Wednesday, October 18, 2006

See what happens when I stop blogging? :)

This is a scarf I made for Libby :)


And I've got another one halfway finished- but it's for a male blogger! (oooo- whooo???)

Not to mention this week I've made Spaghetti with a red sauce of pork, beef, crushed tomatoes, basil, garlic and Italian seasonings~

And a "fall apart pot roast" with creamy brown gravy, green beans, buttered peas and rice...

Tonight- leftovers and more knitting! Whoopieeee:) LOL!

I was hesitant to post this pic- I had my braces tweeked on today and I'm in a fair bit of pain tonight...I think it shows in this photo :(
I'll be fine- lots of Advil will do the trick! :)


schaumel said...

ahhh, those fuzzy scarfs..luv 'em.
pain does show up in the eyes, doesn't it? these darkening fall days are conducive to hunkering down and knitting. It's a calming activity.

Libby said...

oh, damn, cora, i never knew you had braces...owwww, that hurts when they tighten them!! i got that stuff over before i was 16, thank goodness!

Sean said...

this made me hungry...

kate said...

love the scarves... but there may be some fights breaking out over them... hehehe

I cook when I am troubled... I will cook several meals at a time an give them away...

I have gained 7 lbs going through this class work... I need inspiration to exercise and diet!!! Wanna do a lose weight a thon? lol

How long do you have to wear the braces. I was sooooooooo ready to have them off when I did finally get them off. I am thinking that the tooth in question may be acting up... we shall see!

Come visit me! Bring the kids too... ok T can come too! ehhehehehehheehehhehe'

K9 said...

/bark bark bark


im movin' in!

(yeah i laughed at the trailer joke. thanks mayden.)


Lady Lux said...

wooow! made those?!..You know what?..I think I wanna' learn how to make one too..

hmmmm...that would be a great hobby'...yeah..

gooodmorning..7 am here!

PS: Love your smile!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Everyone's going beta. What are the advantages?

Love the scarf. I wouldn't have noticed the braces if you hadn't mentioned it.

X. Dell said...

I'm sure Libby will love the scarf. But I'm thinking about that segment on Hee Haw where Grandpa Jones used to peek out the window to announce to the audience what he was cooking for supper. That used to make my mouth water too.

firebird said...

Maybe YOU thought you had stopped blogging, but you could have fooled me! Doesn't look like you missed more than a day or 2--
please lower your standards to match the rest of us ordinary folks! (It's better for one's mental health...)
I enjoy even the short posts, I'm sure I'm speaking for everybody!

/t. said...



Little Lamb


lambs, too, have a wild side...


puerileuwaite said...

Knitting and whoopiee in the same post (and almost in the same sentence!). Well, check another item off of my list of "things I never thought I'd see".

Little Lamb said...

I guess /t. gave you my wool after all. :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi- Well, it gets cold- and I start knitting, then it gets back up into the 80's! Uggggh!
Do you know how to crochet too? Mom in law taught me how last year, but I need a refresher course :)

Libby- Yep- got the much needed braces in Feb- hopefully they'll be off in the Spring :) The results are beyond my wildest dreams- it's worth whatever I have to go through :)

Sean- :) My door is always open to you to come and have dinner with us :)

Kate- I think I could make a scarf out of ribbon- perfect for the warmer climate of Florida! :) I'll see what I can do- I would love to send one to you :)

K9- Anytime :)

Lux- I'm almost finished with a yellow scarf with white fuzzy eyelash yarn- Thought it would be for you :) Even though I know it's pretty warm where you are~

Mayden's Voyage said...

EOR- SO far the advantages of Beta are:
1-Greater ease is uploading pics.
2-More control over where things like "about me", "Blog roll", and "recent posts" are placed on your blog.
3-easier to add links (though it wasn't hard once you figured out how to do it the old way)
4- Able to add other permanent pics to the blog- in addition to your own image (see "Absolut Mayden" photo)

X~ LOL- I needed the chuckle I got from imagining you watching Hee Haw! "sigh", it's been a rough week at my house and you really made me smile right then :)

Firebird- thank you :)

/t- wild side indeed ;)

PW- One never knows what they'll find at MV :) lol :) another laugh- thank you! :)

Little Lamb- wool is wonderful. What a blessed creation it is! If only everything in life were like it. It's used to make scarves and blankets, and hats and socks...and the sheep aren't harmed when the wool is taken. All the way around-(like pottery too), it's good stuff and the way things should work in the world.

schaumel said...

yes, I can also crochet.

X. Dell said...

Actually, I watched that "Earl" show last night because you and Tim recommended it so highly.