Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Painting, Scarves, Meme (from Lux :)

What a week! My daughter's 11 b-day party is this weekend, then we travel for Thanksgiving, and home in time to celebrate with my family on Friday the 24th.

My friend "Boneman" (Berry) at posted some of his paintings on his blog a few months ago that he was entering into a competition.
I saw one that I liked very much and I asked him about it.

We worked out a price- and the painting arrived this past Monday! I was so thrilled:)
This is kind of a Christmas present to myself. The painting now hangs in my office and I hope to get it framed in the new year. It's a permanent reminder to me of how very real and special each of you are~

Thank you Berry :)

(And I'll bet he has a few more if anyone is interested :)
********** ***

Next- I've been a "Scarf-making Nut"- and I hope to get them all finished and sent out by the 1st week of December :) I might even get to hand a few out in person- but more on that soon.
My sweet dog and his bride might be over for a visit- or we may meet halfway- we are still working on the details :)

From my beloved friend Lux :)

My pet name is ……Oh- the best one so far has been "Sunshine"- the worst was something I can't write here- this is a kid friendly blog!
The silliest one in high shcool was "Baby Pop"- which came from a Beastie Boys song when I was 17. (not to be confused with Barney's "Baby Bop"- ICK!)

I was born on the 30th day of May, 1969- around 8am. 8am is still a lovely time to get up- I think! :)

My magic is in the food I cook, the things I create, and letters I write~

I can change my mind about something in a flash- and not worry about it :)

I was once approached to be in a beauty pagent, when I was 8- and I won! :)

I am a die hard fan of the old Winnie the Pooh(Milne), C.S. Lewis, and Robert Louis Stevenson...and I adore George MacDonald fairy tales.

I love cloudy days, thunder storms, bubble baths, large ancient trees, the sound of the ocean, the mountains in the fall, candle light, a clean kitchen, fresh sheets on the bed, to be on a boat on the lake at sunset, or sunrise, the sound of my nephews laughing or saying my name..."Nonna", my children saying good morning, or good night, or thank you- or I LOVE YOU MOM...
A breezy country home- full of comfortable furniture- and looks lived in (and believe me, mine does!)- books everywhere, chocolate hidden in special places for an emergency, an abundance of tea bags- English or Irish breakfast :) A bikini wax, a trip to the hair salon, and a footrub by a pair of strong hands that love me.
I love alternative music- that combines the sound of nature with bells, and harps, and wind instruments~

I think my husband is strong, and brilliant, kind, and trustworthy.
Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn was sexy beyond any man I have ever seen...except for a Marine I saw last summer at the beach- but I digress ;)

I dream of dancing with abandon, in the beach, under the brightest smiling full moon with my soul sisters… (this I copied from Lux- but it was too good, and too true for me not to include it!)

5 is my favorite number ;) (ok, so I added one more! :P)

I have one more blog to post before Thanksgiving, and then I think I'll be away for a while- but I'll be reading up on all of you! :)


schaumi said...

one of these days, mayden fair, we will meet up at the beach..

hopefully before then, but I know we'll meet at that beach..

Pug said...

Enjoyed the painting, scarves and - of course - your post, FM.

Thanks for the beta blogger commenting tip as well.

the pink reefer said...

hey girl ... you've been a busy bee.

lovely scarves. i have a rainbow scarf that i wear all the time - sort of appropriate, considering i am in vancouver!

yummm ... the pie looks great.

enjoy yourself, cora. i'll write you one of thoese days.

kate said...

how very cool that you have a painting! neat!! I love the meme thing too. Where ya going over Thanksgiving?

Lady Lux said...

happpy birthday to the lovely sweet gal of yours...and I just sooo love this meme..revealing..he!he!...oh' gawd..I'm working to kingdom come..haven't had breakfast or lunch ..just coffee..I dunno' why I ever set myself up with this work..sigh..I'd rather be in your party!

SJ said...

You ARE talented.

Libby said...

Cora-that picture is SO YOU!! and i love your meme! very cool!! (and your scarves!!)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi- I look forward to the day- whenever and however we can work it out :)

Pug- I may have to make something for you too~ are you going to freak out when I ask for your address??? :)

Pink- Friend- good to see you. I will be nuts until after the 27th :) It is possible that my being a "nut" is a life long condition though :)

Kate- I hope to get an email out to you today! But, I go to the coast with hubby Tues- Thursday, then my sisters and I plan a feast for the rest of the family- in all I guess there will be 20 or so. Little brother is in California- as is his best friend who we've illegally adopted :) It will be less colorful without them here :(

Queenie- (I LOVE that name!) I would give almost anything to celebate this holiday with you- you would love the food, and the family, and all the little ones running around. It's a lot of work, but worth everything! :)
Take care of yourself! :)

SJ- Now that I know I can send something to you and it will arrive- who knows what you'll get in the mail! :)

Libby- you are so dear. I am sorry I haven't been to your place- I promise to come over soon!

X. Dell said...

(1) I'm gathering K9 is recently hitched? (Why won't he tell us these things!)

(2) Boneman's indeed a talented artist.

(3) I don't suppose you could code that other pet name for us, could ya'?

Mayden's Voyage said...

X~ friend :) I think the sweet pooch has been hitched for almost as long as I have been! :)

Code the naughty nickname???
Hmmmmmm... :)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

define "hitched" grherha! boy that black and tan scarf is mighty fine! natures perfect palette! mayden, youre too good to be believed!!! but i believe it. fun meme i might try it myself. have a great friday mayden.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark to see boney's painting in your creative space!


flic said...

Beautiful scarves!

boneman said...

And, in a way, I can't wait fer the cold t'really set in around here so I can wear m'new scarf!