Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Personal Story Part II

( the post below for part I....I'm away from my regular computer for the next few days-but I promise to be in-touch soon :) )

The shop keeper held the broken pieces in his hands and looked at the little figurine lovingly. "Oh dear", he thought, "This one is in bad shape. She is nearly ruined, but I think I can help to restore this one...I hope I can."

The badly broken figurine took up a lot of his spare time.
He worked all day in his shop helping customers, but in the evening he focused on mending the figurine. It was a figure of a young girl, and he began to call her "Maiden". Her arms were broken, as well as one foot. Her ears were chipped, her shoulders were scuffed, and her paint was worn off. There were times when the shop keeper would look at Maiden and wonder how...How could this one have been damaged so badly? How could she be considered "trash" by anyone? Who could have done such a thing? A tear would fall on the figurine and another layer of dirt would wash away. He glued, and polished, restored, and repainted Maiden until she looked as if nothing had ever happened to her.

It took a long time, but when he was finished, she was as beautiful as he knew she was made to be.

However, there was still something wrong. There were 2 places on her back, 2 very bad looking scratches. No one could see the marks from the front, but the shop keeper knew they were there and was unsure of how to fix it. After some thought, he figured out what to do.

Using an old piece of silk and a few small pieces of lace- he gathered some wire and some more glue and went to work. It was a tedious job, but the results were wonderful. Carefully taking Maiden from the cabinet he turned her in his hands and looked at her back. He gently rubbed the marks he saw and then began to attach his silk and lace creation to the area just under her shoulder blades.
When he finished he turned her back around to face him...he had given her a pair of wings.

At this moment--something remarkable happened...


Bone said...

Those are very lovely, Cora.

Thanks for the reminder that each of us are treasured.

X. Dell said...

I have a feeling that I know where this story is leading, but I don't care to speculate. I'll simply let you tell it before making a comment.

Enjoy your time away from the computer.

schaumi said...

ditto was bone and x. said, cora.
I enjoyed reading these.