Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Pie to Die for! :)

OK- that was an exaggeration- but it is a MIGHTY GOOD PIE! Especially if you like chocolate :)
I thought I'd post this in time for the holiday. I love Pumpkin pie, unfortunately I'm very allergic to pecans, and walnuts. This is a wonderful addition to any Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert table, and it has no nuts in it.

(If you are allergic to pecan and walnuts- tell me. I'd like to hear your story ;)

This is a snap to make, and if you are like me- there is always butter, eggs, sugar and chocolate in the house, and I buy the cheap pie crusts 12 at a time at the grocery store and put them in the freezer. I just never know when I'll need to make a pie- especially THIS one! :)

(Angus barn is famous for this pie here in NC)

1 unbaked pie crust (NOT a deep dish pie crust)
1 stick of butter (real butter is much better)
2 squares of Bakers Chocolate- semi sweet (2 to 4 oz of semi-sweet choc. chips work just as well!)
1 C of white sugar
2 eggs- beaten
1 Tsp of vanilla
dash of salt (the salt is important, it really does season the chocolate)

Melt the butter and chocolate (in the microwave, bowl with a lid- 2 to 3 minutes at 60% power works great)
In another bowl, mix the eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Add in the melted chocolate and butter- mix well.
Pour the mixture into the pie shell, bake for 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees.

Let the pie cool before cutting it...cool whip on it is great. It is VERY rich- good with coffee- and don't eat too much of it :)

I will be serving this on Thanksgiving- I'd love to make something from your kitchen...so pass along a side dish or dessert idea :)


boneman said...

hardly any time on the 'puter 'tall, y'all!
I had sent that with all the bells and whistles and was looking forward to "tracking" it across the countryside as it wandered over t'yer place
then I ended up goin' to Evansville with m'ex t'see m'daughter and a play and got back here runnin' as it were.
Went t'pick up some free firewood monday and back down there today, but they're not done dropping the old elm, so, wasted trip.
Got a fancy pants dinner t'go to tonight...they say thanx t'the artists who gave 'em stuff t'sell over the past year. Heck! They throw in a fine meal and do an auction, too, so, it's kind'a fun.

But, I didn't get to track the picture there.

Hope y'like the music.
Even more important, hope the lil video thingie doesn't scare ya!

/t. said...

know that
i'd face death
for it, but that
is one good looking pie, mayden -- pumpkin is my favorite favorite favorite

btw, not allergic to walnuts, but ceiling crazies can make me break out


schaumi said...

I would read this when I'm starved.....
Dang! ;/
I want me some pie NOW!

Nea said...

I will make it, my daughter lives for chocolate of anykind, including pie.

I make my own crust, so i love one crust pies..... :)

Pumpkin is our all time favorite, I make them for Thanksgiving and for Christmas....and they last about an hour....

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i'm on my way over mayden! dear rottie!!! what a pie. we cut a white pumpkin on all hallows...wonder how that would fly...the white pumpkin pie!


Baron Ectar said...

You know what - I am going to make this for Thanksgiving and take to my folks. They all say that I cannot cook - ah yes - Thank YOU!

Libby said...

cora-i want to make this for thanksgiving at kev's sister's house! yummy!!! and it actually looks EASY!! THANKS!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Boneman- tomorrow I post about what you sent to me- I LOVE IT!
The video is so special, thanks for including it. I hope to hear the cd tomorrow :) Hugs to you Berry!

/t-I suppose ceiling crazies make me break out too :) (I had to read that 4 times before I got the joke :)
"Wall-Nuts v/s Ceiling Crazies" for anyone blonder than me- which would be none of you! :)

Schaumi:) I baked 2 on Sunday...if you run right over I will save you the last piece of the 2nd one! :) I will! :)

Nea- I hope you do- this is such an easy and wonderful pie :) I'm sure it will be even better with a homemade crust!

K9- Come on Pup- as fast as you can :) A white pumpkin pie? Hmmm- Now that would be interesting! :)

Baron- I promise...even my kitchen challenged husband could do this one- you won't have any problems, and all the ladies will be amazed :) Be sure to let it cool- and use the right amt of chocolate. About 1/3 of a 12oz bag of chocolate chips will be enough. Much more than that and it gets too rich :)

Libby- I hope you love it! This is one of the best pies I've ever had- and everyone in the family wants one (or 3!) during the holidays.
Here's a secret- if you have a p-butter lover in the family- you can make it a choc-peanut butter pie by using half p-btter chips and half semi-sweet chocolate.
THAT is Tim's favorite! :)

puerileuwaite said...

Sorry FM, but I cannot allow myself to be a pawn to your evil Chocolate Chess Pie recipe.

Trish said...

Looks very yummy!

X. Dell said...

I've actually had good chocolate chess pie in my life, but I'm sure you make the best that I would have ever tasted. (The whole concoction is wonderful to begin with.)

I'm sorry to hear that you're allergic to nuts. I'm surprised I didn't send you on a sneezing fit during your visit to NYC.

Bird said...

i am a pie-builder from a family of pie-builders! this one looks good and i may have to try it out this weekend!

iamnot said...

Thank god I just had some pork cracklins, otherwise, I'd have to have some pie now.

SJ said...

Yummm I am gonna immigrate just for the pie (American pie!!).

Sean said...

i've got to remember to try and make this...