Thursday, March 29, 2007


Cause I've only got a moment~



exskindiver said...

is that kate's eye?

X. Dell said...

You look as though you're courting the Florida sun. Careful. The sun might be a hot lover, it can make a fair woman red in a heartbeat.

leelee said...

looks like the fun has begun...I can see by the smiles that a good time is being had by all.

Yes, be careful of our Florida Sun Mayden..

Seven said...

Hehe...last pic looks like you are 13 yo and did something wrong.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Fun in da sun. Enjoy!!!

Gary Long said...

Hey Cora, love your blogs. Thanks for the encoraging post about my piece on suffering. What do you say let's post each other's blogs for referrals? I'm

Let me know!

foam said...

looks like good times and a pending sunburn. be aware of that sun, mayden fair....!

Anonymous said...


fun in the sun

you two look marvellous!


SJ said...

Looks like you are having fun. Cool.

JohnB said...

Ahhh, yes the Sun. Tell me, what does it look like? I have had mere glimpses of it leaving a mere recollection of nebulous whimsy at its in Seattle of course!

Bird said...

i am dreaming not of florida, but hawaii.


have a blast! said...

like johnb, i, too wanna know - what does the sun look like? parts of stanley park have fallen into the pacific ocean because of landslides here. when you are done with the sun, do please send it over here! lol.

it looks like you will need some aloe vera soon, girl!

enjoy your time.

love, roxanne

Libby said...


Mayden's Voyage said...

No...that is Chris, my best friend :)

X~ I am a fair woman...not sure about the hot lover :) But I blushed when I read this~

I did put on lots of sunscreen :)

Seven- 13? LOL :) I was trying to get into luck so far ;)

Phos- Thanks :)

Gary :) I will add you~ Thanks for coming over :)

Foam- I promise to be careful...I don't want to get cooked :)

/t- thank you "Dahling" :) We ARE Marvelous! LOL ;)

kate said...

looks like fun for sure! Too bad it was overcast yesterday I would have loved to spend some time on the beach! ikik you already had too much sun... well you could have bundled up under a towel then hehehe

Great Photos! What were you listening to on the Ipod?

Anonymous said...

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