Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Communism and Islamism... and a Mall

If you haven't read this, take a moment and have a look. It is VERY important.

Now, on to why we have not turned Iraq into a big parking lot.

First of all, there is no big Mall planned for the Middle East...the only reason to make a big parking lot is if you are going to make a big Mall, right?

Ok, so lets plan a Mall already! Iraq is attached to the northeast border of Saudi Arabia...and we all know what a westernized country Saudi Arabia is. People in Saudi would shop in the Mall of America...uhhh, I mean Mall of the Middle East.
They love Victoria's Secret, and Nordstroms, and frankly they have more money to shop in those kind of places than I do!

The President says over and over again that our goal in Iraq is to stop Terrorist Cell groups and to bring Democracy to the region...and I say,
"A Mall would bring about both of these changes!"

The Muslim extremeists are not going to tollerate a fancy schmancy lingere store!!! They would come out in droves to fight that kind of moral perversion! We set a trap with some hot models in push-up bras and big angel wings (we could use dummies...but Hey, wait...they ARE all dummies, and/or plastic to boot, but I digress) and then we just wait for an ambush.

The Marines will have dug a big trench around the beautiful dummies, 20 feet deep or so. The Army guys will have created some camouflauged kind of floor for the extremeists to run up to, only to have it give-way to the trench below.
And, once the Muslims fall in, the Air Force can air lift the dummies out so Jack Bauer can lob a few bombs into the trench before letting all of the armed forces use whatever methods they see fit to bring an end to the REAL perversion in the world.

Now want to ask me how communism fits into all of this, right?
I mean, it is in the title...

Ok. The reason we don't have plans to turn Iraq into a Mall and a parking lot is because Americans do not understand the danger, the very REAL and PRESENT danger of Islamism. It is not a religion as much as it is a mindset and a way to control people. Exactly like Communism, only different.

I was 10 years old when Ronald Regan became the President. I read Animal Farm when I was 11 or 12 (again with my 12 year old last year), and I knew all about the Cold War. I read 1984 when I was 16, as well as Brave New World. I knew how many people Hitler had killed, and why he killed...All under the black veil(burqa?) of Communism.

Communism was a foe we, collectively as a country, could agree to take a swing at. It was evil, anyone with half a brain in their head could see that; but we do not all see eye to eye about Islam.

Islam is something most of us do not understand. How many books are there on the subject? I read "Unveiling Islam" a few years ago and the revelations in that book are startling...ALL AMERICANS SHOULD READ IT!

President Bush has the power, and authority, and the troops already in place to bring Democracy to Iraq. In the form of a Mall, or in the form of a solid and thorough a**-kicking that will bring the infrastructure and leadership of that region to its knees, or better still--into its grave! But, until he has the support from the American people to do so...we will hang in this cycle.
A cycle of little battles with terrible men, peace keeping rituals that do not further our mission there, and then insurgents with IEDs which lead us back to little battles with terrible men.

A nice big air-conditioned Mall with a Chick-fil-A, a merry-go-round, and some neat places to shop sounds soooo much better, doesn't it?

Stop thinking of Islam as religion, and start thinking about it as a way to do business and a way to elminate your opponents. Think of it as a MONOPOLY.

One group that controlls everything...
Just like Communism.

Scarry huh? We should be scared.


Lee said...

All religions want to control people; it is not something that is just Islamic. Any religion is a political tool to control people and transfer power to the top. Just like Communism.

I am truly hoping that your post (and the linked article) are satire. They are, aren't they?

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Oh Lee...
Not satire I am afraid...of course I am kidding about the whole Mall idea, but not the parking lot!
I don't agree that all religions are political tools to control people, but all types of government are. The problem with Islam is that it is a form of Government (sort of) with the mask of religion. The Quran tells it's followers to kill anyone who disagrees with it's doctrines. A Jihad is a very real and serious way to get into heaven. There is no other religion quite like it, aside from cults and such.
Americans, really everyone, outside of Islam looking in, do not understand the dangers of this sect. They want to kill everyone who does not believe as they is just that simple.
However, that does not mean that I do not, or can not love or welcome the Muslims in my community...they are not the extremists, but there are many in Iraq and Iran and Afganistan. There will never be democracy as we know it in the middle east...they don't want it. But, they never should have started this party on 9-11. I hope I live to see the day when we end this once and for all.
President Bush has the backbone I believe, but his people don't have the stomach for blotting out these regimes the way we did against communism.
That is the way I see it...but I welcome all points of view on the matter, and any insights anyone has to offer. I can not learn anything otherwise, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the mall could have some Islamic stores in it:

"Orange Jihadist"
"Hakim's Secret" (He's a terrorist)
"The Sports Authoritarian"
"Bed, Bath, and Bonbing"
"Babies 'R' Targets"
"9-11 Things Remembered"
"The Limited Speech and Movement"
"The Bombing shop"
"PacSun and PacCar with TNT"
"Samir Goody"
"Le Nails and Le Shrapnell in Le Bomb"
"Great American Killing Company"
"Just for Allah"
"Casual Infidels"
"Champs Torture"

Anonymous said...

To Lee,

All religions don't profess and tender their faith at the tip of a spear. They may indeed do it through political manipulation and guilt, but most of the 'controlled' are there willingly - enen when they know they're being controlled. Islam preys on the under educated and illiterate, with promised of great glory to their God if they kill those who are not like them. Are the other religions of the world guilty of having their own issues? Of course they are. Ae they guilty of senseless murder and suffering? For the most part - no they are not.

But Islam is. I think it's high time we told it like it is. The United States is in a life and death struggle with retarded - yet very dangerous - Islamic or at least Islamic-believing characters. Until we grow up and face the truth, and that means stop hiding behind statements like:

---Any religion is a political tool to control people and transfer power to the top----

We're going to continue to be under the recriminations of a group still pissed about what happened in the Crusades 2000 years ago.

I assure you, my comments are NOT satire

Lady Prism said...

ummm..I want to read all these right now..very interesting...but I gotta' fix lunch!...I'll be back later with another comment...I just wanted to say that I used to love malls but for some strange reason I'm not that eager to go (window) shopping as often..specially when there seems to be too much of a long as there is a crowd...maybe it's my age...

And oh yeah'...I got a couple ov' Victoria's Secret here...they cost a lot...

waiiit a' minute...shucks...somethings burning!...chicken!...the chicken!

Malinda777 said...

Very well written piece. Good job girl.

I have a Desert Storm vet working for me that literally died jumping out of a plane, and was revived.

Your parking lot comment...I get mine (Let's make a glass parking lot) comment from my employee. Hint, if we truly BLEW THE S**T out of them, it would all turn to glass.

Can't you just see Victoria's Secret Burka's a hit? hehe...

I will have to read some of the titles you mentioned. It is a real and present danger. Glad I won't live another hundred years to see the disaster :)

Nice story.

Lee said...

Dear Anonymous, suggest you read here to brush up on your knowledge of the Crusades. Apart from getting the time frame wrong, the victors wrong and the ramifications wrong, you were spot on. Well done. I lays a great foundation for your grasp of modern history.

Beyong that, we must agree to disagree.

Lady Prism said...

WE were talking about religion last Hubz and me...and we were sort ov' aghast at the proliferation of pseudo faith. It's all about money..control...We vowed to never get sucked in but instead to live out the goodness inside us...the faith we believe in...the faith that Christ live it outside reality...

Our country has an autonomous muslim territory..there is always always unrest in that area...It is a shame because that section ov' our country is truly very beautiful..but because of arms...and a perverted sense of patriotism, its beautiful muslim people have remained poor...

As much as I do not want to bash ( and I do not because I have had wonderful muslim friends) Islam as a faith...indeed what you say is true..It is not a faith...for faith is something that gives light and hope and peace...Faith des not urge to kill...

Muslim extremists in my country have given the whole nation a bad light...We are not a backward nation groping in the throes of darkness or primitiveness...We may not be a superwpower like America or Europe...strong and mighty....but we are an asian country uniquely strong in our own way because Europe and America shaped what we have today...Democracy...

And, whenever the Jemiah Islamia...( I dunno' if I got that right)..figures in the news...whenever the claw of extremism touches our shores..It paints such a sorry doleful pathetic picture of us...

I don't know how this will ever be solved...I don't know...We too have people there in Iraq....helping albeit, in the shadows....

And..I cannot even bear to think how Iraqi women...the ladies...the mothers...the little in the world do they live?...I salute this women...brave mothers...

How will change go about..for them...when it is true...Islamic fundamentalism..seeks to eliminate those who do not believe.

Anonymous said...


The Crusades comment was a generalization, and I really don't care exactly when it happened.

Here is the fundamental difference between us and them:

If you agree with them and want to live over there, you're free to go.

Have a nice flight

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Friends, I posted about a serious topic under the guise of a funny idea. Americans should view Islam with the same weight as we view communism...and we don't because we do not understand Islam.
The book Unveiling Islam, by the Caner brothers, is a compassionate, yet startling look at this religion...written by 2 men who were raised as Sunni Muslims. Ultimately we have to see that the Mulsim faith does not point to light and hope, as Prism beautifully pointed out, but it points to an unknowable God, killing people who are different from you, and that suicide is an acceptable and glorious offering.

My greatest fear is that my children and grandchildren will live under the shadow of a vicious monster who thrives only on the elimination of those children and their families. We have a responsibility to do something RIGHT NOW. But until the public is educated, until the American people understand the terrible mind-sets of the terrorists, we will hang in limbo.

Lady Prism said...

...what really can be done?...think about it...what??

A Real Man said...

Dear Gracious Lady,

I have read all of the comments here and would like to make one observation if I may. I have read also several books on Islam such as: "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" and I have come to the same sane conclusions as yourself. I would like to also say to those who do not understand the differences between Christianity and ANY other believe that they should make a real and thurough examination of the tenents of each faith.

I have been a Christian a very long time and many people who claim to hate or call many of us "hypocrites" are not taking some things into consideration. Yes when you give your life to Christ your life changes and you "become a new creation the old man has passed away" 2Cor,5:17. BUT we still live in this sinful flesh and we are going to sin. The blood shed on the cross is not a preventative for sin it is the cure for sin.

Oooops! Sorry I did not intend for this to turn into a tretise on the Christian faith.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"Real Man", thank you for your input...
My friend Prism asks a hard question about what can really be done and I am conflicted between how I feel as an American (death to the terrorists!) and how I feel as a Christian (Mercy...peace...patience!). Ultimately all we can really do is pray, and seek leadership that will act-- not out of hate, as the terrorists do, but out of Justice and compassion for the innocent people who are caught in the crossfire of a war they did not ask for...people just like me.
Unfortuantely this whole situation boils down to humans acting like humans, and I have a list of goof-ups many many miles long to prove that our race is not as clever as we might hope.
But, I do have hope. I just feel like I am running low on patience!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I doubt I will convince anyone, but I think we need to make 2 differenciations: the Islam faith and Islam political activism. The faith, while it is not mine, is actually very beautiful, and during my most difficult times, I've had devout Muslim friends who wouldn't hurt a fly pray for me and my family. I've read the Koran; it's a toughie, and the God of Islam is one who wants faith, not dissimilar to ours, but he has more of a Jehovah aspect and less of the loving Jesus. As for Jihad, what is said in the Koran and what is practiced today is a perversion of the religion, just as some may claim that the Crusades and even the Fundamentalists onslaught into our politics are the same. I am a Christian; I believe in God and I try daily to improve my relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray for George Bush and the Iraqi situation, not because I approve of either, but because the whole thing needs healing, and like it or not, Bush is our leader and he needs God's guidance as does every important leader who makes decisions for millions. I will check out that book when I have time; right now I'm into Brennan Manning because I am seeking ways to trust in God's love. My hope and prayer is that more people understand that aspect of God so that we can all live in love. I struggle with that immensely. I am no saint; that's why I need Jesus.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

If we could get our Muslim friends to see that they also need Jesus...our problems would be solved.
I don't have an issue with other peoples mindsets/beliefs, as long as they are not hijacking planes and killing innocent people on US soil to get their point across.
However, they I have a problem. The whole world has a problem, because if the Terrorists have tagged the US to become their focal point, and they succeed, who will be next? Everyone.
They will not succeed, but they will inflict a lot of dammage before they are least that is what I am afraid of.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I agree with you about the destruction; there are Muslim sects that are bloodthirsty and want nothing more than to destroy us. We should fear them. I also believe that in terms of the Muslims who are not like this, but embrace their religion and follow God as they understand them that we don't know what God thinks because he judges the heart. Jesus is a prophet to the Muslims; the sects that hate us also hate Christianity, but I have met Muslims who to me, have the mind of Christ. I cannot say what will be. I am now reading a book by a theologian who does believe that God's judgement is still very much a mystery; we will find people in heaven that we never expected to be there and we will not see those who called out "Lord, Lord." I studied the middle ages in school, and there were popes who were about as Christian as ginger ale. I've also come across people who have accepted Christ's salvation, but have no understanding of the Cross or his commandment to love God and love your neighbor. I think of Matthew a lot because Jesus was very clear about hypocrisy, yet again I may see someone as a hypocrite and God may see him as someone who is stuck in their walk and needs some prodding. I am a firm believer in the power of the Holy Spirit; he softens the hearts of those so that they are ready to come to Jesus and be reborn. Not everyone will do this. I believe the Holy Spirit calls out to everyone, but not all heed him or let him do his work, no matter what their professed faith may be. Lee is correct that RELIGION controls, but Jesus is not religion, he is love. When we make him a religion just like when the Muslims cease to see God as good, then judgment and mayhem occurs. We know each other by our fruits. Sorry, I'm preaching. I should save this for a blog I just joined, a community Christian blog. But I like blogging with other Christians, whether we agree or not. We are all part of the body.

Lady Prism said...

Amen to that!