Thursday, May 18, 2006


Early Friday morning we leave to go camping for the weekend...
I am trying not to think of the things I will do without, but focus on the things I will be able to enjoy.

Thunder Storms (isolated) upclose and personal.
Running water within walking distance.
A great view--outside of the tent.
Walking in the woods (Do I have an "Off" bug spray???).
Being with my family with no possibility of "Media" intervention (PS2, TV, Gameboy? I will bring mine!)
3 days away from my "machine". (that would be my computer folks)

I refused to give up the hair dryer...we will have electricity at the site, but if you think I am really going to take a shower in the "Bath house"...well, I might refuse that as well. The camp site is only 45 minutes from home! LOL!

Hey, I know! Why don't we just camp in the back yard?

Wait...why don't we just stay home?

I'll let you know how it goes...



X. Dell said...

Camping. That brings back memories. I used to do it every summer as a teenager. I haven't done it since.

I hope you have a good time, with or without a blow dryer (I can see you're fond of your blonde locks--I don't blame you; they suit you).

And think about how much you'll appreciate that backyard once the trip is over.

Bone said...

I love camping. And now I want to go.

I was totally thinking why don't you just camp in the backyard when you said the campsite was 45 minutes from home :)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

(To be read with a rich southern accent--I don't have much of one, but it makes the reply funnier!)

As far as the camping thing goes...I would like, at the very least, to cultivate some wild story to relate to my friends upon my return :)
I of course do not need to leave my own backyard to encounter a wild critter (See "Chipmunk Victim" a-ways back on my blog)...but I suppose being in the less cultivated region of the Falls Lake Campground will heighten any new think? :) LOL!

We'll see, won't we? Have a great weekend! :)

..................... said...

Here's some good ideas that will guarentee wild stories to tell:
-set the camp site on fire
-drum on bongos so loud and so long until your camp neighbors call the park ranger (this needs to be done at night of course

Lady Prism said... come everybody has somewhere to go and I'm here working???...

Take me with you Mayden!...Pleeeeaaaaze!

Lady Prism said...

did Schaumi just say...set the campsite on fire??

Gnomeself Be True said...

We've been camping three times already this season. The first two times it was still just too darn cold in the mountains, but we went anyway. It's just generally good for the family.
If we were 45 minutes away, we'd likely just live there every weekend.

X. Dell said...

Schaumi did say that, Lux. I know she's joking, but between that remark, and seeing that picture of her firing a gun, I'm beginning to think that S. is a lot of fun in the great outdoors.

Sean said...

i personally have had enough "roughing it" for a little while, but i hope you have a great time

..................... said...

I've personally never set a campsite on fire.....................
however, I've seen a small RV go up in blazes before due to the stupidity of the owners. Very, very scary, actually.
Does make for an interesting story to tell though.

PS: we do tent camping...and we are going next weekend

pss: mayden, hope you had a fun, eventful, yet safe, camping trip..

Gary said...

I think an interesting view as you open the front flap of your tent is long as the view isn't one of a bear standing right outside. :)