Monday, April 02, 2007

The Customer is always right???

Before my trip- I went to Belks to do some shopping.
As I stood in line to check out, there was a woman in front of me with an obvious Bluetooth hands free device clamped around her ear.

She was apparently opening a store credit card account.
The cashier went through the list of questions...
1) Name
2) Address
3) SS#
4) Employer info
5) Next of kin not living with you
6) "May I have your phone number?"

The lady in front of me...without hesitation- said,

"I ain't got no phone!"


The cashier looked at her- with a straight face, and said, "OK".

And the lying woman got her credit card account opened...

I wonder what her interest rate will be?

I wonder what mine will be when she defaults on her purchases???

Hey- WAIT! LOL :)
I don't have a credit card with that store!!! Yeahhh!!!!

And I never will~


Bone said...

I wonder what mine will be when she defaults on her purchases???

LOL I like your funny side.

JohnB said...

Those bluetooths remind me of a character in Star of them from The Empire Strikes know, Lando's top Lt? Can't remember his name...

SJ said...

I have bluetooth phone I think I should get the headset too. I won't lie as obviously as that woman I'll give the store somebody else's number :)

kate said...


Ugg tough day Cora... I wish I could say something more.

iamnot said...
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iamnot said...

Bluetooth headsets are designed to keep crazy people out of nut houses....follow me here.
All those people you see, walking around, "talking on the phone." They aren't REALLY talking on their phones. They're talking to themselves. The headsets are just camo so you don't know that they're psychotic.
I know this is true because the voices in MY headset told me so.

Seven said...

I have a friend with a faux Rolex...maybe she has a faux Blue Tooth and limited lying skills?

X. Dell said...

Actually, if you're a preferred customer, I don't think your rate will change appreciably if one person is slow to pay.

BTW, I've gone years without having a telephone (did I ever tell you that story?), until pestered by my family to get one. I understand your suspicion, but I also realize that if that could have been me whose integrity you doubted.