Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Coincidence

The morning I learned of my friend's death- this was the "Quote of the day" in my email Inbox~

April 3rd:

Death is not a period but a comma in the story of life.

-- Amos J. Farver

I miss you friend-
The Lillies in my yard last summer- the Baron loved this picture :)


Enemy of the Republic said...

You are so right, Cora. He would want us to get on with our lives, and live with no regrets. Eventually, we can do that, yes. But he mattered to me, just like he did to you. I miss him too. I still haven't accepted that he is gone.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I know Susan...I's so hard.
Keep breathing- know you are loved-
by those of us who can be seen, and by those who can't.
Our friend isn't too far- I'm so glad you were one of the last people to communicate with him.
He knew he was loved-
Thank you for that~

X. Dell said...

Cora, Enemy, grieving is a difficult process, as you well know. Time will mellow things out. Still, when it is time for grieving, it's best to grieve.

In our society, everyone wants us to be happy all the time. When tragedy strikes, people say, "Get over it," as if that's what you're supposed to do on your own.

You won't nor shouldn't get over this. You can, however, live enough of your lives to put Baron's passing in its proper context.

foam said...

you know, my brother passed suddently and unexpectantly like that. ...either a brain aneurysm or a massive stroke.
as my aunt said who also lost a child while that child was in her thirties, you never stop missing them, but the passing of time makes the missing part easier to deal with.

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ Thanks for your words here...
It feels very wierd that he is gone. It's hard to describe the void- hard for me to understand the loss...

Oh goodness...I didn't know how your brother passed- I am sorry. I knew it was sudden. I keep thinking about my brothers and sisters- my husband...this kind of death is so random, and yet the more people I talk to about it- the more common it seems.
I just can not get my mind around it. Here one day- healthy and well, and gone overnight.
It makes my head hurt thinking about it...

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you, X. You are so right. It's hard to work and go about the stupidities of life when this happens. I plan on doing another post soon when I can get it together. His death reminds me of how my mother died.

Mayden: Yes, he did know that. But he also felt so betrayed. You've looked at Spongy's blog. I don't blame him at all for being so enraged. But Baron knew that there were people who saw past superficiality and perceived the real man. I hope that love is with him now.

Bird said...

i hate death with a passion- have a hard time accepting it ...

would like to kick its ass.

i am sorry to hear of baron's departure. and would like to shake my fist at the sky and rail and wail.

oddly, i have found over the years, that the tale, Death's Messengers from the Brothers Grimm is strangely comforting.

kate said...

I got chills reading his last post about his relationship with God... Dont you wonder if somehow he had a subconscious thought? idk Love the flowers Cora. Will they rebloom this year?

SpongyBones said...

You're right. Death is just a comma. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this. I'm so sad.