Friday, June 15, 2007


Between heaven and hell...

Between all that is good and lovely-

Here I am...blessed-
whether I feel it or not...


SJ said...

So here you are :)
Errr where is hell in the first pic?

Gawpo said...

So great to talk to you tonight, Cora!!! I will be posting beach shots of my own tomorrow. Gotta go to beddie bye now, though. Someone kept me UP all night! LOL xoxoxoxo, g

Nea said...

Cora kept gawpo up all night talking? And then gawpo sends hugs and kisses..........haha

You are caught between heaven and hell......hmmmmmmm I am wondering WHO is heaven and WHO is hell. Just remember Cora, we can sometimes create our own hell.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

What's interesting about these photos- is that I took them within minutes of each other. One shot was what what was behind me, the other is what was before me.
I guess I wasn't really "Trapped"- I could have run for the car...but we didn't. We watched the storm roll past us- and then got into the water again :)

LOL- Someone else must have kept you up all night! I think we only talked for about 15 minutes :)
Lovely to speak to you though. I can only imagine what kind of trouble the "other" guy is in after the message I left at the wrong #! LOL

I agree. And we can create our own heaven too... Gawpo was a good sport this evening :) There is a 3 hour time difference between us- and he was no where near ready for bed when I called at 8:45 pacific time. I, on the other hand- was pretty close to winding down for the night :)

foam said...

yah, i've been caught between heaven and hell like that at times at the beach. i'll be at holden in a few weeks....
i'm hoping to create a lot of my own heaven down there.

/t. said...

bless you,

for you have fixed
that problem with my browser by changing your blog template :)


X. Dell said...

I don't care how good and lovely it is, I'd still feel trapped.

If you don't, more power to you.