Saturday, April 21, 2007

/t and a new spin on the Prom...(click here)

To be completely honest- I've had more fun with /t and this photo than I did at the Prom. Hope you enjoy it :)


Anonymous said...

to work with a
beautiful woman!


Anonymous said...

**thank you** (blushing~)

to work with a
very gifted artist!

-Cora ;)

foam said...

that's one very cool work of art, mayden fair.

The Phosgene Kid said...

/t. is a genius. I keep his work in the main hall of my mental gallery, I really enjoy it.

Gardener Greg said...

Very interesting..Great work.


boneman said...

Not at all sure why the "ancient" dress, but, what the heck....maybe it takes a gal with as much class as you to pull it off.

Wearing it, not undressing....

she said...

looks a lot itchier than wool!
(its me mayden. grrr)

X. Dell said...

Right now, there are people all around the Net who think that photo was of a woman born in the 19th century.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Foam- /t has some fun ideas :) It was all his~

Phos- The main hall of your mental gallery? Love it :)

Greg- :) Thank you~

Boneman- :) Thank you...I'm sure you can see exactly how classy I was with me sticking my tongue out! :P

She- actually the lace was not too bad as I recall~ and the next year, when Tim was at Western and had his Spring Formal- I cut the dress to tea length, hemmed it- and wore it again- I definitely got my moneys worth out out of that dress :)

X- I guess they'd think I'm not looking too bad for being a few hundred years old or so? ;)

kate said...

at your funeral (many many many years from now) they will say,"Her beauty inspired artists... it resonated form the inside out."


Mayden's Voyage said...

Kate- You'll never know how very much I needed that today :)
Tongue in cheek or not! :)
Hugs friend :)