Thursday, May 25, 2006

15 Questions...And pics to make it interesting :)

Everyone does these goofy things, and I usually enjoy reading them, but they can get dry. So...I am going to try to spice it up a bit with answers and photos...we'll see if it ever gets posted!

15 Questions
(copied from iamnot's blog

1. If you knew for sure that you could commit murder and are guaranteed not to get caught, would you do it?

Only with Divine guidance, Divine ability, and Divine permission.

2. Name the situation in which you felt most betrayed.

Someone who should have been my protector, abandoned me for a took a very long time for me to get over that.

3. Where and/or when were you happiest?

Being 5 years old was the absolute high point of my life (not that it's been all downhill since then!) I kind of hope that when I die and find myself in heaven, that I will actually be 5 again and forever.

4. Name a hidden talent you possess that would surprise others if they learned of it.

Actually, I can tie the stem of a cherry in knot...with my tongue! LOL!

5. What do you think is your most striking or attractive feature? What would others point out as your most striking or attractive feature?

My elbow is really quite beautiful... LOL!

6. Is there something in your past that you are so ashamed of that you would never tell a soul? (yes or no, no specifics unless you really, really want to go ahead and cleanse your soul).

No,...uh,...Yes,...well,...Maybe. I think most stuff is forgivable, but wouldn't want to see it on the evening news!

7. Who are you closest to? Who would you share secrets with and seek advice from, a family member, clergy or close friend?

A close friend and a sister, or my cow puppet "Loo the Moo" from High School! LOL!

8. If you were granted a wish giving you one earthly possession, what would it be?

A house of my choosing on a lake nearby with the taxes paid in full for the next 50 years or so.

9. Same as number 8 only a talent, what would it be?

Being able to heal other people, but in secret.

10. What person, living or dead, do you admire the most?
C.S.Lewis (dead), and My great Uncle Hubert (living)

11. If you could re-choose your career, would you change and if so to what?
I would be a College English Literature Professor.

12. Which is wiser to own if you could only have one pair of dress shoes, a black pair or brown?

13. If you were to compare the positive aspects of your personality to an animal or plant, what would you most be like? What about negative aspects?

Animal (positive) Hawk or eagle. Animal (negative) some kind of kritter that bites you in the dark.

14. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be?

15. If you could change your sex or your sexual orientation, would you change (one, either or both)?

I love being a woman...always have and I always will.
However, as much as I love being a woman...
I wouldn't want to be married to one!

I just wish I was taller!


Gary said...

I hope you get that lake house someday.

luxlucisvita said...

You are soooo pretty girl!...I luv' looking at your picture!..If I were there with you , I'd tell you to drop everything so we can go to some nice coffee place so I could show you this lurid poetry I wrote up hee!hee!

And...this thing you wrote here...yah...I'm goiiing to do this he!he!...Just for the shock ov' it...Ohhh..secrets to tell..he!he! the time ( 4th grade) I dropped a plastic centipede on my math teacher's bag!...nya!a!a!a!a!

I hope this posts coz' I've been trying to like since the jurassic age...drats! comment on your older' down..

Mayden's Voyage said... too :) To share with my friends, so if it happens you may have to come east and help me with my garden! :) are so sweet :) I have been working on this blog for a few days, trying to find old photos and pics to match answers, and taking so new shots and playing with the photo editor...which has been a lot of fun. Your pics are always so much like ART :) I love that about you :)
I would drop what I was doing and go for coffee and lurid poetry! LOL! Oh, I have written a few too, but you prob. won't ever see it here :)

iamnot said...

Nice job.
No hint of the smarta$$ thing that infects my take on these questions.

Mayden's Voyage said...

iamnot...I need to edit this and give you credit for it...I am sorry I forgot!
I loved your answers, and the one about your best feature inspired to come up with something elbow, pretty close to your "modesty" answer:)

Keep up the good work at the gym! One day, when you have a minute, scroll down and read the "OOmpa Loompa Agustus Gloop Workout" post :) You will get a kick out of it!

X. Dell said...

(1) You were quite a little charmer at age 5. (Nowadays, you're a big charmer.)

(2) Becoming an English lit professor is doable. I strongly suggest that you consider it.

(3) To paraphrase Woody Allen, I'd like to have been bisexual. It doubles your chances of getting a date for Saturday night.

kate said...

Great photo on top! They are all good but I like the one where you show some teeth! *wink

I may have a go of this one too sometime and will give both you and iamnot credit! we'll see! I still need to do the game for you and Lux... I may have a go at Iamnot too... just for kicks although he didnt ask me to! hehehe

I loved your comment at lux's btw!

Happy Memorial Day!

Mayden's Voyage said...

X...I doubt you need THAT much help in the dating department! :) There's bound to be some chick at the library, whose been watching you...and photocopying yourself no-less, just dying to discuss Watergate, and Roswell and the 23rd Mandalation :)
I am just sure of it! :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Kate, Happy Memorial day to you too! :)
About 3 months ago I got BRACES, for the first time! (is that an indication of a mid-life crisis? 36 going on 14?) LOL!
Anyway...I'm trying to be better with the toothy-metalic smile, but it's hard! :) I'll only have them for a year, the correction was minor, but it was important to me.
Glad you had a good trip, and that you are home safe...I need to reply to your blog sometime today :)

X. Dell said...

Cora, if you see this woman, please point her out to me.

luxlucisvita said...



have a blast sushine lady!!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Lux, Prism....thank you! You are so precious to remember!
I'll be 37 0n the 30th! You are the best! :)
-Cora :)

schaumi said...

Happy birthday, spring chicken. My lillies are blooming just in time for you:)
...and like said, you can still become an English lit. professor

Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi; My lillies are about to bloom too :) I am so excited!:)
Thank you :)
I watch these plants from December, when they start to emerge from the ground, and wait, as patiently as I can until now :) They are about to flower and while I know it is the right time of season...I can't help to think they bloom for me :) Silly, right? But oh, how I love them! :)
Thanks again... :)
-Cora :)

Mayden's Voyage said...
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The Grunt said...

Cora, great pics and great answers. Lake on a house, that's what I call a good goal!

Lee said...

Yes, happy birthday for tomorrow; if it's any consolation you will get there about 16 hours earlier over here. Interesting set of questions, you did well with some of the tricky ones.

Stogie said...

Don't worry about being taller, I'll just bet your husband doesn't mind having to bend over to kiss you!

Nice blog, nice thoughts from a very nice lady.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Stogie, thank you for stopping by!
And, no...hubby has never comlained! :) THank goodness! LOL!

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