Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not sure about the change...

I'm playing with Beta...

I thought I'd say I was "fooling around", but after all the speculation at
"One Girl in a Big World"- I figured I'd better be careful!

So- be prepared to see it change again.

The one thing I do love is that this version lets me use my "Absolut Mayden"
photo- but to be honest- I really loved the look of the other blog.

The green is beautiful on Lux. I'm not sure it's for me though...

Thanks for your comments while I work this out :)


/t. said...


every time
i come here
everything looks different --
the constant changes are kind of interesting by themselves

happy splorin'


firebird said...

Mayden, your blog would look great in any color! The green was beautiful, but this muted blue scheme sets your photos off better.

You are brave to try the beta so soon--
but I already know you're super brave after you cleaned your daughter's room!

I'm glad both stories have happy endings...!

Gary said...

I like that Absolut Mayden photo. Very unique.

Hope you have a nice week.

Mayden's Voyage said...

/t- hopefully there will be no more for a while :) But it is kind of like going to a friends house and finding they've redecorated everytime you come for a visit :)

Firebird- thank you :) I love the blue- and beta is pretty good too.
And my girls room is still clean! :) yeahhhh! :)

Gary- I swear- I have been so blessed by that dog. I adore him.
I was tickled pink when I realized I could post his pic permanently on my blog cover :) I hope you have a good week too! :)

Sean said...

i like it. looks great.

X. Dell said...

Well, if both you and Lux had similar formats, it'd be kinda confusing. We might forget whose page we're visiting, or whom we're commenting to.

Is it just me, or do the new beta templates look kinda spartan?

Lady Lux said...

juuust a cruisin' by here once again to catch a glimpse of your sun!...pretty..pretty...beautiful..I need this..

It's almost time for me to hie off to school..It's going to be a tough day..tell you later..have a peaceful evening...

just me..
Luxie dee' doo..

Lady Lux said...

PS:..the absolut photo is stunning!!