Thursday, June 01, 2006

A friend to keep...

Prism: A transparent body of this form,
often of glass...used for separating white light passed
through it into a spectrum
or for reflecting beams of light.

A cut-glass object, such as a pendant of a chandelier.

A beautiful glass object that creates a rainbow

Lux: a unit of illumination

She's also been known as a:

"yellow tornado spinning out soft winds
of chanel no. 5"...

How can you not just love her?

Full of words, and thoughts--deep and varied.
Her "play" on words...words I usually have to look up...such as:

METANOIA (spiritual conversion or awakening; Greek: change one's mind, repent)
ERSATZ (imitation, or substitute)

Or phrases that tinkle and sing, like a dozen little bells:

"sweet interesting prismed beings with birthing personalities we all are"

What a friend to have...a friend to keep...
I never expected to find such a lovely thing out here in this "bloggy" world!

I never expected to find any of you...and yet, here you are.

Thank you! :)


luxlucisvita said...


I thought you wanted the pic of the poodle!..ha!ha!ha!..

I don't know what to say....I just don't know what to say....I can't stop smiling!...


thank you....I am overwhelmed...

Mayden's Voyage said...

The Poodle! LOL! No, I wanted you!
But I didn't use the full pic of you, I thought it would be fun to have half of you and half ov' (as you say) me.

I hope you don't mind...
You really are dear to me, and if I had to give up blogging, I wouldn't give up you! :)

Glad you liked it...I love what you did for me, so precious! I copied it! To save on my computer for ever and ever! :)

X. Dell said...
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X. Dell said...

I like Lux--a lot.

(Say that three times really, really fast.)

Given your love for words, Cora, I'm sure 'metanoia' was a true gift.

Mayden's Voyage said...

You are next. I have something quite interesting for you to see in the next day or so. Check back!
LOL! I know you will get a kick out of it, though anyone who has not been following your blog won't get it...but this not about them, is it?
No---it will be about you :)

And yes, Metanoia was a treasure! I had honestly never heard it before, and I did look it up, obviously! :)

schaumi said...

Picture of the poodle indeed, LOL.

Friendships found online do not have to be 'ersatz' friendships as I had a non blogger tell me (who doesn't even know I blog, god forgive, I don't want any of the folks in my community to know I blog, except for my spouse of course). Anyways, friedships online can be true.

X. Dell said...

Cora, if I could blush I would.

Schaumi, blogging is considered a no-no around where you live? Or is it more a matter of you wanting to keep your privacy?

schaumi said...


I want to keep my privacy. I live in a small town. I have layers and layers of walls built up around me.

Mayden's Voyage said...

schaumi, (should I research your blog to see if I can find out what your name means...or will you just tell me?) Hmmm, walls, small town...grew up in Germany...
are you being serious?
I don't live in a small town, I mean, it used to be small, but it's gotten rather large.
Most of my friends know I have a blog--but they are waiting for a book from me! :)

There are things I don't write about here because so many people I know do read it...
Perhaps I should start a secret one?
Good heavens! Where would I find the time! LOL! And besides, what on earth could be SO interesting about me anyway?
The world may never know! :)

schaumi said...


somewhere in the past few months i wrote a post titled "the true meaning of the foaming moan title" in case you are really serious.
yes, i did grow up in germany. wasn't born there, but i spent most of my formative years there.
these walls i am talking about are really invisible layers of protective shields that i have built up around me. nothing drastic. i just don't care for folks here to read my blog. i have close friends who do not live here who do not know i blog. maybe one of these days they will.

kate said...

OMG is that a photo of Lux???? Great! It is so much fun to actually get to see these people you write back and forth with all the time!! I love it!

Cora you are so sweet! Lux you are too!

cheers ladies!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Kate...I need to go over to your blog! Did you have a great weekend? I thought of you and that duct tape more than I'd like to admit to!
Hope you had a WONDERFUL time! :)
-COra :)

luxlucisvita said...

yeah...I thought of the duct tape too!...

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