Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sweeter stuff ...and good enough :)

Last night was better- no bad dreams. Thank you for all the kind thoughts...I don't deserve any of you! :)

I read "Now We Are Six" before going to bed-

I find so much beauty- so much that is pure and sweet in those old stories and poems.
Such drama in finding a beetle and losing him in the house! Or of finding Dragons with a best friend...or the finer points of fishing from a 6 year old perspective.

My 2nd childhood will be far more perfect than my first- for I will be well read on the matter!
With war, and loss, childbirth, and mortgages well behind me...When I turn 70- Christopher Robin and I will still be friends :)

The Morning Walk
(Christopher Robin and his friend- 6 yrs. old)

When Anne and I go out on a walk,
We hold each others hand and talk
Of all the things we mean to do
When Anne and I are 42 (LOL!!!)

And when we've thought about a thing,
Like bowling, hoops, or bicycling,
Or falling down on Anne's balloon...
We do it in the afternoon.

(What fun are you putting off today for when you are 42??? or older? )

Quotes I enjoy- often! :)

On Love...

The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love;
The taint of the earth, the odor of the skies is in it~

I know a passion still more deeply charming-
Than fever'd youth e're felt: and that is love,
By long experienced mellow'd into friendship.


Love is not in our choice,
but in our fate.

Love is a god,
Strong, free, unabounded, and as some define-
Fears nothing, pitieth none.

On Kissing...Smooch to you K9! :)

Kiss the tear from her lip, you'll find the rose,
The sweeter for the dew.

I came to feel how far above
All fancy, pride, and fickle maidenhood
All earthly pleasure, All imagined good
Was the warm tremble of a devout kiss.

- Keats

My lips pressed themselves involuntarily to hers--
A long, long kiss, burning intense
--concentrating emotion, heart, soul, all
the rays of life's light, into a single focus.

Whew- somebody get me a fan! :)


Gnomeself Be True said...

I'm looking for something to post...we'll see.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I'm looking for something to post...we'll see.

..................... said...

I carefully packed away my husband's copy of 'now we are six" after perusing it at length this morning. It's a 1950's edition.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

LOL! Good heavens...isn't it wonderful? :) Mine is a copy of a 1955 edition...bet our picures are the same. I have tried all day to get blogger to post a new pic (one of pooh) and it won't upload anything- (get what I pay for, don't I?)
"Buttercup Days" so- sweet.
I just love that book! :) And I can't tell you how it tickles me that we were both reading it on the same morning! :) Yeahhh! :)

..................... said...

Yes, that is a coincidence :). I love the old Ernest H. Shepard illustrations in that book.
I've especially been feeling kind of
'round aboutish' this morning...
that is until the moving blahs set in..blech..

puerileuwaite said...

Beautiful, Fair Mayden. I too, know the feeling. I lost a beetle in a parking lot, once.

ThursdayNext said...

Cora, I loved what you said about your second childhood; that is sweetness.

That Dryden quote startled me and really makes me think; I must agree with him in the end...

Glad you are feeling better in your sleep. xoxo

X. Dell said...

If love is the answer, what is the question?

If the matured love is friendship, then I wish you all the friends in the world.

I'm not familiar with the Christopher Robin poem.

If you go a few more nights with no more bad dreams, then perhaps you might have resolved some issue.

Personally, I wouldn't want a second childhood. I barely survived the first.

Lee said...

You've got a lot of fans!

Food for thought, thank you.

Lady Prism said...

awwww...I need a kiiiiis!...a kiss!...a kiss!...wonder where I can get one...hee!hee!

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

a kiss from a hound
is truly profound
though it be slippery
or playfully nippery
it is as true
as the mayden's blues


Mayden' s Voyage said...

"P" Christopher Robin's advice is to put the little creature in a matchbox and but his name on it...

Miss E- Yes, it is startling- and freeing at the same time. There are some that I simply love and I can not help it. Despite what guards my heart puts up... regardless of the walls I hide behind- the love is there and
sometimes it is all I can do to contain it~ :)

X~ The question...to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Oh- the answer for that was 42! For everthing else there's Master Card :)
To be honest, I think that friendship has to be there from the beginning- but there have been occasions when I made a friend because I knew right away that I loved her...(Philia, not Eros).
This has happened with a few men as well- but that makes things a little more complicated- specially if he smells good! LOL :)

I hope, seriously, that when you and I are old...we will still be friends. I promise to assist you in all things fun and childlike :)
You'll have to wade in a stream, make a daisy chain, go fishing, bake cookies (I'll bake, you eat), and read good books out loud to each other under a shady tree.
Ummm- why are we waiting??? :)

Lee- *blush* thank you :)

Lux- I KNOW what you mean! LOL! :)

K9- Ohhhh...jeesh, I never tire of you! :) I read your blog today about Ted Turner- and the UN- love the X.Dell spin you put on it. I'm chewing it over before I post a comment :P smooch to you :)

/grrrr :)

Malinda777 said...

Nice poetry. I am 42, and I think I'm saving my second childhood for the grandchildren. Not ready yet, but when it comes it will be a joy. And most definately if God graces me someday with a grandson, he will most certainly know Christopher Robin.

X. Dell said...

Reading books under a tree? I think I can deal with that very easily.

Lady Prism said...


I did get a kiss!!!..ha!ha!ha!ha!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Have you read Rilke? I recommend The Book of Hours. He believes God actually dictated the poems to him. Another is his Sonnets to Orpheus, possibly my favorite. You have good taste in poetry. I'm a big Milton and Keats fan. And yes, I've read all the original Pooh books to my boy.