Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

No sound! Aughhhhh!
Happy Easter everyone!
I'll be at the NC beach (freezing!)- Be safe wherever you go~ you can thank Dan and Scary Monster for giving me the courage to do this! Next time I'll try to figure out what happened to my voice! LOL :)


Anonymous said...


happy easter mayden

[end wishispering]


kate said...

lol to /t.'s comment

you look like a movie star! very natural... no matter what it was you were saying! hehehe

I have been having a go at a voice post myself... but this is far more interesting! You may have to give me a lesson!

Clearly I need a lesson as I am fooling with my header and messing up EVERYTHING over on Horoscope! lmao Oh well at least its a long weekned! Have fun with the tykes and I hope you get some 'me' time in!

foam said...


Scary Monster said...

Me didn't realize that you werr an Marcel Maceau fan too! You be much better at it than me.


Lee said...

I think you should use your hands more.

Happy Easter.

Corn Dog said...

Lol, Scary. I thought my MAC was whack but now I see the sound is gone.

Little Lamb said...

Happy Easter to you, Mayden.

Mayden's Voyage said...

/t- ;) It tickles when you whisper~ That long moustach keeps getting in the way :)

Kate- Ha ha...Thank you :) I was so nervous! But it was easy to do- Dan from the BlahBlahBlah blog told me how - It was just need a Youtube account (which is easy to get).
I actually did the video with my camera- which dosn't record sound.
We'll figure it out though ;)

Foam- Hugs :)

Scary Monster- after seeing the fun video you did- I knew I would have to give it a try. Did you use a regular camera- or a video camera?

Lee- so good to see you :) LOL- You picked up on the fact that I do talk with my time I'll have to back away from the camera :)

Corn Dog- Welcome :) Hope you have a great holiday :)

Little Lamb- Happy Easter friend. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend :)

puerileuwaite said...

I'm pretty sure you were telling me to burn things.

Anonymous said...

thats adorable. im glad the sound was off that way you really see you. loved it


X. Dell said...

That was interesting.

I scrolled down far enough to see the YouTube vid, and simply clicked on the start button without reading the text below. When I didn't hear anything, I checked my speakers, my sound card and just about everything else before realizing, from the rest of your post, that THERE WAS NO SOUND!!


Anyway, Happy Easter to you too. I'd send you a colored egg, but I can't think of how to send one in the mail.

What's that? You have to boil it first?

Deepak Gopi said...

wishing prosprous & happy easter to you

Scary Monster said...

Mrs.C. Me used me cell phone. It were a real pain in the but to convert the files. Had a friend do it for me.

boneman said...

So, we can fill in whatever words we want to? Hmmm....I need some time t'think about that. said...

wishing you a peaceful easter. brrrr - its not that warm here, neither. but, a little rain never hurt the magnolia blooms, did it?

thinking of you ...

Gary said...

Happy Easter. I hope you didn't freeze. It was 35 degrees here in Houston this weekend. I still can't believe it.

Bone said...

That was cute. It was kinda neat that the sound was off just this once :)

Happy Easter, Mayden.

Bone said...

PS: I love the color of the wall.

X. Dell said...

LMAO, Foam.

foam said...,

Dan said...

Look at you!!

You have entered the ranks of the great silent stars ... Mary Pickford, Clara Bow, Pola Negri.

Happy Easter!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Dearest Pug-
There was, in fact, a subliminal message in there for you- it came just before I did that nose scrunch thing...that I didn't realize I do!

Chickory- :) Sometimes accidents are better forms of art- maybe? LOL

X- you made me laugh! Now, please leave all the cooking to me, ok? :)

Deepak- thank you and welcome :)

Scary Monster- I tried out my cell phone video camera- and it took the sound, but the pic was terrible. I'll be asking Mr. Wonderful about a new camera for my b-day :)

Boneman- I can only imagine what you might come up with :)

Mantissa- thank you. It's turned cold here too- but it will be warm again by mid week- and in a month I'll be wishing it was cooler again! LOL :) Hope you had a peaceful Easter~
Thanks for thinking of me...things are better :)

Gary, I thought of you and Seven when I heard the weather in Texas was turning so cold. I had to bring all my plants in...the garage looks like a Greenhouse! :)

Bone- That shade of blue is my favorite color in the world :)
And- I'm at the beach with the kids- so no 24 tonight (hubby and I have an agreement not to watch it without the other- I know- it's kind of silly...but kind of sweet too. We have a pact to only watch people being tortured when we're together! LOL)
So- I have to catch up with you on :(

X-Dell and Foam- this is just like 5th grade...with all the note passing going on here! LOL...
I love it :)

Dan- we mostly have you to thank for the video...I'm sure you thought I was very blonde with the email I sent you :) LOL
It's ok- I AM very blonde- at least sometimes! Until the roots grow out! :)

leelee said...

Loved the video Mayden and give you mad props for posting Live Mayden!! It's almost like meeting you...of course there would be sound in person...right?? lol

Have fun at the beach!!

Crystal said...

pretty eyes

The Grunt said...

I thought I was going deaf or something. Turns out you were miming it.

X. Dell said...

What's worse, Cora, is that I went directly from your page to Lux's. She has the jazz music on that loads automatically, and I had forgotten that I had cranked up my sound to the maximum trying to hear what you had to say. So, when her page loaded, the sound the of those horns nearly knocked me through the wall.

Anonymous said...

a' hee! hee! hee! hee!..sooowwwy X:DELL!!

ey' there...loved looking at this hee! hee!..dragged the hubby over here to prove you're "real!!"..hee! hee!...

I just have to fix up something then I'll be writing to you!


Gawpo said...

Love the braces. Got here via Sean. I sent an IM request to run some stuff by you. I don't chat much, so don't worry. Great blog, Mayden!

Bird said...

there's something rather charming about the lack of sound...hahahaha!

a mystery.

hee hee.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thanks Leelee- we will...just wish I was where you are! :)

Crystal- Thank you- Hope you are feeling better ;)

Grunt- LOL :) I think Mimes use their hands more!

X~ you kill me...bless your heart- Between the silence at my place and the Jazz full blast at Lux's- I suppose coming to our blogs is kind of dangerous! :)

Lux- Hugs...I owe you a letter now! Thank you. Hopefully it will be quiet tonight and I can write- if not, then I will tomorrow when I'm home again :)

Gawpo- I look forward to hearing from you, and I won't worry :)

Bird- I'm not much of a mystery- lol...hubs might call me misery sometimes though! LOL- kidding- he doesn't,
But My KIDS DO! :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

That's how I likes my wimmens, pretty and quiet!! Just kidding!!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

LOL Phos!
Not fat and sassy???
You made me laugh :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I have that effect on women -making them laugh, that is.