. For I too am a body builder. The large muscles affect the fine ones. I find that a Spartan way of life and training regimen improves my caligraphy.

Have others noticed this tendency?

Lady Prism said...


I AM SOOOO TIRED!...I'D GIVE ANYTHING TO JUST GET OFF EVERYTHING I'M DOING RIGHT NOW AND JUST WATCH A MOVIE!...ANY MOVIE!...Can't blog yet...just dropped by!...I ned to get back home and unpack!...

J Cosmo Newbery said...


The Grunt said...

Napolean Dynamite always gets a hot or cold reaction. I loved it. I also get it, totally, because I only live about an hour away from where it was filmed.

Neoma said...

You really love your own picture don't you........haha