Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Beautiful Day~ and my first HNT

My daughter and I got up early this morning to go out for breakfast. She needed some assistance on a Haiku (3 actually) she was working on. I didn’t have a chance to help her last night- so she brought her notebook with her.

The poems were supposed to be about nature, and we talked about a walk her class had taken through a field for inspiration. My darling girl was not terribly inspired! She did not like this assignment, she did not like the structure of the Haiku, and it was hard for her to see the purpose in it.

Structure for structures sake…I guess it is hard to understand why that would be necessary in a poem. I understand the need for structure in a building, and in parenting, and in a marriage- and I LIKE the structure of a Haiku…because it is something of a challenge to write.

My 5th grader was less enamored with the process- to say the least.

I thought the best one we wrote, and yes- I did help her, was this one: (5. 7. 5)

Music in the air
Bluebird singing in the tree
Up above my head

She declared that unless she was instructed to write another Haiku for homework, she would never write one again…so I asked her to write one about me :)

I’ll let you know what she comes up with~

For Juli~

Bright, insightful, warm-
Freckles and a smiling face,
Stubborn just like me

My therapy today was to spend sometime outside with my camera…I was inspired by something I saw over at “Iamnot”-

All of the shots on this post were taken in my back yard this morning.
Good fun, and a few good pics :)




These were inspired by /t- sans moustache ;)

Shadow me...

Bright eye

And one more- not an HNT! :)


iamnot said...

Cool, I'm "inspiring."
So, you'll return the favor. I owe U, one Haiku.

iamnot said...

Well, that one pretty much wrote itself....

Inspiration is—
Mayden’s voyage through her life.
My debt is now paid.

Mayden's Voyage said... are a dear :)
Paid in full! And you are inspiring- in more ways than one~

/t. said...


i am
by your beautiful day and wonderful shadow pics -- Dali's Shadow is for you



kate said...

hehehe you were in a sassy mood Mrs Voyage! lol!!

Your post made me giggle (and that is without my 5pm glass of wine or martini! *wink)

Hey... I am going to NYC on the 9th of Nov! Wanna come? hehehe

DykesDog said...

I love, love, love this time of year when the leaves change! I make have to take come therapy shots myself! HNT!

Mayden's Voyage said...

/t- I'd tell you I love you, but the last time I said that- a duel started...
So- just to be safe..." I like you very much!" lol! :) The shadow Dali was marvelous!

Kate- It was good for me to spend sometime out in the yard today :)
I saw a pic at Iamnot's of a woman with a thread of light on her face-over her eye- and I was trying to do my own version of that. I thought the effect was pretty cool :)
Yeahhhh- you are going to NYC! I would love to join you- wish I could. Hope you have a wonderful time :)

Dykesdog- Welcome! :) Take some shots, have fun! (Ummm- am I talking photos, or drinking here???) LOL- you choose! I did one this morning, and I am about to do other right now!
Thanks for coming over :)

Baron Ectar said...

I take tons of pictures. People are always yelling at me. The one of your eye is awesome - sort of like a window to your soul shot - nice.

schaumel said...

nice pix of the flatlands, mayden fair....;)

Gary said...

You have a lovely yard. At least what I can see of it. :)

puerileuwaite said...

FM - Very enjoyable post. And you have inspired me in a way that I cannot yet reveal. Stay tuned on my blog. Keep on keepin' on, Super Mom!

X. Dell said...

Perhaps you daughter could see the purpose of form better were she asked to write a limmerick, where the form itself is part of the content. Then too, nature might not inspire her that much, at least at that age.

Also, to be a true HNT, you have to post a comment on Obasso's site saying, "I'm up."

Bird said...

what a backyard!

haikus are like cinwuains in many ways.

i like playing with the form. i think it opens up a different way to write and a different window on creativity.

Bird said...

did i really spell cinwains instead of cinquains? maybe it's a new poetry form.

mayden - please drop by my roost for cup of coffee compliments of my thai friends.

the pink reefer said...

lovely pictures ... i do so love trees.

haiku is sort of the quintessential poetry - an exercise in how to say volumes with limited words. a great challenge.

Lady Lux said...

oh my'...I'm meditating here...feeling that I am actually there in your picture pretty garden sayin.."oooooommmmm"...

wonderful wonderful..sooo lovely!!!

Libby said...

dang, cora, i REALLY wish I had trees in my backyard! we used to have an endormous one in the backyard, but it was too close to tiff's upstairs bedroom, and always knocked on the house, & dropped branches when it was, we had it taken out...which is okay now, i was afraid it'd end up into tif's br window!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Baron, I loved the eye pic too~ It wasn't exactly the effect I was trying for- but close enough ;)

Schaumi- I honestly wish I was a tad closer to where you are. I enjoy the ocean, but I'm in love with the mountains of NC and West Va.

Gary, it would be a GREAT yard if I was more like you! It is roomy enough and the 26 acres that back up to my house (not my land- boo!) make it feel like I live way out in the country- when I really don't.

PW- how can I stay away? Your blog is a fun place :)

X- That girl is so funny! She confessed when she got home that she tried writing Haiku's about all of her friends! I knew she would come around :) And thanks for the heads up about Obasso- I'll send him a note the next time :)

Bird- LoL :) I came by~ I loved that post!

Pink- it is very nice- I feel blessed to be here :)

Lux- I hope one day you will be my guest- you and hubby too! :) It is beautiful here in the fall :)

Libby :) We had one tree, further back, come down in an ice storm- it was well over 100 feet tall- and missed the house by 30 feet or so.
But most of the trees are hardwoods (and not Pine)...but if the right storm came through- we'd have a mess for sure!

boneman said...

OK, ya caught me!
I saw the HNT and went flyin' n t'see....
it was yer shadow!

Well, I reckon that counts. After all, yer shadow ain't dressed at all, is it?

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hey Boneman! :)
Yep- I think the shadow counts...and the naked eye shot too ;)
Good to see you :)

Sean said...

beautiful stories, poems and photos. thanks.