Saturday, June 16, 2007

Serene moments-

The beach photos in the last post were taken within a few minutes of each other-
the view in front of us was lovely- but a storm was brewing behind us.
It wan't Hell at all- I was being overly dramatic~

On the other hand- I had just gotten some bad news about Cadence when I posted the photos, and she is very, very ill now. My heart is heavy over her and her family.

For all the suffering this little one has gone through, I have seen some wonderful things happen because of her. I've seen people of all races and colors come together to support a baby they don't know. It's been a remarkable thing to witness.

I've seen people open their hearts, and their wallets...and learn a thing or 2 about the importance of Organ Donation. (If you aren't a donor- would you please consider it?)

Cadence is bleeding, the PICC line wouldn't go in...she's in the hospital again. I don't feel 100% comfortable giving all the private details about her recent admission, but I think it's sufficient for me to tell you that I'm terribly concerned about her.

And above it all- I see how splendidly blessed I am. Healthy kids, a husband who loves me (he does his best- I'm not easy to live with!). My sisters kids are wonderful and well- and love me too. The contrast between my life, and the life of the mother of Cadence is startling.
In some ways- my heart aches all the more for her because of the life I have.

I am most assuredly blessed. And even with the curse of this terrible illness- Cadence is blessed too- to be surrounded by so many who love her. Some kids grow up with perfect health, but are never loved at all.

If you pray- if you know how to send good thoughts- if you meditate in anyway today- whisper a word of Peace and Comfort for Cadence, and especially for her mom and grandparents.

Look around at your life and recognize the good in it. Even if a storm is brewing in the distance...even if you are in the middle of one at the moment- find something good to focus on and be thankful for it.

I am sad today- and yet a nearly tangible peace is draped over me.
Feels like Serenity...not a calm before the storm, but a calm as I watch the storm gather over us and the people I care about.

Thank you all for being such good friends to me~


The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope she pulls through!!

SJ said...

I hope Cadence gets through this and grows up into a healthy child. I will keep her in my thoughts.

I certainly intend to be an organ donor I already donate blood. After I go I want every donatable organ to be used.

Thank YOU!!

X. Dell said...

I'm sorry to here she has taken a turn for the worse. I don't know if this latest complication is simply temporary or grave. Either way, you've done what you can do. Cadence's parents, I'm sure have done beyond what they can do, and the doctors are giving it their best shot.

The brave thing to do is hope for the best.

leelee said...

Lifting up prayers and positive thoughts for Cadence and her family. I read your serenity in your post and am joyful that you have found that gift.

HUGS!, Love and prayers!!

Nea said...

I don't even know Cadence, and my heart aches for her and her Mom. There is nothing worse than having a very sick child and knowing that all of the medical knowledge in the world just might not be enough. Her condition sounds very, very serious. Even with the transplants she will be in and out of hospitals during her life. For those of us who have healthy children, count the blessings.

I don't suppose her Mother is worried about you giving out her condition on your blog, after all she is registered with COTA, the more people who are aware of the seriousness of her condition, the more chance she has of getting the transplant she needs. I have never uderstood why anyone would NOT donate organs. It is a chance for life again, in a way. If something should happen to me or my kids, I would not hesitate to donate organs.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

These sorts of times are never easy. My thoughts go out to you and everyone associated with Cadence.

foam said...

i'm sorry to hear about cadence. i can't imagine the heartache of her mother and father.
i am an organ donor and
i've always considered myself very blessed to have healthy children.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I am very sorry about Cadence. However, it is easy to be a friend to you.

Bardouble29 said...

Honey, I wish there were words at a time like this.

There is only to say, you and there family are in my thoughts and prayers.

kate said...

Great post. I think the serenity is due to the fact that there is little more that you can do to change the outcome. You did more than most people would or could do to help!

I think looking at the silver lining in this big cloud is admirable and prudent.

I will keep her and her family in my thoughts today.

Tell Tim Happy Fathers Day for me!

Gardener Greg said...

Keep having faith. Just remember that even with the worst storm, there is clear blue sky just above it. I will say an extra prayer for her.

ThursdayNext said...

Prayers for Cadence, Cora.

she said...

thats the way of the world. you did all you could for cadence and that is serenity earned. thinking of you.

LADY LUXIE said...

Haven't checked the mail yet...swoosh...just sat down and I've been doing chores since early this morn...then work..again...I'm excited to read your mail..

and oh'...I pray baby Cadence will pull through..God knows everything..even the falling of a leaf has grace in it...angels are guarding her.

exskindiver said...

i remembered to pray fro cadence last night.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Phos- Thank you - me too...

I signed up to be an organ donor when I was 16-it just seemed like the obvious thing to do- you know?
If my death could help save a life- I'm all for that. At this point- I'd give Cadence half my liver if I thought it would work!
Hugs to you :)

X- you are absolutely right...the brave thing is to have hope. We have "today"- and I am going to keep hoping for the best until we run out of time. Healing is an interesting thing- especially if we believe that souls don't perish- and I do. Bodies pass away- but spirits endure. They must~

Leelee- thank you friend! Your words and thoughts (and prayers) make a difference.

Nea- thanks for your thoughtfulness here- I appreciate it. Cadence will probably be in the hospital from now on- which is so hard on the family. We all know we are very near a difficult surgery, or the end of this battle.
I want so much for Cadence to survive...and thrive. I think, no matter what happens, a tiny bit of her will always exist inside of me~

There are times- when your words really do feel like a hug around my heart. Thank you <3