Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Carolina Hurricanes"

A Storm is a brewin'

I am not a sports nut- not at all.

I mean, I love to go to a baseball game, or watch the Tarheels and the Blue Devils play against each other (or the Wolfpack!), but I have to tell you that Ice Hockey
is, or has been, pretty far down on my list of things to get jazzed about...

Until now :)

Things I have recently learned about hockey:

There are actual rules.

The game is divided into 3 "Periods", not "sections" (LOL, yes, I did say that!)

The Penalty box is a bad thing if your team is in it.

The Edmunton Oilers have a terrible name...not cool at all!

The Oilers player "Torres", is not MEXICAN!

The announcers look like (from left to right) 1) a total stud, 2) the bald eagle character from the Muppets, 3)Barney Rubble, with black hair 4) Hair club for men success story

The players can REALLY skate

Slamming into the wall seems to be absolutely necessary.

Beating someone with a stick seems to be absolutely necessary.

If the puck manages to get past your mask, you will end up in the hospital.

Olympic Ice skating has lost its allure for me!


How about a nice Triple Loop just before you slam the puck into the goal?

Some fast paced music to really get the fans into a frenzy! (kidding! LOL!), I guess it's offical...I'm a Carolina Hurricane Hocky Fan!
Yeahhhh!!!! We've won 2 games...lets win some more!!!!

I'll be watching the game from Emerald Isle (or close to there) this weekend.
Girls trip to the beach!

Hope you all have a great weekend! ;)


X. Dell said...

(1) They had to call themselves the Edmonton Oilers because another team from that town already took their first choice: The Edmonton Greasers.

(2) I've played hockey. Something about holding a stick in one's hand brings out the worst in people.

schaumi said...

I'm a sucker for men with no front teeth....Something about that look just makes my heart go pitterpatter

We have a ice hockey team? Garsh, I guess I need to pay attention more.

I actually sat down during the Olympics and watched a few women's hockey games....and liked it.

X. Dell said...

I know what you mean, Schaumi. Women with no front teeth are absolutely gorgeous.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Dare I ask if we are in the same state? And you didn't know about the Hockey team... LOL?
It's ok :) I hope you do know about the Durham Bulls and have seen a game or 2 :)

What do I say? I have tried to respond 3 times and just can't leave the text alone...I either start to blush, or laugh goofily...or both.
"Greasers" Ehh? or Oilers...
Toothless dudes and chicks?
Oh dear! Better sign off now! LOL :)

Aunty Belle said...

Well, mercy!! We'uns have a junior family member of 12 years that is into ice hockey like a 16 year old is into girls....and I doan know a thang 'bout hockey---ya means ya LIKE it??? Mebbe I oghta study up on it.

What'cha know about some computer game named GENERALS? Thas' another kid-pro
endeavor Aunty B needs ter git ter learnin'... I'm tellin' ya', growin tomatoes is easier.

Bone said...

Very funny post, Cora.

I never cared too much for hockey, either. But I hope your team wins.

Nea said...
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Nea said...

hockey players seldom have any of their own front teeth.....