Monday, April 16, 2007

I can not understand...

31, presently, are dead at Virginia Tech...
This is just too awful~

An angry wind has swept through the Southeast, trees have fallen, limbs and debris are scattered all over the ground. There is a cold bite as each gust tears past. The relentless winds have been roaring since the sun came up.

It feels as if giant spirits are at battle, swinging swords and stomping the earth.
Stuff slams into my house and falls to the ground.
My windows shake.
My heart aches for parents- whose loss tonight can not be measured.

God help us...please.


foam said...

my goodness, i had not heard that at all. that is terrible.
our winds have been blowing since last evening and it's still blowing strong. school was delayed 2 hours this morning due to power outages. this afternoon i taught in a dark school due to no power. at times i thought debris would fly through the window.
but those poor parents..
that is awful.. said...

i have stopped trying to understand why humans have such destructive desires. its all far too mind-blowing.

my heart aches, usually, in some small measure, because, each and every second of the days, people all over the world experience loss which they perceive cannot be measured.

g-d wants to help us. we do not appear to want said help. and so he gives us - those who need it - just enuf rope to 'hang ourselves with' ... and do we learn?

a big fat NO is the answer.

humanity has only humanity to blame for this.

once again, i am struck by the miracle of death. one moment, a person is animated, soul connected to the cord of life - all physiologic functions operational. and the next moment - GONE.

struck. ever struck by death.

its raining here. the sort of rain that never stops. i hang onto the knowledge that, with each rain, more new growth flourishes and becomes apparent to those who notice it.

ours is not to understand. its to forge ahead. somehow.

our choices? forge ahead. or stand inertly, like a pillar of petrified salt.

iamnot said...

What have we done, that we keep creating people that express their anger/saddness/despair in these ways?

X. Dell said...

There's not much information about this yet, as identities of all involved have not been released at the time of this post.

Meanwhile, I agree that I wouldn't want to deal with the heartache that the families are going through, not to mention the VT community.

Bardouble29 said...

This morning as I heard the news unfolding, I was stunned.

I have no words, except to say that the family's of these slain people are in my heart and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I just woke up...opened my computer and saw the news..kind ov' disbelieving..and not knowing what to
exactly say half a world away..,

having a son in college I can feel the horrifying anxiety of a parent, being a college instructor, I can imagine the confusion and fear of being stranded in the situation, and being a connected part of the whole of this planet I mourn this occasion.

Hello Cora, all is not that well in my turf....but I'm hopeful. Have a cup of hot tea..while I have mine real here...hugs to you.


exskindiver said...

makes you put life in perpective.

JohnB said...

terrible...that's all I can say.

Anonymous said...
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Gawpo said...

We watched it throughout the day and, as I told you in our emails back and forth, I thought of you immediately, being so close.

All I can hope for is that the shooter had some sort of diminished culpability due to a severe mental illness and that the true tragedy was his access to guns. But I'm not holding my breath. It could just be that we are looking at cold, calculated evil. And that makes me shudder. There are just some really, really bad people out there without souls.

Sad, sad day.

Malinda777 said...

So very horrible, and as a parent, so unimaginable! For eight years, Columbine has been the worst, this guy almost tripled that!

It also makes me sad that almost every day we hear of these same numbers and tragedy in Iraq with suicide bombers, yet many want us to quit trying to help them...I'm not even sure if we can...

And, not to be overly negative here...but the state side tragedies (not all by any stretch)...but MANY recently are committed by persons in this country here either illegally, or here on Visa permits.

It just brings home the fact that perhaps we don't check those coming in closely enough, and perhaps we let too many in. Perhaps we don't consider how hard it may be for those we let in to succeed without a support group or guidance to better integrate over a long period of time.

It's just so heart is truly sad this evening, and my son begins college this fall...on a campus exactly this size. I pray for us all...

Mayden's Voyage said...

This was my "Quote of the day" yesterday...

"For I seek not to understand in order that I may believe; but I
believe in order that I may understand, for I believe for this
reason: that unless I believe, I cannot understand.

-- Anselm of Canterbury

I can't make sense of these deaths-
I've lived a blessed life. I've escaped serious injury and illness. In my early teens I almost drowned- and it was divine intervention that saved me...nothing less.
Why I was given a second chance, and these who died were not- I can not say.

I believe there has been a great loss...and from these losses- something greater will arise.
I don't know what-
I don't know how-
I don't know where-

But I HOPE...and I pray.

Thanks for being here- all of you.

Bone said...

I don't know what to say.

But mostly, sadness. Deep, unspeakable sadness. said...

it all defies words. and words escape us, in any attempt to express a response @ the grief that wails thru the community of blacksburg, va.

what is up with this culture of destruction: 'don't like it? did it piss ya off? or diss ya? then, annihilate it.' its chilling.

Gawpo said...

Hope you are dealin' a bit better today, Mayden...thinkin' 'bout 'cha. G

Serena Joy said...

It's too awful to understand, too senseless to try and make any sense of it. What a horrible tragedy this is.

kate said...

I feel so sad for the families of all of the victims! Very sad.

Scary Monster said...

STOMP and STOMP again!
The frustration of dealing with stupidity and the resulting sorrow that often comes from the insane actions of others astounds me everyday.