Monday, June 19, 2006

Brought to you by MONKEY LOVE :)

I am writing this from a wonderful Coffee/Dessert cafe in St. Simons called "Monkey Love"...and I do feel the love in here with my Chai Latte and "Blondie" bar...seemed appropriate! LOL!

I remember the first family Re-union I went to on the Runkle side of my family- my dad's side. I was about 11 and I distinctly recall KNOWING in my gut, even if no-one had told me where I was- that I was related to some of these people. They were LIKE me.

Their physical build: Good short German stock- not like the tall lanky Germans who model clothes and sports cars, but the ones that farmed, and smoked pipes and whittled coo-coo clocks!

Their demeanor: Cheerful, warm spirited, spiritual, outgoing, loving, but also no-nonesense- Pennsylvania Dutch orthodoxy. Men sit on one side of the Church, the ladies on the other side.

I noticed their hands, the hands of my Great Uncles. They were small and strong, weathered, knuckled, hard working...Hands that were rarely idle.

The women were busty, with solid hips for carrying children both inside and outside the womb. They were curvy, but not thin. Lovely, but not breath-takingly beautiful...they were smart, crafty (in the best way), and talented homemakers.
The food was wonderful, except for the Ruhbarb pie...ickkk! LOL!

Their blood and mine come from the same man, a guy named Abraham Runkle that we can trace back to the 17oo's. We are all watered down quite a bit from then, but what struck me was how many things I saw in common between us.

A SPIRIT, if you will, that I don't often see in large group settings like chuch, or school events. A Reunion is a special thing indeed.

It has been like that for me today at this writing conference.

One writer/speaker in particular, Catherine Guess, really stood out to me as a kindred spirit. The way she talked, moved, interacted with us, her passion for writing, her sense of purpose and ability to encourage each of us...she gave me many visons for the future.

And not just the instructors are inspiring...but the other writers!
How about the 21 year veteran fireman who is a world class story teller?

Or the mom who 7 years ago decided that she needed to get her writing carrer in order so that in 5-7 years time, when her kids were heading off to college she would be ready. Now 7 years later kid #2 goes to his University this fall- and her novel is finished!

Before she could tell me this story, I was explaining to her that my son would be off to college in 5 years, my daughter 2 years after him, and that I knew I needed to start getting ready now... LOL! Of all the people I would tell that story to!

The tools I have been given, in just one day, I know I will use for the rest of my life. I even have homework tonight! Whoopieee! An exercise :)

I had to stop and take inventory today...Where have I been published? 7 or 8 places...from Devotionals that have been circulated by my church, to the total creation of a newsletter for the Womens Ministry- "The Pinnacle", to making and writing brochures for small business in my city. One devotional entry from my booklet "The Pursuit of a Heart of Wisdom", was entered in a book by a fairly well known writer, Billie Cash, and was published last year. So, my stuff is not just in local things, but in at least one book published nationally too.

Today was pretty wonderful. And it has been a day where I connected with people I didn't know, and better yet- it was a day where I kind of reconnected- reunited with myself.

Talk sbout a famiy Reunion! LOL! More tomorrow I hope!


luxlucisvita said... lucky blessed you!!!!..aaah!...wish I were i that conference as well!!!..aaaawwwww!!!...

I read up on your posts yesterday but as I've said in my posted comment back at my own bloggy' internet connection at home is misbehavin'..everything I try to post flys away...

anyway...I wanted to tell you yesterday that I feel the same way know, wanting to be with someone but needing to be alone....It's so funny...I was planning to post about being alone ( because I am always alone nowadays...)...then I read your lead sentence of I am alone...

parallel worlds...with a slight tinge of flavor...

have fun...and you are always in mind...

SJ said...

Did you say busty ;)

SJ said...

I can do better...

You had me at busty.

schaumi said...

LOL, sj.

but anyways, cora, i knew you'd find likeminded souls. your spirit seems hard to suppress.

btw, i luuuuuv rhubarb pie.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I am blessed...and I wish you were here. I told my husband the other night about your idea for a school, and then I asked him..."If Lux gets this school up and running, do you think you could live without me for a few months while I go over to help her out?"
He said yes :)
So- that is settled! LOL :)
If the timing could be worked out right...I would come :)


Schaumi, I have heard lots of people like Rhubarb pie...and I am not a picky eater at all, so I'm thinking I just didn't get a good piece :) I promise to try it again when the opportunity arises.

In the story of Rapunzel (sp?) wasn't it Ruhbarb that her mother craved that had to be stolen out of the witches garden? I'll have to google it! I've not heard the story in years--perhaps it is time for it to be told again??? Childrens book? Good heavens...I've got books on the brain! LOL

Mayden's Voyage said...

Rampion was what the mother craved...and upon re-reading the story- I find it lacking!
Rapunzel had a pair donkeys for parents!

schaumi said...

yes, it was rampion. and rampion is the same as rapunzel.

being the devoted kind of mamas we are........rapunzel sure did have donkey parents, didn't she? but so apparently did a lot of hapless children in those fairy tales..

luxlucisvita said...

First thing we're gonna' do is head off for a mug of Zagu!!!...a kinda' latte with coffee jello!!...yeeehah!

Gary said...

Nice post and pictures. I didn't know you had German heritage, but now I can see it in your face.

Sounds like the conference was interesting. I'll bet I would have enjoyed it.

X. Dell said...

My ex-fiance and her people were the long-lanky types.

They were also extremely punctual. If they said they'd show up at 11:00, they wouldn't show up at 11:01; they wouldn't show up at 10:59. They would arrive at exactly 11:00. To this day, I never figured out how they did it, but I thought it had something to do with being German.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Gary...The conference has been truly wonderful. Next year you should come! The people and the location are as lovely as one could ask for!

X~ She sounds dreamy :) And quite the opposite of me! LOL :) Uhh-hmmm (clearing my throat)...nothing long and lanky about me, as well as my internal clock being off by about 15 minutes! :)
The creature I could "morph" into the easiest would be a Hobbit...Gardening, cooking, "Pints", and a good pipe if I were so inclined :) (but I don't smoke :) There are a few other things I could add to the list--but I won't :) Being lady-like is a Hobbit virtue too :)

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Just glad you are over the jitters and down to enjoying yourself!

Scribble on, lady!

Anteros said...

From the sound of things your trip is adding up to everything you expected it to be! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and expanding!

Libby said...

what great experiences! family reunions really are nice, once we get to be some of the 'old people', lol!

kate said...

great post and great photos!! I loved the one with you in the shadows!!

I will be off for a bit but will try to check in from time to time over the next 2 weeks!!

I hope that you get what you can and take what you need! lolol

I'll be thinking of ya

cheers!! Kate

puerileuwaite said...

Monkey Love? Now just how did you know that was my pet name? Well, as long as no one else knows ...