Monday, June 11, 2007

Elijah Anthony...

Born over the weekend...

Hubbs said, (about the milk)
So CLOSE.....and yet SO far!!!!


I watched the sun set...and then took a few pics of my favorite places at home.

This was a special spot in the front yard created for me on Mothers Day a few years ago~

This is the view from the bench- so I can look at all the Lillies I've favorite flowers-I need to weed and pull those monsterous shrubs out!

Bone posted something that got me thinking. However, if you read surprise there :)
10 years can bring a lot of changes. 10 years ago my kids were almost 2 and 4. My life was stunningly different in many ways, and yet similar in some aspects.

At least one of the Lillies pictured above was growing in my yard. I dug up the bulbs when we moved. I will move these plants with me where ever I go- if they will tollerate the conditions.

This fall I have to dig up the bulbs and re-plant them to keep them from being so compacted- if any of you want some, I'll mail a few to you. There are hundreds of bulbs now- more than enough to share :)

I leave today to be with my kids at their grandmothers house- and I'm taking my laptop with me...nothing like sitting in bed and catching up with all of you when the kids are asleep.

I'll be back soon :)


Bardouble29 said...

Oh, new baby!! Wow, a handsome little guy.

Those were some gorgeous photos of the sunset.

LADY LUXIE said...

cutsey cutesy cooo!!..he has a wee' smile there!..

I love the garden Cora'..dreamy....Can I Sit down there with you?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

A lovely resting place. The bench!!

Gardener Greg said...

Very cute baby, I think mine is better but then I may be just a little prejudice, lol I have a special spot like that too. A little bit of free advide for you though Don't let him get too close, He may be hungry.

Anonymous said...

a new life! what a precious baby boy. just yesterday i can across an older album with baby pictures of my oldest. i was 32 then. motherhood was such a marvelous mystery to me.
save me some of those bulbs. and i can come and get them.
this place we bought seems to have a lot of poison ivy. want me to bring some of that? we can trade? ....:)

Nea said...

Love new babies, they smell so wonderful. My "baby" is now 12. I had five and would have had 9 if all had made it. Of course I probably would have stopped sooner if I hadn't lost them. Five is plenty. :)

Cora life is a constant evolving cycle, and in another 10 years you will look back on this time, and wonder where that time went. I often feel I have lived at least four totally different lives, my path has been so diverse. People always say, ENJOY each day, really enjoy them, but we seldom get the most out of our 20's, 30's and 40's and then in our 50's we look back and think, where did all those most productive years go.

Your "retreat" looks very nice, and your view of the sunset, or sunrise is gorgeous.

iamnot said...

Sweet baby. He knows a moma when he sees one.

Bone said...

I love that name. Congratulations Aunt Cora!

Anonymous said...


good lookin' kid

someone should tell SHE :)

great garden, too(!) -- a regular eden you got going there, cora -- beautiful!

(btw, my browser still won't work right when i come here)... (?)


Libby said...

cora-that bench looks like the perfect place to sit & watch the sunrise/sunset, drink sweet tea, read a good book...LOVE IT!!

leelee said...

Cora, what a blessing...really beautiful. I love babies. I was in your neighborhood last week with my 6 grandchildren in Zebulon...but Cora there was NO WAY I could have seen you. My step daughter moved into her home last week...I flew up to help her unpack and help with the kids ..did I say there are 6 of them?? I never stopped working..not for a second.. lol...The good news is...I will be going up there more, now that they have more room, so next time..I PROMISE!!!

Have a great time with the kids..

The Phosgene Kid said...

Cute baby, but then aren't they all?

The thing about milk is half the fun is getting it out of the container!!

X. Dell said...

That is a nice looking spot, the perfect place to take a book.

Happy birthday to Elijah. As for your husband's comments, I think Anthony will get used to associating women and frustration soon enough.

exskindiver said...

sweet baby.
i can almost smell him.

she said...


grrrherhahaha to tim's comment.
how was the beach part deux?

The Phosgene Kid said...

The clouds are beautiful, but then I am a sucker for cloud pictures...

SJ said...

Cute babe ;) ;)

The Grunt said...

That's a good lookin' baby ya got there.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Bar29- thank you! He is precious- more than I can say.

Wish you could be here to sit with me...I would love that :)

LOL- you made me smile from ear to ear. Both places (so I'm told) are nice resting places! LOL!

Mayden's Voyage said...

I promise to save some bulbs for you :) Nothing would make me happier than to think of those flowers growing in your garden too :)

Thank you for your words here.
5 kids- wow! I am the eldest of 6...and I know from experience there isn't a lot of time to revel "in the moment"- with that much action going on in the house :) There's always something or someone who needs to be attended to. My "baby" is almost 12- but with all the kids in my extended family- I think there will always be a little one around :)

Iamnot- you are just too sweet :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

I changed my format to what it was in the beginning....
Ohhhh- it's always felt like me :)
to sign on here and be a writer- even if I've had one too many to drink :)
Got to sign off soon from here!
Maybe my dear Roxanne will come up with something else? :)
She was a dear to do all that she did- I am blessed :)

Gawpo said...

How adorable! And that baby is cute, too. Ha!

kate said...

congrats! He is beautiful! (better her than me for sure though!)lol

I loved the special spots you shared too. It is so interesting to try to think back 10 years. If you would have told me then I would be where I am now... I would not have believed you. Its funny where life leads you.

Off to the grocery store... thats where life is leading me right now! lmao

Anonymous said...
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