Saturday, June 03, 2006

Strange Poem

*K9 said something on **Bens blog that lept up off the screen and licked me in the any good Rottie should! :)

He said,

"the best art is a specific vision that pings the universal inside the viewer"...

I read it again...

"the BEST art is a SPECIFIC vision that PINGS the universal INSIDE the viewer"...

I was a little jolted when I thought of how this applies to poetry, and even to Scripture...

Our lives are not lived in isolation; and we are woven and shaped by our parents, and educators and friends, and by experiences-- some are universal.

There are similar things inside all of us...we have hearts, and lungs, and blood that filters through liver. We don't all learn the same way, or process things the same; but we do learn and we do process. Most of us have seen sunrises and sunsets and had a first day at school.

A philosopher may argue that none of can be sure that the color black is the same to everyone...but a plain speaking Mamma will tell you thats hokey psycho-babble!. ha ha! When we tell the children to get out black crayons -they ALL do!

You humor me by continuing to read...I thank you.

I wrote the poem below the year my son was born. Since he was small (in-utero!) we've read hundreds of books.
I love childrens stories more than just about anything- (the poem reflects that.)

Anyway, K9's comment made me think of this crazy poem I wrote 13 years ago.
I loved it as soon as I birthed it...and it still makes me laugh. Will it "ping" what's universal in any of you? I don't know.

I can barely remember what I was thinking when I wrote it--like faint strains of music in my head...I can almost catch the tune, and then it fades out again.

Ready? For a Strange Poem?

This or These?
What or That?
Is this world tall,
Or is it flat?

The kingdom falls –
And swims away.
The trees eat chocolate pie all day.

A little off?
Or don’t you think,
The time has come to fly or sink.

What does he mean?!!
Are the clues in its feet?
There goes a word— Sluicing down the street.

Chase the word!!
Stomp it down.
The answer lies in the color brown.

Because all things drip,
And run together.
Wonder what it means, forever.



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schaumi said...

I pinged your poem a lot, Cora. I'm a very visual person, so as I was reading all these visual images danced through my head.....Dr. Seuss type images.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I hadn't thought of that schaumi! Dr. Seuss :) I thought of Narnia, and Sesame Street, a little ones questions about the world...but not Dr. S, but you are absolutely right! :)
It was a fun, fun time for me. Thank you :)
-Cora :)

luxlucisvita said...

nyaaaa!!...This is the nnnnth time I'm writing and sending!...gawd!...I wrote such a long comment just to dish it out in space!...pleeease!

I juat said that your poem there was simply it brought tears to my eyes coz' I remembered when the kids were just babes and I made up a lot of stories and poems for them...sniff!..sniff!...

Recently I compiled those stories and intend to submit them for possible publication. My fave is about Swishy and Swashy...two nasty fish who learned their lesson after getting all eaten up by the aquarium oxygen...and...( okaay..I'll spare you this story he!he!)...

Anyway, one of those "used to be babes" is beside me playing some sort of ratatat game on the computer here!...really noisy..gawd! I'm holding on to patience!...

Good thing you posted your email...will get to that soon!..I gotta' post this now or else...

Malinda777 said...

I liked it! It's cute and catchy, yet provokes some insightful thinking. Good job.

schaumi said...


after rereading it, I can see why you thought about Narnia..

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

what an honor for this dog to have reminded you of your poem which pinged me indeed.

i can see your poem as a Beck or Jimi Hendrix song. its got a great flow to it.

i think "ping" is the noise a sub makes using describes a landscape you cannot the human heart.

nice commentary on relativism....all the kids pull out black. HOWL!!

so glad to know you mayden.


Mayden's Voyage said...

The time goes by so seems they were little just yesterday, and today, well, they are so BIG! I'd love to read your fish story :)

Every morning, in the car on the way to school, my daugher reads a quote for the day, and a verse. This is what ours was yesterday:

"A Prism has no life in the dark;
only in the richness of sunlight will it sparkle. Keep your faith in the light and see it shine.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

I said, read that again honey! :)
Wow...had to be meant for you as well!
Have a good day :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Malinda, thank excited about your new company. If I ever make it back to your side of the US, I will stop in and take you to lunch...if you aren't too busy! :)

Schaumi...Narnia, my whole childhood was centered on it. I had to audacity to day, when I was 9 or 10, that when I grew up I wanted to write just like CS Lewis!
LOL... thems' big shoes to fill!

K9- for the life of I re-read over your blog. Deep. Got out my 1984 Van Halen Cd...Eddie ain't what he used to be, but that CD!
Thanks for stopping by, and for being intelligent...and making me think! I love that! :)

X. Dell said...

This is hillarious, Cora. I'm trying to get the image of trees with high cholesterol because of eating too many chocolate pies:-)

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ In Prince Caspian, Lewis describes a feast that the trees have...(this is from memory) something about a light loamy soil, and rich foamy chocolate-looking earth--but Lucy tried it and said it was terrible :)
Poor trees, with cholesterol! LOL :)

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