Wednesday, November 29, 2006

BOND has moved...(click here)

Daniel is over at Mayden's Voyage Photos~

He did nothing for X

SJ might have been a tad concerned over my immaturity?

Pug said he was boring (Red? From that 70's show? Definite jealousy :)

Some were confused

/t was shaken

Schaumi was unscathed :)

Iamnot may have found his twin, and
K9 lost his squirrel breakfast over a bathing suit pic-
So- here I am last Freya's scarf a test shot...(heavens I hope she gets to wear it one day!)
Besides...Daniel is just a fantasy- and each of you are real :)

(Schaumi, Kate, beloved Lux, Rach...please feel free to view the lovely Mr. Craig on my other page- I'll be there too :)


Libby said...

great looking scarf on you cora! of course, i hafta say, i like the one you made me better..i'm not good with white...maybe i'm just a dirt magnet...

Mayden's Voyage said...

Well, Freya is a white dog (not really- just her avatar)- it did have some pastels in it though :)

I mailed them a week ago Saturday and I fear they got lost- I need to start 2 more just in case.
K9's was black and tan- really just something I thought he would wear- but it was gorgeous (or so I thought :)

If you want a thrill- go look at the Bond photos- mmmmm! I get happy everytime I do! -silly I know- but he does make me smile :)

the pink reefer said...

lovely scarf ... perhaps they didn't get lost, but someone else thought they were lovely, too? grrrrr if you hafta make 2 more!

just popping in to say hi!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I will repeat: HE IS HOTTTTTTTT!

SJ said...

Well this doesn't really change anything SJ was concerned about. Yeah I am hard to please :)

Libby said...

sorry, cora...he does less than nothing for me...i like 'em a lot younger, dark hair & eyebrows, brown eyes...etc... ;-D

Mayden's Voyage said...

LOL Libby-
My only problem with this bond is that I felt he was too YOUNG! (38)

I told a friend recently that if I ever had to start over- I wouldn't even consider man who was less than 8-10 years older than me~

We always want what we don't have- don't we??? (hubby is 37) lol- he'll be 50 one day- but then so will I!!!

Hey Pink- I know...I know...grrrr :) It doesn't take me too long though- I just need to get the right yarn again- :(

EOR- he is, he is...turn on the fan!!! LOL

SJ- :) Hard to please? LOL- me too apparently! :P

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

it is beautiful on you!! yeah i think the person that was spossed to get that poster got the scarves. the dirty bastard! im calling him up and holding this poster ransom til i get the fruit of my maydens hard earned labor!!! grrrr! im frustrated!!! watch your mail grrrrl.


X. Dell said...

Now I feel bad. I didn't mean for you to take him off your main site.

In the future, please feel free to disregard my aesthetic opinions. And realize, I have poor taste in men.

X. Dell said...

BTW, I think Freya will enjoy the scarf. It's beautiful.

kate said...

like the scarf... you have been busy! hehehe

I didnt see the movie, but I too have heard that he was great. Your photos were great. He has lovely eyes!!

freya said...

ja mayden my laag von bont is witte!

Mayden's Voyage said...

K9- I'll have a new project going before the weekend is up~ I'll keep you posted :)

X~ Now don't you go feeling bad :)
The Bond pics are up and the ladies know where to find them!

Kate- If I blogged less- I'd make more scarves ;)

Freya :) I promise- you will get one if I have to drive to Atl to deliver it :)

puerileuwaite said...

Glad to see that you evicted him. Long live Sean Connery!

Oh, and Pierce Brosnan too.

Roger Moore was okay.