Friday, June 01, 2007

So much to say...but not yet-

This is a teaser post- but I have some time carved out this evening to write.
I'm headed to St. Augustine to have a look around- and hope to come back with some good pic's of the city.

Wish I did have a tan like this! Seven would appreciate the topless beach imagery here :)
But- I assure you- I was mostly covered while on the beach!

Vero Beach is beautiful~

And the birds are cool :)
Thanks for all the b-day wishes! It was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! I can hardly wait to get back here and post, post, post! :)


Bardouble29 said...

Oh, what gorgeous pictures...I have decided that once I am not tied to a job, I am moving somewhere that I can be at the beach any time I want.

Gardener Greg said...

LOL that is the funniest picture. "Cora don't burn use Coppertone" I love the Florida beaches too. I ate at our truck stop today. It would have been nice if you had just stopped by, Have a safe trip home,


Gardener Greg said...

I almost forgot. Cross over the bridge of lions and there will be a seafood place up on your left about a half mile. It isn't real fancy but the food is excellent.

she said...

i like the kingfisher inn on the inter-coastal...good margaritas and fried shrimp.

mayden: take a shot o' patron for me. im back on the bubbly.

(im in panera just like you taught me)

iamnot said...

How'd I miss your birthday?

Anonymous said...

i used to have a poster like that hanging in my room as a teen...
except it was with an adult female model showing off a bit more then is perhaps considered decent.
my momma gave it to me. she brought home a playboy for my brother.
she was sometimes a rather unconventional mother.
i like this one much better...:)
oh, and look at the cook pix of the stork sitting on the rock...;)

X. Dell said...

That dog seems a little frisky.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I didn't know it was your birthday. I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Sweet tahng!! HAppy Birthday!! '

Did'ja' git on home OK, wif' no tgroubles?

Let your hubby know how much we'uns appreciate him lettin' ya come on down fer a visit . I luved meetin' ya' Honey, and want ya in mah kitchen whippin' up somethin' grand as soon as ya can come back.

I knows you an Pup/She had such a fine fine time.

Aunty Belle

exskindiver said...

rarely do I tag people, but I think you would do a good job with this one.

she said...

coe-ruh! whar's yore next post???
i want to see your take on st augustine! bebe and i miss you. the ferns came back. big stormy last night, still overcast today.
your VB pixs are nice glad you had a pretty day.

i agree with exskindiver you need to make a video.

travel well my sweet friend. xoxox

Scary Monster said...


SJ said...

I noticed you said MOSTLY covered :) You mean most of the time?

Gawpo said...

Love that picture, Cora. More pics, please.

Libby said...

CORA< C"MON! QUIT TEASING US with the pictures!! haha

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hubby and I were discussing this last night...about being tied to a job and a house- both of which are important- but at what cost?
I'm looking to change some things in my life- a move? A job? I don't know yet- all I know is this-
LIFE IS TOO SHORT. I want to be where I LOVE to be- most of the time. Sometimes it's a location, and other times it's a person/people. When I have this sorted out- I'll let you know! :)
Hugs friend- hope your week is off to good start! :)