Friday, July 14, 2006


The Mayden~


Who loves all things written,
And a good wine to drink-
Enjoys feeling protected...
Likes a man (or dog :) who can think.

Is moved easily by words,
Ponders deep what you say-
Held captive by your verse...
Mesmerized by word-play.

By Monday at Sunset-
The poems will be loosed,
Written by a Canine,
An Engineer(?)-- and a Sleuth!

And will you be merry,
Glad for this saga to end?
Tune in before Wednesday-
To find out who wins!!! :)

(Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy! Blah- don't run off due to the quality of that poem! :) I wrote a hurry- that's worse!)

THE COMBATANTS (in no particular order)

The Detective: Passionate, determined.

"J. Cosmo Newbery"

Man of mystery, writer of poems that I love


Sparring Partner...loveable, Artist:

All Poems are to be submitted by Sunset on Monday night on the Combatants respective blogs.
I will post them also at Mayden's Voyage if they are sent to me.

All votes to be cast at Mayden's Voyage...a special post will be created for voting purposes.

A winner will be chosen by Wednesday at Sunset- all votes will be taken into consideration, but Cora has the final say on the Poet of her choice.

The winner gets my undivided flirtations for a month and I can not flirt with the losers of this duel. The winning poem will be posted at MV as well.

The winner may also get a special photo of me...seeing how the dang photos are probably what started all of this in the first place! The photo will be tasteful! Sometimes my pastor reads this blog! :)

X.Dell is taking bets. Please contact him for info about that :)

Best Wishes and deep fondness to my suitors! :) You are each dear to me. The choosing will be difficult, I am sure!



The Grunt said...

I love "K9". Blessed be the rotties!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Grunt, be sure to come back! Your vote will count if you do :)

Paul said...

Tis a goodly picture of that weapon I employ only as necessary. Many thanks as I prepare and anoint myself for battle.

X. Dell said...

Funny. I don't usually picture poets with guns. I mean, can you imagine a gun in the hand of:

Emily Dickenson?
Allen Ginsberg?
Chaucer? (Take ye alle ye nonne, and ye merrie berdie maken melodie)

I could see Calcinus taking pot shots at Catullus:

Let us live, my beautiful Lesbia, and let us love


Or perhaps not.


Maye Christopher Marlowe could have used one to shut up that Shakespeare guy once and for all.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Percy- glad you like the image. Perhaps a magnifying glass or fingerprint kit would have been politically correct, but leave it to me to only think of a REVOLVER!
Blonde moment perhaps? ;)

It is a stereotype- isn't it?
We don't often see men with weapons writing a bit of rhyming verse. It even seems, in this culture, kind of a sensitive and womanly thing to do- and what a shame!
Yet- the best image that comes to my mind is the one of CS Lewis in trenches with his little note book scribbling away writing poetry- with war and death all around him, and his gun by his side.

I also like to think about Aragorn- well, I just like to think about him, ok? ;) Powerful, well spoken, thoughtful, wise, breath takingly handsome...yes, he was no doubt a poet at heart, as well as a warrior- shall I go so far as my idea of the "Ideal" man?

I think what moves me most about this whole duel is the men seem to have backbone (or eat backbones in K9's case! LOL). Even Cosmo- kicking his pride aside to let me choose...I know very few men like that. He has the talent, minus the ego. A rare quality these days...
I digress. Forgive me :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

And come Monday we hope to see Percy's Opus magnum?

Mayden my apologies for my lack of attention, it ill becomes my cause but, as alluded to earlier, I am sorely pressed on all fronts and have returned to the quest quite under the hammer. I am hoping for the best. Rest assured you are frequently in my mind, mostly in couplets, but occasionally leopard skin nightie.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Dearest Cosmo-
Oh- it is good to see you here!
I am embarrassed to tell you that my heart really did skip a beat when I saw your reply. I know what it is to be pressed on all sides and needed by many- however not at this moment in my life, thankfully!

I am sorry for the undue burden this puts on you...but it will be over soon.
Couplets??? Hmmm...
I like it :) But, then again- you have never disappointed me.

A kiss on your stubbled cheek?
Or are you clean shaven tonight?
No matter- I send one regardless ;)

ThursdayNext said...

Oh my goodness! How this duel as escalated! Hmmmmmm. I say:
Forget these alpha males and come to New York City for a month for girl's night out with me. We can have paella, frosted cake, and white wine. ;)
Miss E.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

By way of some compensation, a small verse on my site...

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Miss E,
I feel certain that if I were able to take you up on your offer we would have the BEST time ever!

I have yet to travel to NYC- but in all seriousness- I hope to be there in the fall for a few days :) I will no doubt seek your advice on things to do and places to go!
Thank you, for your kind offer :)

I will see this thing through would it look if I played the part of the "Runaway Mayden" (instead of! I know you will find that reference amusing!)

Besides, Percy would track us both down, the K9 would smell us out, and sweet JCN- his heart might break.

**On a personal note, and all kidding aside- your blog says you are an English Lit teacher, correct? At some point in the future- I'll have some questions for you. Do you think you'd mind conversing with me about Milton, and CS Lewis and Chesterson? And quite a few other writers I'd love to pick your proverbial mind over?
It would be a wonderful treat for me- if not too much of a burden on you.
It has been a great pleasure getting to know you :)

Anteros said...

This contest cracks me up
I can hardly contain myself
For two battling goobers
And the adoration of a beautiful elf

The amusement will last forever
For the Internet will outlast us all
The memories and laughter can haunt the world
Until the nations final great fall

For the joy of a woman
Two battle with words of extravagance
To find the one who pierces
The shell of the Maiden’s presence

The real truth of the matter
Is neither will surely win
Her heart is already taken
And to go after it would be a sin

So give up now while you still can
Your attempts will be in vein
This poet will find the ultimate victory
Because I think you’re both insane

ThursdayNext said...

I would love to talk literature with you! Email me at anytime! Ah, Milton. Lots to say about him. Maybe we can pick passages to re-read and discuss throughout the summer?

ThursdayNext said...

I meant

..................... said...

Well, I declare..
I thought I posted some witticism earlier when I came by this sight.
Sometimes I must fail to publish my comment..
who know's.. middle-aged moment perhaps.
anyways, you know I think this all a great hoot..:)

X. Dell said...

Don't mind me and Doc, Cora. We'll just be enjoying a few cold ones in Alphabet City.

Mayden' s Voyage said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mayden' s Voyage said...

Amy, thank you for your email address! :) I would love to do that and I will send you a note soon.

Anteros- :) I always enjoy reading you. Thank you :) The spirit of this is indeed to have fun and laugh :)

Schaumi- Oh, I hope you find whatever you thought you left! I'd love to read it. I did find your poem earlier- and that was funny! :)

Middle aged Moment?
LOL...last night I couldn't remember the name of a friend- one I've had for about 5 years..."Blip" it was gone! It finally came to me in about 10 minutes, but by then smoke was coming out of my ears-- brain overdrive...No wonder I have a head ache this am! lol

X~ What do you mean? "Don't mind you"? Is that remotely possible? I don't think so! :)
I just decided yesterday- end of September. Goodness- the whole trip revolves around you! lol
I'm kidding... :)
It actually revolves around a 13th b-day surprise. However, do you think I could be within 100 miles of you and not at least try to see you? Doubtful :)

Paul said...

ThursdayNext, Mayden - If there is to be a pajama party in NYC, am I invited - strictly as a neutral observer - so long as I be already there?

Mayden - Mistrust Sir Cosmo! He is guile posing as sensitivity, irascibility as fastidiousness, coniving duplicity as simple earnestness! First his Hamlet-posing, as if undecided - and lo, now he already begins to plead excuses for his verse, protesting he be overworked!

I wait with visage stern, mine trusty Taurus in one hand and feather pen behind one ear, effete and pirate-like...

Anteros - Really like the poem aside from thine two concluding and futile verses. For the rest, a worthy commemoration of an event that, yes, shapes history, or at least our blogs for the better part of a two weeks.

ThursdayNext said...

Percy ~ Gasp! What kind of a Victorianistian do you think I am? No gentleman allowed. Humph!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I kindly thank you for your protections of me.
I would not blame you for being attracted to another who is gentle in her nature. The battle is not over yet though-
Pajama party? Good gentleman- you already have seen a pic of me sleeping! Surely you do not long for more than that? Goodness! :)
Temperance, temperance...

Miss E- the Rotty left me a kind note in my email box this morning- and with due consideration on my part, he asked me to kindly send along his best. He appears to be quite fond of you- perhaps the frosty paws, are the way to his heart? Nay- it is more than that I think :)
I should pay close attention to your ways if he becomes mine for 30 days :) I've not had a pup since I was a child- I will most likely need some advice :)

Paul said...

"Torn between two lovers,
Feelin' like a fool
Goin' to a jamie party with both of them
Is breakin' all the rules..."

..................... said...

maybe percival can hide in a neighbors building and use his binoculars for jamie viewing...:)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The deed is done, fair maiden; read it at your leisure.
For now, it must be the last one, I hope it gives you pleasure!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Dear Cosmo-
A master you are...I have read it, and I will re-read it many times in the coming days. Thank you, most sincerely- it is lovely!

Lady Prism said...


I have recieved your mail. My deepest condolences. In the midst of really shakes us the most unexpected moments. ....I want you to know however...that you are THE fair good maiden in more ways than one...your brightness and all the fun I read here made my stress laden days....easier to bear. Thatnk you.