Friday, July 21, 2006

"Steadfast and Devoted Attachment" ~ And a Winner...

Part I~
The Cause and the Characters

"I pledge myself to thee alone"
The men whispered in the dark,
Their minds full settled on one deemed fair,
Each wanting to claim her heart.

The challenge was far from deadly,
No need for Battle Dress-
She simply asked that her Suitors expound,
On the Virtue of Faithfulness.

(And a verse or 2 about Lee)

At "Semper Fi"...her heart was stirred,
A slogan of brave fighting men...
Loyalty like that is unsurpassed-
The Flame In Her Heart Burned Bright again.

The K9 was Fidelity Personified,
He knew no other way to live.
He simply loved the Mayden,
His allegiance was his pleasure to give.

The Detective- Beguiling and Charming,
Waxed long about being true,
About Harmony, Trust, and Alchemy,
And something about "Bondo" too~

But often he was discovered-
Chasing hoop skirts and ladies on the net...
On bended knees he proclaims adoration-
But Fidelity? Mayden is looking for it YET.

Boneman dared not try his pen,
Against 3 in a duel over One,
Yet Fidelity seemed a virtue he grasped,
If submitted- Perhaps he'd have won!

Part II
The Maydens View

The Sun and the Moon in their courses,
The deepest roots of the tallest tree-
Not for a moment do these elements falter,
This is "Fidelity" to me...

Ever working and ever waiting,
My thoughts alone belong to thee.
My heart (and flirtations) held in reserve for you,
This is "Fidelity" to me...

A Passion that burns and leaves it's mark
On my heart for the world to see~
Your words and mine- 2 joys combined,
This is "Fidelity" to me...


The Contest is nearly over~
And I fear there's a tie for 1st place!
The Pooch and the Wine Glass have said it best,
And Percy too has run a good race!

However, Cosmo has turned up missing!
And so Pup- Wilt thou be mine???
I know you're a dog- but you are precious-
Rag shaker, morse code breaker....


K9~ if he the winner :)

Mayden says-----/GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Part IV
A Loving Condolence...

Percy, you swayed and wooed me-
And your attraction can not be denied,
And if I told you it was easy to judge the 3,
Surely my friend-- then I would have lied!

But I saw how you eyed the lovely Miss Eyre,
And the Lady Wordsmith has captured you too-
And this Mayden feels it would be terribly unfair,
To Imprison a man such as you!

A kiss I give you as you go-
Your words have given me much to mull over...
And I hope after 30 days or so...
You might show me your Taurus Revolver??? ;)

*smooch* to you Percy, and thank you for being the reason all of this took place to begin with! :)

Most of these photos were taken today...

Especially for K9 :) A Pup needs his "Sunshine"

Good heavens...I LOVE that dog!!! :) Smooch to you friend, and finally, a rub on that belly!!! ;)


ThursdayNext said...

Bravo, Cora!
Most excellent choice!
Your candid words about the canine are to be congratulated!

(As for Percy, his head is so big it amazes me that he even fits onto all of our blogs anymore. Poor Cosmo, alas we will just have to read the poems written by that of a wombat.)

Lee said...

I agree. Well chosen.

Admittedly the hound has natural aptitude in the fidelity stakes but he let me off lightly so I am indebted to him for that.

schaumi said...

I know it was hard to choose, fair mayden. But in the end you chose quite well.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thank you friends...I await my suitors reply.

Miss E- I hope to spend more time in your company soon :)

Lee- Thank you :) Your thoughts on the topic are welcome- and I did think that treating you kindly in the poem was important :)

Schaumi- Yes-Thank you- it was SO difficult.
Percy can be a prince of a fellow- and even now I do feel drawn to him, but I think it must be the whole "Bad boy- good girl" attraction thing :)
I will freely admit though- sometimes a girl just needs a bad boy to feel better...perhaps in 30 days or so? lol! :)
Ultimately K9 just could not be denied...he is good and bad and adorable and ferocious all in one.

Now, if he will just show up and claim his prize...and Percy his kiss ;)

Now- I need to go see X...I need a UFO fix :)

Lillie said...

Smart girl, Mayden. Good for you!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thank you Lille- :)

/t. said...


a hound, er, sound choice

[ underdog does it again ]

congrats to all of the poets


Bird said...


flap/flap/swoosh and soar!

X. Dell said...

Oh, Cora, this has been so much fun. Well done by all opponents. I hope to see Sir Cosmo and Percy back in good spirits, as all three poets have given me much to smile at over the past three weeks.

And so have you. But, then again, you always give me something to smile at.

Lady Wordsmith said...

Greetings and congratulations to you good lady. You had a difficult task before you. Quite difficult. It gave us all good show and very good reads. And now you have K9's lead. A faithful breed. Indeed. Good call, and well voiced, at that.

And if I may, thank you for the grace of your lovely words. As we have both come to know: oft it is what the heart remembers that is the truest of fidelities. May you wear its scent, ever more.


boneman said...

Very slick
pretty chick,
and one very lucky dog

and now yer his
till september is
and I'll bet ya he keeps ya like a hog
(that would be, he hogs ya, but, dang, t'keep to the rhyme and all
I twist the words around to mach up
but sometimes different things they call)

(Y'know, it's got as much as being in Indiana as anything,
and I usually say this to those whom I meet,
Throw the cow over the fence
some hay t'eat,
And that's only the beginning of the accent that this mouth forever sings.)

And, well done, Lass....

luxlucisvita said...

Will you let me pat the dowgie as well???..hee!hee!hee!

Mayden's Voyage said...

/t...congrats indeed! :) Thank you for being gracious.

Bird- have you seen the Pup? I know he had plans last you suppose he was "partying like a rock star" again? :)

X~ :) a smile, just for you :)

Lady W- Thank you :) Your blog is a lovely place...I was very moved by your poem, and again today as I read about "39".

"The scent of fidelity"- must be heavy and sweet, like roses in August in the south, or a Gardenia, or even the Magnolia.
The things the heart can sense...and remembers, always surprises me.

Boneman- You raise an interesing point..."The Prize" was me (or my flirtations). What is my prize?
It's kind of ironic that I had the devotion and attention of all 3 men, until I chose, and now one dude is missing and the other is heartbroken. No doubt the K9 is worth it...and perhaps he will draw something for MV- but will he "hog" me? Probably not :)

Lux- anything I have is yours too :) And the Pup adores you anyway, as well as Miss E. and Lady W. I think we are all in good company- and all are quite fond of the Pooch. K9 is a bigger winner than he knows I think! :)

Ben said...

Hi Mayden.

Watched the contest from afar and why

I didn't think we'd see a tie!

But in the end of course you had to choose.

And with a canine on the loose.

How could the others ever think to win.

When soft growls are so charming

creating pretty shivers on once skin.

So, Mayden, thank you for this nifty little tournament.

Just made my link to you on my site permanent.

Percival said...

Ben: Oh, stoppit! It's OVER!

"Forget that girl
She'll only bring ya down again.
Forget that girl,
She'll only make ya loneleeee-ee..."

- Davy Jones, "Forget That Girl"
The Monkees

Percival said...

Just noticed ThursdayNext's remark.

"Don't get coy with me, baby."

(As said to Peggy Lipton as "Julie" in "The Mod Squad" 196?)

Percival said...

I apologize. I am lashing out, blindly. After removing the contacts I seem to have misplaced them...

K9 said...


like waking up to Christmas morning afternoon

yay! yay! yay! i am PROUD and PLEASED and barking my head off while dancing in a tail's wagging so wide im knocking over all the glasses we left on the tables!!!!


yes you DO win a prize...probably some kind of art!

who threw the 20's down to xdell??? told ja. if you had, you be holdin a BENJAMIN right now!


*K9 on a convertable doing the "prom queen wave" as confetti and roses fall over him...followed by a drill team of highstepping baton twirlers and a band of kazoos*

Well off course i thank God, the academy of bloggers, my mama and daddy, my litter mates, my attorney, my publicist, my groomer, everyone at petsmart and my trainer. HOWLLLLLL!

and my respect and appreciation to the men of letters: sir percival and J Cosmo AWOL. thank you for making me get out a dictionary for the first time in years!!!!

dear mayden, i raise a hair of the dog shot of cazadorres to you. its is an honor to be your faithful dog for you have been kind and generous to all who come here....and through this challenge having read a whole new set of blogs which i enjoy as well as the good people who write them. Thank you mayden.



ThursdayNext said...

What the hell is the Mod Squad? I was not alive in that decade...or for most of the decade after that. ;)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Percy- "Sigh"... I will post soon on the agony of choice. So happy to see you here- want to borrow my glasses? You know you are always welcome here- shall I find the same response at your place? I hope so ;)

K9, K9, K9!!!!! Yeahhhh!!!!
Partying like a Rock Star again?
Smooch to you! (I fear there will be alot of smooching going on...sorry to the other readers!)
You are the prize- to be sure- and not the other way around.

Did you like the pic of the pooch and garden maiden? LOL! I knew it was the right choice when I found it! I suppose I could find a neighbor with a black dog and ask if I can take some pictures of it- but it just sounds too weird to try to explain! :) lol

So happy to see you here. Hope to hear from you again soon :)

Miss E. LOL! Mod Squad! That does go back a few years doesn't it? I've been trying to get an age range on the detective...I think he may have just given up yet another clue~ :)

Perhaps K9 and I will come over later for meatballs, frosty paws- and I will bring plenty of yellowtail sushi- it is my absolute favortite, how did you know?!!! :)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

isssssssssss ssneeeeeeeeeew its its its

issssssssssss sneeeeeeeeeeeeeew its is is sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

brass monkey that funkymonkey chunky


ever heard the club mix of this one Mayden, er can i call you "dear" now?


yeah! i want miss eyre and lady WS at, OUR party. *jus kiddin*


Mayden's Voyage said...

Pup- I just emailed you the Grrrr pic- thought it should be yours :)

"Dear" is appropriate- you earned the right to say it...

I am going to have to find the club mix of that song- (Oh- I'm so "80's" sometimes!). I will never again think about the Beastie Boys without thinking of you :)
I hope to have something special up for you in the next day or so-
30 days will pass too quickly I am afraid!
smooch to you! :)

Lady Wordsmith said...

Good evening Fair Cora.

If I may say it, you are looking bright and most sunny. I take it that the winnings have been going well for you?

I am in need of a bit of sleuthing, and hoped you might be able to help. I just returned from a visit to my mum where I learned her kissing Dutch girl & page-boy'd mate are missing. Stolen! From their garden spot.

Umm. Where is it, that you happened to stumble upon the one in your photo?


Aunty Belle said...

Hey Dawg...congrats!!

I done left all ya'll a message back on "Herculean Effort"...
fer Percival, MAyden, Rev, Bird and Boneman and folks.

Well done Sir Pup!

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mayden's Voyage said...

Dear Lady,
I looked under "images" on a Google search..."Girl kissing dog" (be wary! I am rather innocent in my searches and am ALWAYS shocked at what comes up!!!)

I would be more than happy to send you the photo in an attachment via email...please let me know if I could help you in such a way. :)

b said...

at last a decision! i was on pins and pointy things till the verdict was in! bravo to all contestants but BIG congrats to K9!

and K9 best be a very gentlemanly hound to Miss Cora or be exposed to possible reFURcussions! (yes, it was cheesy but I just couldn't leave off!)

Lady Wordsmith said...

Oh, dear Cora, you are most gracious indeed. Thank you, very much. That would be very helpful.

If it is no great bother, it will reach me at:
c-lwordsmith (at) hotmail (dot) com

With thanks,

luxlucisvita said...


Oh Cora!...You always know how to make me smile and laugh!....I'm in the cyber cafe...looking like a weirdo'...gigglin alone!!!..ha!ha!ha!