Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fidelity Personified~ K9

This is a shameful blog full with
virtually nothing but photos for K9...
Anything to make him happy- right???

Thinking about you smoochie Pup!!!

K9 told me this was one of his favorites...

Mayden says /GRRRRRRRR!!!!

No...he's not a 3 headed pooch- but I bet he'd make anyone think twice about bothering his Mayden! :)

I look a little dreamy- or a blonde in thought...a rare occurance??? Not as rare as you might think! LOL!

Smooch!!!! (Ok, it would be fair to say that I look like a I kissed a lemon...not a sweet Pup- perhaps it would be best if I had left the lights off???? LOL :)

I make myself laugh!!!!>>>>>


Enemy of the Republic said...

I love K-9.

puerileuwaite said...

Congrats K9. Ruff! Ruff!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Me too...

schaumi said...


boneman said...

As I often let m'dogs lick me on the face, many times I've heard folks say, "eeeewwww! What if they just licked their butt?"
To which I reply, "It's still a clean mouth, and I know this because I'm sure they wouldn't wanna lick their butt with something dirty!"

Aunty Belle said...

Heye Honeychile' wow--such fun!

I done left you (and your suitors and well wishers) this message over at K-9s:

Ya'll is a laugh and a fun, sweet potatoes. Mayden, my my, chile, but that was some hard choosin ter' sorry fer ya loss. The pup is a bit of consolation...and better to choose a dawg than wound a fair knight's heart by wearing the other jouster's colors. So now the Pup's pennant flies from Fair Mayden's castle high.

Boneman, why--youse a fella a dawg outa know! But a word of caution, simpleton or no--doan be throwin' no pig jowls to this heah pup--thas' mah treat fer the dawg. Seein' as how the Po-ark Rind bidness is mah, real friendly toned now, I'se askin' ya to pitch pup a bone fer shur, but leave pig jowls to ole' Aunty Belle. I'se 'preciatin' that consideration.

Mercy Rev! I'se mightily impressed wif your rhyme. Ya' throw us a curve onc't in awhile, doan ya' honey? Real fine verse, not too terse, quip-minus yore usual whip.

Bird Beauty! Mercy Maud!--mint juleps? Honey, I'se hitchin' up me skirts and comin' at a run!!

Velvy, this heah Dawg gots a surprise or two fer alert folks---ever knowed a dawg that could paint and pluck so dern well?

Percival, a fair contest, your colors be proud, but alas, no man was ever as faithful as a loyal pup, that be truth. Dost thou hear oe'r the land of mastiff or mongrel that er'e betrayed a lady, though a even cur, mayhap, eat scraps from another's maiden's table, ne'r would it curl its' fur round another's feet.

Thursdaynext, a sweet catalyst you, chile'! This heah dawg is serendipitous discovery and ye likely will return again, forthwith.

Dawg, youse a howl. Banished them curmudgeons wifout even a scowl. Them steamin' browns is painted gold (as of old--Sir Rob you recall?), Yore yard a sport, merry-making fer one an' all.

I done peeked in yore window, Pup, ter see that Dogga Lisa smile (Q?!) as ya' paw the keyboard wif yore rhyme...and mime Sir Val-iant.

Mayden's Voyage said...

EOR- the "Me too" comment was for you...

"P"- Thanks for stopping by- I left you a note (again) at your place...I was quite sober- both times!!!

Schaumi :) I think I am ready to be a little more serious here- it's been a while, hasn't it?

Boneman- I actually can not remember the last time I was "licked" by a dog :) I think I'm now in for a month of it- lol!
(Ummm- in cyber space, not meat-space!)

Aunty- Yes, the Pup's colors fly here...and I was sorry to hurt one gentleman and to discover the other had run off! (or was abducted- X has us all buzzing with the possibilities!)
Thank you for your kind remarks to everyone- you are a dear one!

X. Dell said...

I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Sir Cosmo.

luxlucisvita said...

LOL!!!!!...can't stop laughing!...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

good morning mayden!!!! thanks for the sunshine (the photos) i still love the mayden and her camera shot the best, but you are adorable in them all. now after a "lost weekend" i am hitting the rock pile hard hard hard. thanks for all the congrats, and mayden, thanks for the K9 post. i like that many headed that cerberus?

meanwile, i'll be patrolling your fenceline looking for interlopers and possibly picking up a scent on cosmo, knowing that m'lady is concerned. if it please thee its shall be done


Mayden's Voyage said...

K9- so glad to see you here! You are WELCOME, and Thank you :)

I think the 3 headed dog is "Fluffy" from Harry Potter- who is no doubt based somewhat on:

"Cerberus or Kerberos (Greek Κέρβερος, Kerberos, demon of the pit), was the hound of Hades—a monstrous three-headed dog (sometimes said to have 50 or 100 heads) with a snake for a tail and innumerable snake heads on his back." -Wikipedia

But I think "FluffY" is a tad nicer, and is soothed by music...which seems appropriate given your love of such things :)

Thanks for keeping guard :) Smooch to you! ;)

velvet acid tongue said...

hey ... just stopped by to say hi ... that k9 of ours ... he is quite the talened dawg, ain't he ...?

Mayden's Voyage said...

Velvet- I have to agree :)

mobilemob said...

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SJ said...

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