Monday, October 30, 2006

My Quote of the day

My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable
superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are
able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.

-- Albert Einstein

I thought Mr. Einstein summed it up pretty well for me this morning~
Yes- I suppose I could add something...but I'm not :)

My quote for yesterday-

Love begins when the needs of someone else become more important
than your own.

-- Lao Wei

Someone blessed me this morning-
And I return the blessing to you~
I hope the sunlight streams in and fills every corner of your life.
I hope that someone will love you in an unexpected way today.
Thank you for taking the time to reach out- I needed it more than you know.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Those are great quotes. I certainly believe the first, as the Divine, even as you and I see him, is so mysterious and beyond human understanding. I think of the Transfiguration and Peter's dumb comment as a metaphor for all of us when we petition God, and he smiles, thinking, yet another doesn't quite get it.

Number 2 is the epitome of love. And it's a hard one, especially in this world.

Anonymous said...

hey big sis, I tried it and it said i look like hillary duff...what about courtney cox???

Anonymous said...

i was referring to the celeb look alike thing......

mantissa said...

dear mayden,

its snowing here and overcast, but the sun is indeed shining :D ... someone has, indeed loved me in an unexpected way today ... :D

thank you for your email reply. expect my reply in the next few days.

love the quotes - they resonate with me.

the first, indeed i see as g-d. i see the divine in life's tiniest and most humble details. the second - a mother knows the truth in this statement, doesn't she? indeed, this is so difficult.

my thanx to you for reaching back ... enjoy your day. here's a thought for you:

He inscribed His signature on the inside of each thing He made. On the outside it is finite, but on the inside is the signature of infinitude.

Open anything you like, examine it carefully and you will see.

Libby said...

cora, as usually happens, when reading your posts, i get teary-eyed! (damn mascara!!)
kevin really DOES #2 quote, i have such a hard time with that one1

X. Dell said...

Einstein was often as wise as he was intelligent. The simplicity of his views regarding religion lack dogma, for the most part (after all, why would the divine spirit be male?).

I see love as identification with a fellow traveller. To make their concerns more important than yours would require you to see them as "other." My belief is that love comes when you cannot determine the difference between your own needs from your beloved's. Just my humble opinion.

Otherwise, I'm happy to know that someone blessed you today. I hope to bless you on a few days in the future, at least.

puerileuwaite said...

Great quotes, FM!

Here's one of mine (sorry).

Love begins when the money runs out
And yet
She stays
Offering both a line of credit
And giving credit
Where it is due

..................... said...

A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.
Winnie the Pooh

Mayden' s Voyage said...

:) In my life, when I have the audacity to think I have "Him" figured out- He brings down the house of cards around me.
Especially His capacity to forgive-it is beyond me...

Hey Naomi!!! :)
Courtney Cox would have been my 1st choice...but it's funny to think of sisters who look like Billy Idol and Hillary Duff! LOL!
Don't be a stranger around here!
(do you want me to create a blog for you- I will :)

Pink- I love the quote you left here...thank you :) I look forward to writing a note at your place- your blog today was awesome and I need some time to reply~

Libby- Thank you- It's something to see #2 in action, either in someone else, or in ourselves.
I'm not that way as much as I'd like to be.

X~I think I saw the love quote with a mothers eye- the long nights, the ache in the back and shoulders from holding a sick baby- when you are too exhausted to stand up on your own. It's in these moments that your own needs go unmet- gladly- in order to care
for another...and yet your point is valid- she needs to be well, and I NEED her to be well- for my own sake as well as hers.

And you do bless me- and I'm thankful for you...I hope it's mutual :)

PW- Can I tell you how astoundingly grateful I am that I am not in love with you? :) It's a brighter spot in my life than I realized! LOL! (I am of course teasing you- except for the part about not being in love with you...I was serious about that :)

Schaumi- I adore that :)
Is there anything better than AA Milne and the old Pooh bear stuff?
I don't think so :)

Unknown said...

Ah Einstein's much misinterpreted quote. :)

Am back. How've you been?

Baron Ectar said...

How could you add something to a great quote like that - sort of hard to do!

Keep that Senility Prayer in mind!

The Grunt said...

Great quotes, Cora. I like to examine all the fine details of something until my head explodes, then I space out for awhile, then look at the whole.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

mayden. you're loved.


mantissa said...

mayden - check this site for more lovely quotes like that one - they have a different thought for each day.

re my latest post - yes. its a douzie, ain't it? i surprised myself. i'd be interested in your thoughts.


mantissa said...

duh ... forgot to leave you the link.

here it is - look for daily thought in the right hand column ....

Enemy of the Republic said...

The puppy is right--you are loved.

Helene said...

sometimes we look to others for words we cant find ourselves... I think that is why I blog... because it connects me with others who can find the words that I cannot!

You are in my thoughts girlfriend!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

SJ- So good to see you! I will get over to your blog soon :)

Baron- The prayer was great :) And I'll call you if I find myself in need of a cowboy :)

Grunt- You rarely do things the easy way! :) Which is why I like you~

K9- So are you :)

Pink- That web page was AWESOME! I mean really moving- powerful. I've added as a favorite link on my laptop.

EOR- Thank you...and you are loved as well :) I hope to send you a note soon :)

Kate- Friend, thank you for your thoughts...they mean more than I can fully say :)

Sean said...

i like these. thanks.

Aunty Belle said...

great doan mamas learn that real quick--how is yore 13 year old??

BTW, Cora, llovey, whar' is Schaumi?

Lady Prism said...

eat day..just a hello!..hoping your having a great day..or night!..:))

ey' waitaminute?...where's the comment I posted yesterday??..eeey''s missing...oh' snooks..were'd it go?...

awww'...I said how timely the quote was for me coz' me' Hubz' and I are into this week long God discussion thing and I think the Einstein quote sums everything up...prrfectly!..yah!

Lady Prism said...

ha!ha!ha!..gawd..what's happening to my comments?...I started of with..."i'm hoping you have a great day or night..."..ha!ha! must be wondering what "eat day" means...hee!hee!

mantissa said...

hey mayden;

that site is one of my favs, it is filled with wisdom. enjoy ...

i sent you an email yesterday ...

just wanted to say hello and wish you a good day/evening/night.


Anonymous said...

my quote
of the day:



Helene said...

missing your posts! Hope all is well!!!

puerileuwaite said...

You're ... not?


Bird said...

was einstein also the scientist who said something along the lines that science was really just man's way to map the face of god - to understand god?

maybe someone else. i like the sentiment.