Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Robin....BLAH!!!! :)

My sweet sister had a birthday yesterday...and she called me to tell me
that she and Mom were going out for a lunch celebration, and asked me if I wanted
to come along!
Love to!
So, as typical for me, I show up about 15 minutes late, and they, knowing me, are seated and getting ready to order :)
My adorable nephews are there, J is 4yrs , and A is 16 months old. I swear these are 2 of the cutest kids ever...really. J will talk your head off, and A just wants to love on you...
A is sleepy from having missed his nap, and J does not quite seem right, but he is chatting to us and saying,
"Scooze me, Mom...I see see something you don't know about!" :)

There are things hanging on the walls, things like snowshoes, and skis, and maps, and all kinds of strange things to look at, only most people don't look...but a 4 yr old definitely does!

Anyway...Robin goes to fix a plate at the salad bar, and A decides he needs to hold his drink cup, the kind with a pop-on lid and a straw. He is across the table from me and I don't realize what he is doing until it's too late. Yes...12 oz of sweet tea goes everywhere--all over the floor, a complete mess, well, not complete, but that is coming soon...
The waitress assures us that this is not a problem and not to worry, but Robin feels bad for the mess! The boys start to eat, well, mostly J just looks at his fruit--he is not hungry, and A adds whatever bits he can to the tea puddle on the floor.

J and I discuss the skis on the wall, and some netting, and some other things that are wildly interesting to him. I, being the good Aunt Nonna that I am, try to trick him into eating his telling him that I am going to gobble them up if he does not. I put a small bite on the fork...I open my mouth wide...he opens his mouth, and my arm has this terrible struggle going back and forth between his mouth and mine...and it is just amazing that EVERY time the fork goes near him, he chomps down on that fruit and poor Aunt Nonna never gets a single bite!!! (LOL!)

Robin goes back to the salad bar for some pudding. A has no drink in sight, so all is safe on that front. Mom and I talk about my youngest brother and how he is doing in school...Robin returns to the table.

J jumps down, runs over to his mom and shouts, "Mom, I'm gonna throw up!"
Robin's eyes get as big dinner plates, trying not to shout...

"Now??? You feel sick now? Run to the bathroom!"
Poor J, he had no idea where that was...but starts running for the front of the restaurant. He makes it about 15 steps, and BLAH!!!!
The poor thing tosses everything!!! Everyone in that section stops talking, Robin is apologizing, the waitress is running towards us...people are moving out of the was awful!!! :(

Finally, J's episode is over, Robin says, "We have got to go!" I scoop up the baby from his high chair, grab the bags, and we head for Robin's car.
Once in the parking lot, J says, "Where are we going?"
Robin says, "Honey, you just threw up in the restaurant and we have to go home."
J looks at her with those big blue eyes and says, "Oh Mommy...I am sorry I ruined your birthday party!"

OH MY! What a sweet kid! Not a birthday my sister will want to repeat I am sure, but her gifts, like mine, are in our children...good, sweet, kind hearted, interesting little people...who could never ruin our birthdays, even if they do throw up at our party!

Happy Birthday Robin! I will take you out for sushi next week, but the boys have to stay with the baby sitter!
love you!


Lady Prism said...

Happy Birthday Robin!!!!!

What a heartwarming adorable post...made me think back to when the kids were really really young and I was like the only person who knew about all things that could possibly matter. I miss them being that young. Right now they are both out with their dad to watch MIssion Impossible 3...kinda' like a "men bonding thing" there...and I'm left home here to wash the plates and arrange stuff...

I am glad to have some peace and quiet though...but I do miss the kids being just kids...

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Me too...miss the kids being little, but I am blessed to have younger sisters with babies--so I can get a "fix" whenever I need one, but it's not quite the :)
I miss being consumed by the little ones, the day in day out conversations about everything new and seeing the world through their eyes. But I also remember how tiring it was...I guess I could have another???
NO WAY!!! :)
I am trying to be thankful for all the things in my life, in each phase as it comes...but I miss those smoochy babies!

Anonymous said...

Cora, you did a nice job making my episode into something funny, and ...heartwarming? I am sure that when I am 2-5 years away from Thursday May 4 2006 it will be a fond memory. Presently I am just looking for another Ruby Tuesday that would not ask me kindly to leave. When Mom called that afternoon she said, "I am not sure who to ask about , you or J" I was fine, just another story to tell. On the way home J asked, "Mom, is that poor woman having to clean up my vomit? I am so sorry!" I told him that I was sure that they knew how to do that and that he should not worry about it.
I do have sweet boys, even though they are a handfull. This is what I have wanted all my life. To spend time with these two. I am truly blessed. And my birthday was nothing short of wonderfull! I look forward to the sushi (without the boys)!!!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Trust me will be funnier to you in the future! :)
Throw-up and poop stories just get better and better the farther away you are from them!
And...if LOVE didn't cover a multitude of things, which thankfully it does, none of us could actually be MOMs!
And you do it so well :)
Looking forward to sushi, sans boys! :)

Lady Prism said...

ey' I was just thinking yesterday..."what if I have another???"...

back to diapers..back to having to get up at the most unimaginable hours of sleep???.....back to..." eat your vegetables??"....sigh!...dooon't thiiink sooo....

I'll just get on putting up that nursery school I have in mind...I get the huggy fix then the babes go home to their moms...hee!hee!

Helene said...

so cute... but I am soooooo glad not to be there anymore! lol! I really dont miss the kids being little. I am enjoying the preteen and teen ages (11b, 11g and 13/b? Talk to me in a few years and I bet I am itching for those younger years back! hehehe

cheers! K