Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cold or Noble?

My daughter, JLB, had 2 plays at school today. Half of the class was in 1 play, the other half were in the 2nd.
On the way to school she was telling me about the story lines and who was playing which role. She was a giraffe, her friend was a hyena, another friend was a turtle, etc. The title of her play was "How did the hyena get his spots?"

The 2nd play was titled "Girls of the Round Table". This play, she explained, was about a bunch of girls who read a book about King Arthur and his knights. They decided that they could be like the knights by doing nice things and keeping the peace at their school.

JLB went on to describe how the girls learned all about "Shivery"...
At which point I said,
"What? Did you just say...shivery?"
JLB: "Yes, shivery"

Mom: "Honey, I think you mean the word...Chivalry. The Knights of the Round Table were known for their chivalry. They were thoughtful and respectful towards women in particular."

JBL: "Yeah, yeah, yeah...that's right! Chivalry!

Chivalry isn't dead after all, it's just cold! :)



kate said...

lol...very cute!

you are welcome to use the post.. anytime...

cheers! K

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I'm caught up now! Loved this one!

Glad you got out to play with the sis and mom1

Mark Pettus said...

Ready for some useless information?

Chivalry referred to the code of the knights - the horse-mounted soldiers.

The word Cavalry derives from the word chivalry.

The chivalrous code was noble - for the knights were appointed noblemen - but not particularly gentlemanly. An awful lot of the code required killing people who offended you - an ancient version of sanctioned road rage. Women were protected by the code, so long as the did nothing, and said less.

If chivalry is dead, its because we figured out a better plan.

-courtesy of a former cavalryman. Me.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Really...you are the best! :)
Love those words, and what they mean, and where they come from!
Thank you for the etymology lesson :) I enjoyed it!

Gary said...

List night it was kind of cold here in Houston, and for a while this morning I was really shivalring. :)

luxlucisvita said...

hee!hee!..this made me feel better...think I'm down with the flu...

Mayden's Voyage said...

Gary...LOL! :) Hope you did something noble and got a jacket! :)

Prism...sorry you are not feeling well! Hope you get better soon :)

X. Dell said...

Chivalry isn't dead. It's just mispronounced.