Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thank you J Cosmo Newbery...

For returning to the duel...

I am (though some would say it counts for little) honored and delighted- more than I can actually say~

The poems shall be posted no later than Sunset on Monday night...July 17th (Are we all 3 in the same time zone?) at the respective blogs:

J Cosmo Newbery



If these 2 gentlemen will email me their poems I will post them at Mayden's Voyage as no particular order of course!

Percy continues to press for votes...and I am sure, as is the nature of humans who want a say in all things...there will indeed be votes~ To be cast at Mayden's Voyage.
(A decision should be made by Wednesday July 19th at Sunset...)

However, I will take all input into consideration...but the final sway must be mine, as it is MY virtue, grace, honor, and tacky photos at risk here for 30 days.

If another Knight, or- ummm, canine, or letter of the alphabet decide to join in the fray, please let me know.

May I kindly thank each and everyone of you who have seen this thing through from beginning to end~ From my admirers to those with lower opinions of me. :(

As to a detractor who questioned if a maid was ever "worth it"- my reply came in the form of, you guessed it, a poem. Most of you have read it, but since it is mine I will re-post it here at MV.


A thousand ships launched,
And Dragons Slayed~
Sampsons secret spilled-
For the love of a "maid"...

Kingdoms built,
Villages burned to a crisp-
Knights mortally wounded,
For a maidens kiss.

And was the risk worth it?
Was the maid worth the blood?
As his arms encircled her body-
He knew- he'd have died for her love!

But what of THIS duel?
One of words, prose and wit?
Oh- These men will be safe,
No blood will be spilt!

And what of the maid?
She's embarrased, but glad-
This is( by far)the most bloggy fun,
She's EVER had!!!

-Cora/Maydens Voyage :)


schaumi said...


and that's what this is
silly fun
with no harm done..

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

well i read at your dear percy's that he would take on all comers in this challenge so i have taken the gentelman at his word and have thrown down my own words for consideration at sparringk9....linking up all three of ya so anyone who wants to can get the back story.

aint that just like a dog to bust in on a fine party all muddy and loud?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark


Mayden's Voyage said...

I took the liberty of re-posting Percy's note- as he has vaild concerns...I will create a post just for voting, hopefully I will have all poems on that post as well. Hopefully I have addressed everything else.

Percival said...
Mayden: What of rules?

Now that mine adversary is done playing Hamlet and would play at Romeo, I fear procedural disarray.

For objectivity's sake, should there be a vote count on the two poems? Or should it all be thine decision?

In an actual duel, the maiden could not determine whence the bullets flew or which did meet the mark...

If a vote count it be, methinks all votes must be cast upon a single blog - yours, I would propose. So visitors to my blog or Cosmos' could commment on our poems, but official votes would have to be cast upon your blog - and on a single post of your blog. Otherwise votes could keep turning up everywhere, someone would demand a recount, and the world would be divided forever into red and blue blogs.

Also, when does voting end, if votes there be?

Also, what to do if other contestants enter? K9, for one, seems to have hinted at joining the fray.

It seems unseemly to have a crowd jostling for thine affections. Forget not, fair and just Maid, that this confusion was brought on by the affected hesitation of Sir Cosmo - plainly designed, I wager, to play upon thine womanly feelings of tenderness and compassion.

Scoundrel! Varlit! Ruffian!

Oh, and also, are the poems to be posted by Monday morn or eventide? I have assumed by dawn of Monday...

11:04 AM, July 13, 2006

Mayden's Voyage said...

K9- I rush, as quickly as I can to see what you have com"paws"ed! :)
smooch to you...

Schaumi- If anyone here is NOT having fun, they are in the wrong place! LOL!

X. Dell said...

What did I tell you, Cora? K9 will have his say (er, his bark) before this is all said and done.

No covert action needed, only a sharp eye and deductive reasoning.

As for the rules (wouldn't you know there are rules) what Percy proposes seems reasonable.

Meanwhile, anyone care to give me 5:1 on K9?

iamnot said...

How quick the transition from Mayden to Queen Bee...
Enjoy Cora.

schaumi said...

I don't know betting terminology, but i'll join a betting pool....maybe. I might change my mind..

so, what are you betting with
what's this 5:1 on K9?

boneman said...

would that I could craft words to woo your sweet smile to me,
and yet, crafting words might just a wizard's spell, be.

But your dream, how oddly familiar
it seems so very similar
to the dreams that are my life; to the dreams that are actually me.

Though the pinot noir I would trade
for a WOW cab franck 92, everything else you had mentioned seemed to draw my attention to you.

Alas, I am a lowly painter, and a musician of modest tunes,
I could no more write the poems you deserve, than I could take flight with the loons.

So I shall turn eyes to the event and dream of meeting up with your dream,
where we will share wine and smokey chedder/swiss, watching the waves splash,
and the wind will blow our cards to the sea.

X. Dell said...

5:1, freundin, means that for every unit I put up, the other person has to put up 5. An even-money bet is 1:1.

Why would somebody put up five units per one? The lower the odds, the greater the chance to win. So if you're betting on the poet who everyone thinks will win, the only way to make a longshot fairer would be to offer longer odds.

I'd say Percy and Cosmo are even money bets. Boneman, if he's serious is maybe a 2:1 or 3:1. I'm asking 5:1 for K9, because I want him to win, but I still recall that he rhymed 'orange' with 'porridge.'

I know, I'm a lousy poet, probably a 10:1 shot at best. But I'm not in the contest.

Lee said...

Orange with porridge? I think that gets a yellow card, doesn't it?
Good to hear things are still alive. I quite fancy k9's chances. He must have natural aptitude when it comes to fidelity. (I am a little anxious about how he may treat me though - I have no desire to be buried in the back yard anywhere.)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

got a twenty?
throw it down!
watch a hundred come around.

of my skill
the proof is ample
if you will
check out my sample:

bookie Xdell: didja hafta mention the orangey bit? howl!

percy: she said SUNSET twice. c'mon. besides, im outta town for the weekend. i need monday. and lee has like, 50 blogs.

lee: you are correct. K9's wrote the book on fidelity. as percy acknowledged today the lee component will be the greater challenge.


schaumi said...

hmm, dang, i can't make up my mind on who to bet..
maybe i'll just do the eeny meeney miney moh stuff and select a winner that way...

ps: but in a way, i bet that cora will make them all feel a winner being the nouturer that she is.

schaumi said...

oh yes,

thanks, freund, for explaining once again.

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ as is usually the case- you were correct :) Thank you for explaining the betting system- it puzzled me too. The closest I've come to gambling was playing Texas Hold'em- I'd love to tell the story but it will keep for another day :), buzzzzzz, buzzzz
Again, my friend, YOU ARE RIGHT!! :) 2x's in one day! :) You must feel super! hope so :)

Boneman- Where have you been? Sweet- oh so sweet...Honesty, such an endearing quality,(I had to google "WOW cab franck 92"- can't let you think I knew for sure what that was :)
I can't paint by number- but I can write a story- it would make for a lovely afternoon, your painting and my writing.
Well, friend, don't despair...wish me well :)
Where dreams merge and friends mingle- perhaps I will see you sure to introduce yourself :)

Lee- enjoying this? :) I hope so...I finished your poem today- I think you will enjoy it.

I am sorry for anything unpleasant you found at another suitors blog- but really, I had been jabbed and jabbed by someone who needed to be set straight. I tried not to be harsh, but I was intent on making a point. I suppose I did.

K9- Oh, if I could get my hands on you and rub those ears I would! And your back too! (Belly rubs will have to wait- temperance is one of my virtues- "going the right distance, and no further"...
unless I've been drinking- but I digress!)
The Lee aspect is not too difficult, you only have to write one stanza- 4 lines. Mine was longer, but I'm not writing about fidelity. Hopefully I will learn a thing or 2 about it from the poetry! :)

puerileuwaite said...

Alas, Fair Mayden, I confess to thee,
a gifted poet I shall never be ~

Tho 'tis true I have this fate,
further explain I cannot,
as it is running late ~

I fancy myself more a man of song,
tho I must say I have observed,
that The Judd's Farewell Tour,
did not take this long!

Percival said...

K9 - Ha! "Sunset, sunset," now you whine...

Sunset then, suits me just fine.

So, sleuth-dogger - thou makest
doggerel to rhyme, or so it seems?

I suggest you'd best have fair thy fling upon Lee's leg...

For you shall find fair Cora only in thine dreams!

(Sorry, I fear that I am not myself, foaming at the mouth, febrile, bellicose, uncouth, faintly dyspepsic; I admit this was uncalled for, over the top, and unworthy of a gentlemen. And yet Lee, K9, full well you know the torrid infectiousness of Cora's formidable adorableness... I retire and apologize, tail between my legs, but only for now...)

Lillie said...

If I write a better poem, can I have Lee for a month instead?

ThursdayNext said...

Miss Cora,
You are quite worthy of this duel, maiden. This blog reflects you: just lovely.
Miss E.

(Sidenote: I want the Rottie pooch for a month; I have Frosty Paws in my freezer that need to be eaten!)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Puerileuwaite- I, uhh, admire you for trying ;)
You are gifted in other areas- such as new business ventures and the like. Build an empire! I'll come over for tea one afternoon. Besides- you would never get any work done with me around- You'd end up laughing at me all day- I just know you would! :) (Uhhh- actually most people do...laugh at/with me I mean.)

Percy- I left calm and soothing words at your blog- just for you.
With an offer of a neck rub, or a hand massage- or choc. chip cookies- Temperance friend, is a virtue I tend to find important:) But your apology shows you for the decent man you are- thank you.

Lillie- there is no question, none whatsoever- who is the better poet between us! I had to google that villanelle thing you wrote- 19 lines, 5 stanzas of 3 lines, 1 stanza of 4 lines- etc! I couldn't fully appreciate your poem until I read about how hard it is to write one~ Well done.

About Lee though- :) I suppose his bride of 25 years might have more to say on the matter than I- However, if you are willing to write about Lee- I will gladly post it here if you like- but only with your permission of course.

Or we can both email our poems to Lee and he can post them at his blog. I know he would enjoy this very much- and he is such a decent chap.

I do hope you will join in the fun and write him a poem :)
Thank you for the suggestion~

Miss E- "Sigh" I know, this Rotty knows his way around a girls heart, doesn't he? I love him- furry and warm...but he is messy at times!
But so down to earth and wonderful-and always sits still when I kiss him on the nose, except when he tries to lick me! LOL!
I am sure you and I will work something out- long walks and frosty paws included :)

Thank you for being here :)

luxlucisvita said...


"those with lower opinions of me..."


Buuut...heeelp!...can I bet on this as well?...only I dunno' how...I have never made a bet on anything before...

can i just email you my choice??...course' you'll have to keep it in confidence...

luxlucisvita said...

can I also have Lee?...after whoever gets' willing to wait!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Oh Lux! I could deny you nothing! :)
Actually, if JCN had not come back, I was going to ask you to write me a poem! LOL! That would have been pathetic, wouldn't it? LOL...
Lee is turning out to be quite a winner here, isn't he?

For sure, email me- I need to email you. Girl talk about these fellows :) Makes me want to /growllll like K9...they are YUMMY, arent't they?!!!
One Deep and Sweet, One Passionate, One and of absolute animal attraction! :)

I almost stopped breathing when I read K9's poem today. I had to print it off and lay down! That one, well, all of them, are going in my real-life journal...where all dear things in life go.

Did you know that your name is already in there? In my journal?
My friend on the other side of the world! :) SOOO glad to know you! :)

Lee said...

Now here's a turnip for the books.

Firstly, Lux, time-share is not on.

Secondly, what if k9 wins me? There is only so much lukewarm dog slobber that I can cope with.

Or is it only Lillie and Lux that are playing? No, no, this is silly, it cannot happen. The thing is I don't want to be restricted to only one blog, even if it is only for a month.

Cora, I would ask to be taken from the rules but for the disadvantage that this would give Percival.

Ladies, please calm down, OK. Peace! Quiet! Lavender oil...

Mayden's Voyage said...

Lee- I'm not sure either want to restrict you (unless you LIKE that sort of thing???)

I think they are just flattering you...uncomfortable a tad, isn't it? I mean lovely, yes, and makes one feel all tingly- and yet I squirm quite a bit these days as I sit down to my computer! :)

Anyway- Oh, the poetry that will be written about you! I have no doubts that you will never lack again for such pleasures!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Barry said...

Yep - it's all about increasing your blog readership :P

luxlucisvita said...


luxlucisvita said...

oh' thy fair mayden
to whom so many are beholden
cruise by my bloggy'
me' poem
dedicated to everybody
including thy dowgie...


Mayden's Voyage said...

Barry- Thank you for stopping by. I really enjoyed your blog.
Mayden's Voyage is usually a little more serious than it has been over the last week or 2!

Oh- readership~ it's a precious thing, no?

Actually- it is the READERS who are precious...
Thanks again for saying hello- and for the work you do in Iraq :)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

lee, relax. i am not competing for you. though i say let the ladies throw into this contest so that i might have a worthy challenge. if you be the motivator it bothers me not.

now, maiden you said only four lines about lee? what about the other rules? is there a requirement for the fidelity part? did i miss this at the beginning? you know, before i interloped into this private party?

and what is lee talking about: restriction?!!??

i thought victory meant you have to post my childish digs on your pretty poetry site! and that i could rescue you from the tedious "ashleys".

WHO has a low opinion of you? they will be wailing before they know what shat on them. /growlf! *stare*

Percival said...

Mayden: Thine words have helped. It is just that I have been losing much sleep of late, lest ye fall into the clutches of either of those who would deceive you. It has exacerbated my naturally choleric temper and rambunctious loin, having suffered from each since the age of twelve.

Again, Gentleman Lee and Dog, my apologies - yet think not, Greyfriars Bobbie, that this shall lessen the deadliness of mine aim of Monday.

Sir Lee, I much appreciate your insistence on keeping to the original rules of including you in our poemes in consideration of how I have already penned my lines. I hope you will also bear in mind that when I penned them, I was unaware of this fine quality which you possess and was in a fairly irate frame of mind.

Mayden's Voyage said...

The poem is about Fidelity- with one stanza being about, or dedicated to Lee. Lee's part does not have to be incorporated into the whole poem, but it can if you so wish.

There are no other rules about length, style, or form.

Victory is greater than you might guess, or all togehter unwelcome if you don't actually like me.

The winner: The winning poem will be posted at MV...hopefully they all will during the voting process.

He ALSO wins my flowery flirtations for 30 days. I can not gush and coo over the post of an adversary in that span of time.

X. Dell is not included- (I suppose he is the real winner here! Or perhaps the greatest vicim?) I admittedly have a thing for him...despite a difference in some political views- In this arena you and I are more in sync.

Lee does not want to be tied down to one lady- and some are asking for him. I have encouraged them to write a poem about him as well.

The only restraints I like- are, ummm...satin :) I probably shouldn't have said that...

Perhaps no one will notice? lol!
I make myself laugh- really!

I, personally, believe it to be cruel to tie up a dog in any way- he needs to be able to run and play at will :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thank you again. Please get some rest- I will not be swayed until the final hour :) Sleep well friend :) Dream of NC. You might want to turn on your fan though if you do- it is hot down here today!
LOL! ;)

Percival said...

Mayden, Dog (I employ the latter with affection - ha!):

About the rules, just a reminder that Mayden's post on the rules, July 10 I think, says "at least" one verse about Lee. Myself, I couldn't seem to shake him off in a single verse. It took a mightier effort...