Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The rest of the pictures...(some of them anyway!)

A parting gift from X~ Thank you! Timothy and I both love our New York t-shirts :)

Empire State building- a view from the 80th floor

Southern Manhattan

Timothy in Central Park

Moonlight over the park

A great son and his mom in a great city :) (In Central Park)

In the Paramount Hotel lobby :)

New York City and the Hudson River

Lady Liberty

On the Liberty Cruise

A mirror on the observation deck of the Empire
State building...this pic didn't quite turn out it
the way I'd like, but it was fun :)

I loved the sail boat against the back drop of the city~

New York "Rat"! I still think they are pretty- but I haven't been pooped on by one either! :)

A bridge...I forget which one! LOL!

The USS Intrepid was/is an aircraft carrier that served in WWII, the Korean war, and the Vietnam War. Our visit was the last day the Intrepid would ever be in the water- she is being moved to dry dock and will continue to be a museum that will awe and inspire everyone who sees her.

My favorite doll in FAO Schwartz :)

This Barbie ballerina outfit- for some reason, made me think of Lux :)
I took this pic for her, and for my daughter~ Isn't it fabulous? :)

Hagrid- 100% made out of legos! He is one BIG guy! :)

FAO Schwartz was FUN!

Home again! :)

Home and rested?

These last pictures are in honor of K9 and his photos from his train ride :)
I was on the observation deck- being observant.

These people were NOT on the phone- they were listening to an audio tour. At least some of them were...and we were all amazed by the view.
It just seemed right, after looking at the sights together- that I took a moment to look at them :)


..................... said...

beautiful photos!
they bring back memories.

Yes said...

Glad to see you "revived" from your trip--you must be exhausted but you look fresh as a daisy!
Sounds like a great time! And what a treat to spend so much time with your son--hope he was just as excited at all the new experiences...

Malinda777 said...

Great shots! Thanks for the NY tour. As beautiful as it all is, still miss the towers in the skyline.

I think it's so cool that you and your son got to go there. I so enjoy every little trip I take with one of my boys :)

Lee said...

Thank you for an 'armchair' tour of NY.

Lady Prism said...

gooodness!! I was there with you!...Could even feel the wind!!..My fave is that statue of the lady with wings!!...I loved that pic ov' you with your son!!...shucks...I wish I could have time alone just touring...ah'...touring...the mall?! ( that's as far as I can go..sigh!)

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

nice photos mayden. i stil like the one with you and the rottie best. how was the paramount? ive heard its nice.
the havent written about the food. and what about xdell? you are a vision today...its rainy here so i needed that sunlight.


Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

Glad you had fun with the boy! Nice Pics.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to the real world.

Anonymous said...
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Helene said...

Great shots and wow you did do a lot!

Thanks for posting them!!

BTY I noticed the fancy new clogs in the one photo! No sneakers for you there! hehehehehehhehehhehe

puerileuwaite said...

I am enjoying your photos. It takes me back to my trips there.

But what IS Lady Liberty's deal? She's all like, "Hey everybody! I'm over here! Come pay attention to me. You can even be a tired, hungry or poor foreigner! It doesn't matter, just adore me."

I just think it's a bit much. She should simply be herself, put that silly arm down, and conduct herself like a proper lady.

Libby said...

cora-thanks for the 'tour'! i hope that people in that city will see it through your eyes now, and appreciate it!!

X. Dell said...

Speaking of FAO Schwartz, I forgot to take a picture of Tim and his airplane (or Yoshi, for that matter).

The photos are an excellent travelogue...especially for me since I have never been to some of the places you've been. New Yorkers never go to most of the attractions. I've known middle-aged men who have never left the tri-state area who have never been to the Statue of Liberty, for example. I myself have never been to the observation deck of the Empire State building, although I'm in it quite often, for business reasons. Never took the Liberty Cruise, and never went on the Intrepid--even though I literally lived on the same street.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Schaumi- thank you :) In all I took over 200 photos in 3 days- and honestly 160 of them were good enough to print. I can hardly wait to scrapbook this trip- and I have to finish a scrapbook for K9 too... but I have to stop blogging in order to do it! LOL :)

Firebird- I am still tired, but thank you for the compliment :) My kids go back to school next week and I hope to rest- ummm- in between laundry, and cooking, and getting the kids off to school???

Malinda- You are welcome. I didn't get to ground zero- we saw it from the boat, and from the Empire state bldg. I wanted to go- but I also knew it would be pretty emotional for me. Next time- I'll do southern Manhattan...

Lee- Thanks for taking a peek :) It was a wonderful trip.

Lux- one day friend- one day we will have an adventure- I just know we will! :)

K9- you always brighten my day- and it's dreary here too. I'll post about meeting X, and the food. It was good. Japanese, Korean, Italian, and American in 3 days...I was a happy girl! :)
The Paramount was ok- the Affina 50 is the place to stay- and when we go again that is where I will look. The price was about the same- but better room sizes and a tad farther away from Times Square.

Val- This was a trip with my son that we will never forget...and I
while I complained and felt guilty over the expense- I have no regrets. We had a blast- and experienced things that one just can't experience elsewhere.

Iamnot- good to be back. You've got my mouth watering from your last post- stop it :)

Kate- I love you 'cause you noticed those shoes! :) Yep- they are great, but not good for walking. Glad I brought the New Balance walking shoes- I know we covered quite a few miles- we walked virtually everywhere :)

PW- How long ago were you there? This was my first trip, but not my last- I'm sure! :)

Libby- Thank you for saying that :)
You know- I tried to engage the people I was buying things from, or people who were working. In almost every case I was treated well and with kindness. We got a table at a fairly nice restraunt with no reservation...the Italian guy gave me more food than I could ever eat...the liquor store guy from the Bronx introduced me to a new Vodka that was awesome.

I just could not have asked for nicer people to be around. Every aspect of the trip was good :)

X~ You know it's the same for me- in my city. There are lots of historic places here and if not for the kids going on field trips- I wouldn't have seen many of them, which is a shame. I need to plan a week of sight seeing in my area- the civil war sights especially.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

my scrapbook! i remember i need to send the printouts to you. i have absolut mayden up in the studio!
happy saturday mayden.

Crashtest Comic said...

While in New York you should have taken a picture of my ass--

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs K9 :)

Crash- ??? You have a donkey?

puerileuwaite said...

My last time there was over 10-years ago. Love it.

Bird said...

loved these posts on NYC.

but especially liked the pic of you and your son in central park. that is the sweetest one.

it made me do a trip down memory lane with some photo albums - looking at pics of me and my son. then me and my daughter - when they were babies and preteens and very young teens.

Anonymous said...

I love the little red boat against the city, beautiful pics Cora

ThursdayNext said...

Dear Cora,

New York City is a better place after you have visited it. :) I am sorry I missed you; work has gotten the better of me again and I am on major sleep deprivation and once again questioning if I can continue on this career path.

I am thrilled that you had a great time here, and I loved seeing the city through YOUR eyes. I am with Rottiepooch...where did you eat? As for Lady Liberty, she is a true New York woman. Her arm up is a pillar of strength and edgeyness. ;) I hope you are well, sweet Mayden.

Love, Amy

Aunty Belle said...

What fun!! TIm is a lovey! Thanks fer this fine tour of the Apple. What of Schaumi??? Whar's her pic? Xdell was a fine guide, I see...

Doan fret none over the $$ ya can never be sorry fer buillding important memories wif' ya' boy.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

PW- I think the city has changed in 10 years- especially in Time Square. X and I had an interesting discussion about that.

Bird- Thank you for coming by :) I'm glad you took a trip down memory lane- it's usually a sweet place to go! :)

Rach- I loved that boat too- so glad the pic of it turned out well :)

Amy- seeing you would have been the icing on the cake- but honestly- I don't know how I could have squeezed one more thing in! We were so busy- but I am sure this will not be my last visit :) I hope we can try again :) Thanks for coming by- and I hope you can survive until the holiday break!

Aunty Belle- It was a wonderful trip- and it was worth every penny we spent :) I haven't had lunch with Scahumi yet :)

The Grunt said...

Man, what a trip you had. I would like to do that someday--NY.