Friday, June 30, 2006

Thunder Storm Shopping

A storm was rising.
I HAD to go to Kroger.

I LOVE a THUNDER STORM...under the proper "conditions" of course.

Mostly this means I like to be home in a storm...and have someone to snuggle with.
Candles, wine, and quiet music are optional...a snuggly someone is less optional- but I take what I can get! :)

On this particular day- I had to go shopping. This did not make for the best of conditions.

I made it to the store just in time for the sky to rip open and dump it's contents, shake it's fist, light up dark clouds, and rattle the earth in an angry rage.

I sat in my car.

I watched as both men and women jumped out of their vehicles and ran for the door- did their shopping, and rushed back.

I stayed put. Yes, I did have to go shopping, but whatever I needed could wait a few minutes more.

I felt a it wasn't was the Muse of Thunder...gently whispering to me.

A stream of verses filtered in~ Where was my note book, my pen??? I sat in my car until the Muse had finished with me.

He was as good a snuggler as I could have asked for on that afternoon! He made me think, all the while leaving a trail of cloud kisses down my right arm.

Ahhhh- Thunder Muse...I think I love you.

Always in motion-
Just gotta' move.
Can not be still,
Too much to do.

The rain comes down,
And in it we run-
From errand to errand,
But never for FUN!

At the office we work,
At home we clean.
And even vacations,
Are not what they seem.

And forget being sick-
There's no time to be ILL!
Bring out the Meds,
Can afford to sit still.

No time for "I love you's",
No time to be kind-
Can't tell you I'VE MISSED YOU,
I've not had the time...

So I've sat in this parking lot-
And I've watched you all run.
Ducking the rain drops,
And NOT having fun.

And I see I'm no different-
Your life is like mine.
Would we be happier,
If we just had more time?

(I don't think so...)


schaumi said...

why don't you think so?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It seems to me that there was lightning as well as thunder.

Percival said...

"Time - you found time enough to love

I found love enough to hold you.

Tonight - I'll stir the fire you feel inside

Until the flames of love enfold you..."

You've put me in a Helen Reddy kind of mood. It happens to a lot of guys; few are man enough to admit it.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi- I think that if I can't manage the time I have properly- more of it will not help. And as I write this- I see the same to be true of money issues too.
I am not brilliant with managing either, but I do try.

I found myself blessed that day- getting caught in a rainstorm alone in my car- with a note book and pen at hand :) I would have missed this chance if the sun had been shining...
I MADE the time to be still and listen- I need to do that more often :) (oh- and the cloud kisses were well worth sitting still for! LOL!)

JCN- Thank you :) Lightening indeed...lucky I didn't get struck down! :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Percival- romantic! :)
Thunder, cloud kisses, Helen Reddy, and surely some poetry- Time for me to break out the Crown Royal! :)

Too bad I can start up the whirlpool tub- with all the lightening going on! LOL :)

X. Dell said...

(1) Thunder never whispers to me. She bellows.

(2) I'm envious. I miss snuggling with someone--rain or shine.

(3) You wouldn't, perchance, have been Dr. Suess in a previous incarnation?

Just teasing. I love your poems.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Dr. Seuss...what a compliment! :)
He does wiggle out every now and again- doesn't he?

If you haven't read "Fox in Sox" in a it again. The man was brillant! :)

Hugs to you :)

Lee said...

They are a serious sort of cloud in that photo.

schaumi said...


didn't i tell you a while ago?
one of your other poems reminded me of Dr. Seus. It was the one where you thought more about Narnia.

Actually i totally agree with you about time. I am absolutely, 100% lousy at managing time, especially personal time for myself, and money...although i do manage to get bills paid on time (most of the time) and don't bounce checks...

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi...YOU DID say that! Hugs to you too! :) Thank you :)

Maybe I need to get out my favorite book, "A childs garden of verses".

Robert Louis Stevenson is one of my absolute favoirtes...and you just paid a little homage to him on your blog, didn't you?

Perhps he can flavor my poetry a little- he is so smooth, and sees clearly into the mind and heart of a child. I love his work.

Yes- I'll be back at the coast with the kids- to Grannys house. Thankfully they love us! (And we love them!)

My kids go back to school on July 17th -year round we have to play when we can. We go back for a week in September/Oct. THAT is the best time of the year to go. THe week of the 4th is a tradition- but it's not the best time to be at the beach. However- we make the best of our time there, or try to anyway :)

X. Dell said...

My favorite Dr. Suess books are I had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew and The Sneetches, and Other Stories.