Thursday, April 19, 2007


(I've been working on this for over a week or more, ever since Sean tagged me. I couldn't stop writing about all of you...and you know I'm nuts about everyone- even if you didn't see your name below. I simply ran out of adjectives, verbs, and nouns! :)
* * * * * * * * *
First let me say THANK YOU to both Sean and Kate for this honor-
and since they both nominated me- I'm going to post 10 bloggers who make me
think! :)
Besides- there was no way I could have kept the list under 10 anyway!

You ALL make think- usually make me smile...and often make me laugh :D

Simply Lux -
Lux was one of the first bloggers I read. She is enchanting~ I loved the way she wrote...with "Yahhh" and "Snooks" and all the funny ways she expressed herself. In time, and it didn't take long- I felt like she was a sister I had never met... Lux has been a treasure to me, a faithful listener, and a wonderful friend. She is very far from me- physically, but she never feels more than a heart beat away. You could spend hours reading her blog...but be careful- or you will be enchanted too~ ;)

When I first read Sean he was in Iraq, and I found him by accident.
He was thoughtful, expressive, and gave me an insight like no other into the world of a soldier at war. He became my hero.
I felt limited in what I could actually do for him- and I felt uncomfortable asking for his address (to mail him stuff)...but I started spreading the word about his blog. I also began to take a personal interest in the soldiers (and their families) I did have personal contact with because I had become "friends" with a brother-in-arms-- and in harms way.
I had the great pleasure of meeting Sean this past February- for just a few hours at a local mall- and it just felt as if we had come full circle.
I hope for many years to come we will be friends. He is a good soldier, a smart man, and a friend on my prayer list as he prepares to return to Iraq later this year.
His blog not only makes me think, but motivates me to be a better human.
I almost never go on a long walk without thinking of him in his army boots, with 50 pounds on his back, marching in the heat of the Middle East. My 2 mile walk through the neighborhood always seems easier after that~ :)

Oh wow...this guy makes me do 2 things at once- he definitely makes me think-
and then he makes me want to day dream. (Have you seen him??? He is adorable)
"Sigh" ;)
Anyway...on more than one occasion I've had to print his posts and carry them around with me for a few days- making notes in the margin. He is deep- and still funny. His reflections show a depth of character and experience that can not be contrived.
He has seen the vast ugliness of humanity in his former line of work (police officer)- and then notices the tiniest of lovely things in everyday life~ from the graceful smile in the eyes of his wife, to the bittersweet moment of watching his son come of age and leave the family home.
I have left Seven's blog on more than on occasion with tears in my eyes...both from the ache in my heart- and from the laughter I found there.
Yes- he's easy on the eyes...but his words are even better for the soul~

X-Spot- X-Dell is one of the most intelligent bloggers I know. He never ceases to amaze me with facts, figures, ideas, stories, and history. I think he had to grow to over 6'2" (or 6-3?) in order to make room for all the stuff he knows! :) Oh- yes...this blogger makes me think! When spending time with him, either on line, or in person, be prepared to learn something.
I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet X this past fall in NYC. It was an honor and a thrill to see him. He and my son hit it off immediately. I'd only known X on line for about 6-8 months- but it felt like we had known him for years and years.
He is the ultimate teacher- patient, consistent, and gives good feed-back. He is also a good friend who can read between the lines of what you say. He is keenly observant and you had better do your homework if you want to argue with him! But do argue...he always seems up to the challenge :)
If you want a good mystery, a fun game to play, or want to hear a different version of story from the past that you've heard 1,000 times- go read the X-Spot.
X is definitely a blogger that will make you think :)

Don't read this Blog, JL4 Formerly called "This and That", JL4 was the first blogger I read and responded to. His wit is sharp- almost piercing. He is serious, blunt, opinionated, and often right- but that's just the tough outside. On the inside he's thoughtful, insightful, devoted to his family, and loves this country. Some days he is funny, other days he is quite critical, but above all else- he is a great person and a good writer who always makes me think.
When I read his blog - his words stay with me for most of the day.

/t, Ted Warnell -
Oh my goodness! Want to see word poetry at it's finest? Don't have a clue what "Word Poetry" is? Do you want to scroll through the mind of artist who sees the world of words and computer text/programs like no one else does?
I swear, the first 10 times I went to his blog I felt clueless, but I had to keep coming back. I wanted to make sense of what I was seeing...I WANTED TO UNDERSTAND!
I sitll don't understand all of it- but I enjoy /t's web pages so very much.
I also really like the artist.
Ted is easy to talk to and appreciative of the time we bloggers spend over at his place. If you have a question, just ask! If his art reminds you of something, tell him! If you want to mail him fudge, or cookies, or home-made curtains for his lap-top- go ahead! :) Just be prepared that the mail to Canada is VERY slow!

Everything /t does seems to have more than one meaning. Overall- his blog makes me put on my thinking cap...but there are also times when it's just fun to see what he's created next. I always enjoy spending time at /t's place :)

Kate, for me at first, was like going to a therapist. This woman knows what she is talking about and has been through alot. I would read her blog- and cry- and then write and write and write...and then cry some more! She is wise, she understands, she never makes me feel silly or insignificant, and she is very real. She asks good questions- but of herself first- and sometimes I know it's hard for her to answer some of those questions- because she has to be brutally truthful. She has become a dear friend to me- we talk on the phone, and have met in person...and hopefully we will have some time together, if only for a few days- this summer with all of our kids. And Kate is as lovely as you think she is...really. She is a great blogger- and a sweet friend- and she does indeed make me think!

Enemy of the Republic-
"Whew"! I don't know how many of you get to spend time with someone you admire a Coach who leads your favorite team, or a Conductor who leads a local Orchestra, or perhaps the Pastor or Rabbi at your place of worship.
Susan is one of those people to me. She is a Professor, a teacher, a brilliant writer, and has a heart of gold. I admire her to no end. She is tiny, but brave.
She is wise, but not old. She is a mentor, and she is a friend...and I have never been over to her blog and read anything that didn't get my mental juices flowing.
Susan is simply stunning. She writes with passion and fury- and makes it look so easy. I wish- I wish- I wish I had her talent. I wish I knew all the things she knows about literature. I wish I could take one of her classes. She is deep, and well spoken, and a treasure to get to know. I look forward to meeting her one day in the near future- and I would go over the moon if she moved South and worked in one of the universties near my city! It has been nothing short of an honor to get to know her.

Scary Monster-
Scary Monster is one of my newest bloggers. He is simply wonderful. He is honest, and funny, and insightful. He is not afraid to take a jab at someone or something that seems wrong. He takes risks (like the time he struck out on his own on New Years Eve!)- and then tells us how things went, even the bad things! :) I like Scary Monster because he is somewhat disarming with his kid-like 1st person English, and that draws one in...but what holds my attention is the depth of character and personality behind the persona. He lives in a very different culture from my own- out there on ODO Island- I think he might even know Godzilla- who was a childhood favorite of mine :)
Scary Monster wants to appear invincible with his tough green exterior and and big yellow eyes- but what lies beneath, I think, is a very wise creature who understands a tad more about humans and their nature...a nature which is on occasion both scary, and monsterous.
But Scary Monster is ALL good :)

K9, or Chickory -
Oh, my beloved dog! Need I say more? Are you unaware of the Duel last summer? K9 won- and was a true friend long before I really knew the human behind the fur...and is presently an even dearer friend.
K9's blog is now silent, and Chickory has taken the dog's place, even though both blogs are written by the same person. Chickory knew early on that she wouldn't be taken seriously by some bloggers if they knew she was a woman. She created the persona of a big beefy Rotty- and then let nature take it's course. She fought like the big dog she projected- and held her own in every debate. She was fierce, powerful, and frankly- she was right! I loved her as a "dog" and I love her even more as "herself".
She is one of the strongest women I know. Loyal to a fault- "Fidelity Personified"!
I Love that dog- uhh- human!!!

My Travels, Travails, and Thoughts (SJ) - SJ is a man with a "World View". He lives in India. He rarely fails to impress me with his candid thoughts and common sense approach to most things in life. He is open to new ideas, but seems very grounded. His travel blog allows me to see parts of the world I've never seen before, and from his point of view. I appreciate that.
I sent my first Valentine to India this year- I hope it won't be my last. :)

Leelee - She is the Ultimate Mom- sensitive, a good listener, inutitive. Her posts range from sweet and thought provoking, to light hearted cartoon clips, to just down right funny jokes.
She seems like the kind of person I could spend a few hours with in her kitchen- drinking tea or coffee and sharing a cookie or 2. After Scary Monster came to visit me- I knew he would have to visit her next...I wanted him to have lovely memories of spending time with us ladies in the South! :) Leelee's blog is a joy to read.

The Grunt
The Grunt is a stunning writer and a gifted story teller. I've never seen so much material in one place-
He is also talented musically. I have his CD to prove it!
This guy makes me laugh- and cry- and want to move to his part of the country so I can see the beautiful area he lives in. The Grunt's blog is never boring...actually, it's more like a roller coaster ride!

Roxanne has a spirit that senses both the natural, and the super-natural. Sometimes when I read her- I think she's in my head. Other times she opens doors and windows for me to peer through that I wouldn't have thought to open. She is a gifted writer and an up-and-coming Web Designer who I think has tremendous potential.
Actually, she has tremendous potential to be successful at whatever she does.
Roxanne is a survivor. Yeahhhh!

Honorable Mentions:
This blogger is fairly new to me, but when I began reading his posts I found that I couldn't stop.
I went back to his beginning and started reading forward. I haven't uncovered all there is to know about this blogger- but he is so good...spoke to my heart in quiet places. I sense a gentleness in him that I don't find often enough. I look forward to reading him more often.

This guy reminds me so much of a younger brother- that I feel kind of protective of him. He loves 24- and I can not stand to miss one of his Tuesday posts where he re-caps the show. My husband and I actually TALK about Bone during the he was a friend of the family or something. Funny. I know he would fit right in around here...and I just like the thought of that. Bone is the perfect example of how bloggers become friends- he is just someone that I'm glad I know and enjoy reading. He is also a fantastic writer who knows how to draw you in when he tells a story.
Great guy, great Blog :)

Iamnot - Whether he's writing about his kids, or his marriage, or his photography- he is serious about all 3. No shortcuts and no quick fixes...he is "Steady On". He's a great dad and I admire him for all he does for his family. Actually, if you want to know the truth, I'm jealous of his wife!
Seriously...he is an awesome father- and I love to read his blog.

Ok friends-
I might have a big project around the corner- I'll let you know, but it might take me away for awhile. A very sick baby in need of a transplant is also in need of a fund raiser, and a communications coordinator to handle her program. I might be that person...I have been asked to consider it. I'm on my way to the meeting now...


foam said...

you do blog with some wonderful bloggers, mayden. i know because the folks i blog with are all my favorite. and the others i know from their wonderful comments that i find at your blog as well as other blogs.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you, my friend. You too, make me think, usually about the goodness in the world. And /t, you are the word THINK!

leelee said...

this is just such a big love tag fest...I have to say I am honored once again...and to be in such excellent company...


LADY LUXIE said...

awwwww'! hu! hu!.....sniiiff!..sniifff!!..thank you...I am so touched!!..and how so swack' fitting because I am celebrating my 18th year wedding anniversary this weekend ( well we've been together for 19 actually..but the one year prior to the 18 was um''..sin??..hee!hee!hee!)...

Ah'..been feeling a wee' great sad because of all the news going' scared to open the scared to open Cnn or any news channel..yesterady a plane ( cessna light plane) plunged in the area close to where my youngest son's school is...tragic but at least there weren't major casualties ( except for the pilot) because the pilot was able to avoid homes...sad...

oh'..why am' I talking about that here...

Thank you dear friend for this...mad me smile..and giggle thinking back to my elementary days of blogging..all the weird experiences I've had that I revealed to ya'...bwa! a!a!a!a!a!...hee! hee!..hee!...

Right gottza' go out to pick up a few important stuff that helps make anniversay celebrations..a wild bang!..hee! hee! he!he!he!he!he! wink! wink!


Mayden's Voyage said...

Oh Good Lord- Foam! I missed you! I'll have to fix that...I am so sorry! "Sigh"- I knew I would do it, I knew it! I even checked twice...
The adventures you have with your mom- and your hubby- and teaching...and how you grew up in Germany! Ugh...I could just step on myself! Blah! :(

Susan...hugs. It's been a crazy week with my Grandmother here- I hope I'll get to IM you this weekend- it gets harder before it gets to start getting better soon~

Leelee- we are indeed in excellent company. Every person I listed would be welcome to stay at my house- really :)

Luxie- I just adore you...thank you for being here. Happy anniversary! Hugs :)

Bardouble29 said...

You have a way of writing beautiful statements that make people feel great.

JohnB said...

That was a great set of synopsis Mayden...I will have to check out the ones I haven't gotten to yet!

Anonymous said...

don't worry about it. i've seen these thinking blogger awards floating about and have watched other folks get nominated. (man, that dog of mine is driving me nuts......
it needed a desperate 3:30 am outing...
now it doesn't want to come back in)
anyways, i always think of the thinking blogger as other bloggers.
do you have any bacon? this dog is worse than my cats. it hangs out at the door acting like it wants to come in and then when i open it it runs away barking. i might just have to go on to bed....yawn and let the mutt wake up the neighborhood.
too lazy/tired to sign in

Anonymous said...

/bark bark bark

mayden! (soft) grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. what a tremendous honor...and such good company. i love channel surfin ya chakras grrrrrl. we did a battle or two together and all i can say is dont tangle with no southern blonde women grrrherhaha.

back to jawja now. yee hawwww!

smooch on the nose.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Bardouble...thank you friend :) I enjoy reading you-
I have a big project coming up and it's going to take me away for awhile. More on that soon~

John- thanks :) So many bloggers- so litte time! (Hey- I should have a coffee mug with that printed on it!)

Foma- If I had some bacon- I'd give it to you :)

Hugs beloved dog...good to see you :) Travel safe~
:) xoxo :)

Scary Monster said...


(Deep Bow)


Anonymous said...


u da sweetheart!

an honor to be here with yourself and so many talented others

thank you!


ps -- check yr hotmail

The Grunt said...

Aw shux, Cora! I will honor this tag next week sometime. I did get the CD's this week but have been overwhelmed a bit covering for people at work to get my mind together and let you and Baceman know how much it meant to me. I will email you guys soon.

JL4 said...

Wow...I'm uuuuh..flattered. I'm actually feeling my face get warm from blushing.

Thank you

What did you mean "often right"? Are you saying I'm not 100% spot-on correct ALL the time? :-)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Scary Monster-
You are welcome :)

/t- Thank you! I swear- I am the luckiest blogger in the world! :)

Grunt- You are sweet- don't worry- I've had both the Post office and Hotmail lose my mail over the last few weeks...I'm just glad you got them :)

JL4- I've always loved your blog-
and it wasn't because you were first. You are special :)
Your percentage rate hovers around 95% :)

kate said...

ahhhh thanks gf! Great list... well the blogs I know I agree with you on! Its interesting to me that I havent really been to many of the spots you chose as your favs! I will have to visit them when time permits!

Wait i didnt know you were visited by scary monster... you didnt tell me! lol

Good luck with your work helping the baby. I will be happy to help however I can. =]

Happy Friday!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Oh no, I suck!!! Just kidding. I've only come across a couple blogs I don't like, in which case I just never go back.

X. Dell said...

Big project? Are we anticipating a blog post?

Since I've already nominated you, Enemy, K9/Chickory, Foam and everyone else near and dear to me, I really have no one else to nominate (well, other than Wonkette). So I'll decline to pursue this particular tag, if you don't mind.

For the record, I never had so much fun blogging than during that poetry contest. Sad thing is, you can only do something like that once. said...

hey girl!

thanx ... what a trip to be in such great, kewl company!

many things you have written make me think ... i thank you.

good luck with your project ... sounds like quite the challenge.

Bone said...

Thank you, Mayden. All your words are so very thoughtful and kind. They leave me almost speechless. It's very very sweet to be thought of as a younger brother. Wow! And I really enjoy writing the 24 recaps, and it's nice to know someone enjoys reading them :)

Anonymous said...

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