Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day 1 in New York, part 1


"Patience" and "Fortitude" (Borrowed this pic from the web)
These are the 2 lions that proudly guard the New York Public Library.

This is Timothy~ hopefully standing next to "Fortitude"- which we would both need
to walk all over the city! :)


A mural painted on the ceiling of the main reading room of the Research Library.

Can you see me in the Sky Mirror in the Rockefeller Plaza? (

There I am! :)

My son- in front of the Plaza

St. Patricks- top and bottom!

Stunning...I wish now that we had gone inside!

More to come in part 2 :) Am I boring you to tears yet?


..................... said...

heck no, this is not boring..
more, more..
i'm living vicariously here

Little Lamb said...

I like looking at pictures and hearing (reading) about your trip.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

welcome home! you have been missed. looks like a great time. i cant wait to hear about you meeting the NYC bloggers.

you look better with a rottie on ya. grrrrrrrherherhaha
just kidding mayden. youre my lady fair.
keep the pictures coming.
welcome home!!!!! grrrr!

did you see any art?


/circle tail wag

puerileuwaite said...

Did you sing karaoke in the subway for change? That's what I do when I'm there. (That I can admit to)

Unknown said...

Awaiting part 2.

Lady Prism said...

wow!..nice pics!!...will write to you later..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs to all of you! :)

Schaumi- Thank you...I'll try to finish up today and not drag this out- I took over 200 pics- just sorting them is work! :)

Lamb- thank you :)

K9- You are on my list of friends to email- I thought of you several times- wondering where you will be when you come to the city. The art was amazing- and we didn't get into MoMa- wish we had...we needed to stay for 3 or 4 more days.
Art is everywhere- on the buildings, in the hotels, on the sidewalks- I could go on for days writing about all we saw :) Smooch! :)

PW- we actually got on the subway once- and we didn't sing...the crowd just didn't seem up for it! :)

SJ- Soon friend- soon :)

Lux- hugs to you...I look forward to a mnute when I can send you a note :)

X. Dell said...

You've reminded me to take a picture of the mirrored disc at Rockafeller Center, one taken at a greater distance to show that it is shaped like a flying saucer.

Libby said...

Cora-GORGEOUS pictures! i love seeing them & hearing (reading!) where you've keep the 'adventures' coming!!

Sean said...

thanks for keeping us updated :)

boneman said...

cool pics, gal.
Dang! The buildings are taller than churches! How will GOD be able t'see who's going t'church?

boneman said...

OK, /t sez this happens alot, but, it don't make things any better knowin'...I just posted a comment and it came back and said, "error"...
Too bad I didn't do the whole thing /t said t'do, which would have been easier than going on about it, now.

I said, wow!
Big buildings! Bigger'n the churches.
How will GOD know who has been t'church or not?

oh well. Not that many laughs there, anyway.
Looks like y'had fun. No doubt great chow.
And you even got to stand next to Earl!
Dang! He's a lot bigger in person than on tv.

Helene said...

ohhhhh I love them!

Anonymous said...


you're turning
out to be pretty
handy with that camera

some really nice photos, and with your descriptions to accompany the pics, it's almost like being there -- i feel a musical coming on...

New York in the fall -- thanks for the memories...